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Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin has some distinctive hair - not to mention political views. But which look is best on her?

Most Sarah Palin photos show the lightning rod candidate sporting her trademark up 'do, but she has been letting her hair down (literally) more as of late...

  • Oh, You Betcha
  • Sarah Pic

Which Sarah Palin hairstyle is best?


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Jessica Szohr and Robert Buckley attended a Mohegan Sun Casino opening in the state of Connecticut over the weekend. To answer the inevitable question of who the alleged "stars" are, she's Vanessa on Gossip Girl and he's on Lipstick Jungle!

They're not dating in real life (he sees co-star Lindsay Price nude, but only off-screen), but the two cheesy TV show stars make a cute pair in the pic below:

Robert Buckley Photograph

TV hotties Robert Buckley and Jessica Szohr pose for a photo together.

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Audrina Patridge stars on The Hills.

She really enjoys posing in a bikini.

Lauren Conrad's friend may or may not have fake boobs (thoughts?), but the two statements made above are indisputable. She's good at it, too.

There's little else to say. Check out the so-called "Queen of The Hills" and her ridiculous body posing for this month's issue of Maxim magazine...

Follow the jump for two more sexy Audrina Patridge pictures from Maxim:

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Kate Walsh used to shine on Grey's Anatomy (2005-2007).

Her efforts are currently wasted on Private Practice.

Nevertheless, she is one of our favorite actresses and The Hollywood Gossip would like to wish a happy birthday to Kate Walsh, who turns 41 (!) today. She would totally be a MILF if she actually had kids, but she's only newly married!

Here's a little Kate Walsh photo tribute. Click to enlarge ...

Kate Walsh in Marie Claire

Which celebrity birthdays are coming up next? What star or stars share your special day o' birth? Confer with our calendar and see.

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Lauren Conrad is the November 2008 cover girl for Cosmopolitan.

As we know, she's become famous from her reality TV shows, Laguna Beach and The Hills, and now has own fashion line. Needless to say, she looks gorgeous:

Blue and Purple

The lovely Lauren Conrad on the cover of the new Cosmopolitan, which also includes riveting articles on "Dirty Girl Sex" and text messaging etiquette, obvs.

After all her years on TV, we might think we know her well. But here are a few things you might not know about Lauren, she reveals to the magazine ...

  • She describes herself as a daddy’s girl.
  • As a kid her dream profession was a ballerina.
  • Once a strict vegetarian, Lauren Conrad now eats fish often, and instead of a sweet tooth, she has a "salt tooth."
  • Of her five best friends from high school, Lo (Lauren Bosworth) is the only one we see on The Hills.
  • Her MTV nickname is LC, but none of her friends actually call her that.

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After canceling an appearance last month at the last second and causing some bruised feelings (and hilarious rants, parts I and II) on David Letterman's part, John McCain is finally coming back to the Late Show this Thursday, October 16.

Unless the economy collapses a second time and he must suspend his bid for the presidency to rescue it. Or be interviewed by Katie Couric a few blocks over.

Arizona Sen. and Republican Presidential candidate John McCain from a previous appearance on The Late Show. He famously bailed on Letterman in September.

Meanwhile, his running mate, Alaska governor Sarah Palin, is set to appear on Saturday Night Live, the late-night show which has been skewering her of late.

Sarah Palin will appear Saturday, October 25, with a rehearsal date scheduled for the day before. No word on whether Tina Fey will be on the episode as well.

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Just days after we saw Britney Spears nude in her new, erotic video for "Womanizer," the star is posing seductively in an ad for her brand new perfume.

The scent - described in a press release as being "all about expressing the many, mysterious sides of Starbucks a woman" - is called Hidden Fantasy.

In the television ad for the scent, which is due out in early 2009, Spears will appear through trees in a forest and ask, "What do you have to hide?"

Deep, as always.

Britney Spears already has six perfumes: Curious, Fantasy, In Control, Midnight Fantasy (which had a strange, almost phone sex marketing campaign and dropped right before she went bald) Believe and Sweat of J.R. Rotem Curious Heart.

Curious earned $100 million in sales in just weeks after its 2004 release.

The singer has been hard at work on her next album, Circus, which will drop December 2 (her 27th birthday). "Womanizer" is the first single.

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This has a Rielle Hunter-like feel to it.

Despite several denials, the National Enquirer continues to ride this story harder than Casey Aldridge does Jamie Lynn Spears, insisting that America's favorite 17-year-old unwed mom is indeed pregnant for the second time in under a year.

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

The Enquirer reported last week that Casey got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant again. After some public denials from the Spears camp, the story fizzled.

But this weekend, the venerable celebrity gossip tabloid has run it back with installment #2, claiming not only that Jamie Lynn is pregnant, but had kept a secret and Casey Aldridge only learned about it through the subsequent media reports.

A close family member has supposedly revealed, anonymously of course, that the Spears family is up in arms. The denials are simply buying time, the source says.

“Jamie Lynn’s mom is furious about the pregnancy,” the family member told the Enquirer. “And she’s livid the news leaked out, especially during her book tour."

Follow the jump to continue reading this controversial account, which includes claims that Jamie Lynn is being pressured to have an abortion ...

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As sexism charges against media coverage of Sarah Palin have intensified in recent weeks, a pair of pictures in particular have sparked widespread fury.

The first, taken Wednesday by Reuters wire service, demeans the Alaska governor and V.P. hopeful as nothing more than a sex object, some critics believe.

The only glimpse of Sarah Palin in the photo is a blurred close-up of her legs - with a face of a young, male audience member between them, looking up.

Others also levied criticism of the latest Newsweek cover, which shows a close-up picture of Sarah Palin's face that was not retouched or airbrushed. The horror.

You can see pores, and maybe a hint of a wrinkle! Such liberal bias.

Are the pics sexist? Or do their critics need to chill the eff out?

Check out the Sarah Palin pictures in question and tell us what you think:

  • Sarah Palin Leg Photo
  • Sarah Palin Newsweek Cover

Are these Sarah Palin pictures sexist?


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Beautifully backlit (just look at her hair glisten in the sun), expressive as ever and not at all staged, the lovely Whitney Port walked and talked with a friend in New York as she filmed a scene for The City, her upcoming spin-off of The Hills...

We can't wait to see Lauren Conrad's friend Whitney Port on her own show.