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We've known about this for weeks, but MTV has finally announced it officially.

The Hills star Whitney Port will headline a new spin-off, The City, which will track her journey from Los Angeles to New York, the network said.

Audrina Patridge Fashion

The show is set to air next spring.

Now an employer of designer Diane Von Furstenberg, Whit reunites with "a best friend from her past" and meets "a guy she's head-over-heels for."

THG NOTE: That would be Olivia Palermo and Jay Lyon, respectively. Maybe.

"Surrounded by new friends, pursuing a fresh love life and starting to work in the upper echelon of the fashion industry is a lot to navigate for a new girl in the big city... especially one who has everything to lose," a press release hauntingly reads.

"In a city full of people with their own agendas, Whitney will have to quickly decide who she can trust and who to stay away from."

In her own statement, Whitney Port said of The City:

"I am thrilled and honored to be in New York City, not only working for one of the most renowned fashion designers, Diane Von Furstenberg, but to be able to mature as a young woman both professionally and personally."

All that's left to say? Move over, Lauren Conrad!

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Christie Brinkley has filed a request for a restraining order and a motion for post judgment relief against her ex-husband Peter Cook in Suffolk County, N.Y.

Brinkley's motion was filed Wednesday – two days before Cook's revealing interview with ABC's Barbara Walters airs, but after excerpts were leaked online. Brinkley condemned her cheating ex's interview, calling it a one-sided, distorted view.

Cook, who admitted to having an affair with an 18-year-old Diana Bianchi and to his dalliances with online porn, told Walters during his interview for Friday night's 20/20 broadcast that he's "not a pervert like I've been painted to be."

Guy just needed some attention! Don't you understand?!

After learning of Cook's interview, Christie Brinkley was far from pleased, stating through her attorney that she may seek legal action against him for it.

Brinkley and Cook settled their divorce earlier this summer and it was finalized September 29. The restraining order motion is set for October 29.

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Quite the week for the Spears family.

First, rumors that Casey Aldridge got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant again - and has been making some love with Kelli Dawson and Whitney Seals on the side.

Then, there's the anticipated release of Britney Spears' new music video for "Womanizer," which airs tomorrow night on ABC's 20/20 for some reason.

Now, Britney's lawyer has shot down a plea deal that would have placed her on a year's probation in her misdemeanor driver's license / hit-and-run case.

Her attorney says Brit is being unfairly for what should result in a minor charge and fine because she is a star. The case is now set for jury trial October 15.

Finally, Britney Spears is looking kind of hot! Check her out:

After an eight-month absence, Britney Spears' cleavage has returned!

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Yearning for emancipation from her parents, two-year-old Suri Cruise tries to sprint away from her imprisoned life during an afternoon walk in N.Y. City.

Unfortunately, mom Katie Holmes was there to rein her in. Which is probably for the best. We can't have celebrity babies roaming the streets alone.

Charlie Axel Woods Photo

Jokes about Scientology and cults aside - how cute is Suri Cruise?

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We came across some photos of Adriana Lima topless and in black lingerie in a new Victoria's Secret campaign for a fragrance called Wish. Or something like that. Does it matter? It most certainly does not. Just take a look at this pic and enjoy:

Yeah. We are hating Marko Jaric more than ever right now. Click to enlarge more of these artsy, gorgeous Adriana Lima pictures below ...

Hot Adriana Lima

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In an exclusive interview with celebrity news magazine OK! (their first of this entire week), Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are denying rumors that:

  1. Jamie Lynn is pregnant again
  2. He boned a couple of skanks while she was knocked up with Maddie Briann

A recent series of celebrity gossip rumors have alleged that not only has Casey Aldridge, 19, been unfaithful, he's also gotten another girl pregnant.

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Picture

That would be former friend Kelli Dawson, who claims to have been railed by Casey - even after Maddie's birth. He says that's "not the least bit" true.

"That's news to me. In a small town, everybody knows everybody," Aldridge explains. "But when money's involved, you find out who your friends are."

"That is completely fabricated," Jamie Lynn added. "He never had an intimate relationship with [Kelli Dawson] ... that particular girl is known to make up stories."

As for Whitney Seals, who also supposedly romanced Casey?

"One of those girls did it, and in a small town, when one of them does it, they're all like, 'Good idea.' They jumped on the bandwagon," says Jamie Lynn Spears, presumably meaning they sold out, not that they dropped their pants for Casey.

Being the sister of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn is more used to life in the spotlight. But the Aldridge family has been thrust unwillingly into it.

"Casey's family is not used to this," she explains.

"They might assume it's true. My family knows it's not. It was definitely harder for Casey's family to deal with, but you just explain that it's part of this business."

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They really do. And we're not talking about eating disorders, drug problems, the worst fashion sense on Earth, or tangential connections to the death of a prominent actor earlier this year. We mean it in the literal sense!

Check out this Olsen Twins photo and see:

Nate Lowman Picture

No word on whether Mary-Kate and Ashley were returning from a three-week African safari, or a trip to the grocery store. Or whether the bodyguards have the other two-thirds of their stuff. Or why they're wearing sunglasses inside.

We could go on. Instead, we invite you to check out the Shannon Twins instead. We think you'll find them slightly more stimulating than these trolls.

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And we're not talking about Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. Specifically.

Hilary Duff has teamed up with The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) for an ad campaign in which the term “that’s so gay” is overused in an effort to help peeps see that such language can be hurtful to some.

Hilary Duff Pregnant Photo

Way to go, Hilary! Watch the video below:


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We think that's what's going on, anyway.

A new video from Funny or Die (we almost always wish someone would Die) is so remarkably unfunny, we're confused and left wondering what we missed.

Stavros and Paris, Take 17!

Below, aspiring fake president Paris Hilton seeks the political advice of "one of the greatest fake presidents" - Martin Sheen, who played President Bartlet on NBC's The West Wing from 1999-2006. A great show, that. This video? Raw pain.

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Another celebrity hair poll involving stars with matching styles. This time, it's a half-up, half-down 'do that's captured our style writers' attention.

A couple of SoCal cuties - Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilson - both gave their trademark long hairstyles an instant makeover by twisting back their bangs on either side of their center part and pinning them in place. Who do you think wears it best?

  • Pretty Lauren Conrad Picture
  • Rachel Bilson Picture

Which celebrity looks best with this hairstyle?