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Before we get to the trailer for Season Five of The Hills, premiere date TBD - prepare now for the dramatic music and quotes - a couple of spoilers:

  • Lauren's real-life beau, actor Kyle Howard (My Boys), will not be featured, in the series. Why? Producers say Howard because he's not essential to the season's narrative. That or he's contractually obligated to stay off other shows.
  • Stephanie Pratt will step in as LC's new Whitney at People's Revolution. Yes, Spencer's sister has gotten a job at Kelly Cutrone's company. 
  • Lo Bosworth will be a working girl, too, after getting a job with Davis Factor (grandson of Max Factor) at cosmetics house Smashbox Studios. 
  • We can't speak for the fifth season as a whole, but there is totally no sign of Justin-Bobby in this trailer (and very little of Audrina)!
  • OMG: Who invited Heidi to Lauren Conrad's birthday? Will this mean an end to their feud, which has been escalating for a couple of years now? Such a reconcilation seems to be the primary theme of the trailer.
  • Bromance, rekindled? Let's let out that sigh of relief all together. Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt are back "together." Or at least speaking.
  • Lauren's $11,000/month house is now for rent, so expect another moving episode. She and Lo are still roomies, though, just condo style!
  • As for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, there's a brunette bartender in the picture. Will we see an actual fake divorce this season? We can only hope. But Spencer will definitely get into a fist fight with some guy.

On to the trailer! Follow the jump for scenes from Season 5 ...

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Tonight's episode of The Bachelor features two hours of behind-the-scenes drama and hot-seat interviews with Jason Mesnick and more than a dozen vanquished women, including Jillian Harris, from this 13th season of the reality show.

Given The Bachelor spoilers everyone is talking about, this should be an interesting prelude to the "shocking" and "intimate" season finale(s) next week.

Oh, who are we kidding, we're totally going to watch. Better yet, we'll share our commentary with you throughout, and encourage you to do the same.

Refresh your browser every few minutes during the show - starting at 8 - to read our thoughts on The Bachelor, and leave comments of your own below!

Let's get to it, shall we ...

Jason, Molly, Melissa and Jillian

8:01 ... Free Britney: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand The Bachelor: The Women Tell Very Little and Only What ABC Feeds Them Via Cue Cards All is officially underway!

8:05 ... Hilton Hater: It's official: the Oscar telecast was shorter than this recap.

8:06 ... jillian_fan: How is it even possible that these women actually fall in love with him in such a short time. I hate how they all say "I love you."

8:07 ... Hilton Hater: The reunion show we won't wanna miss? We're already watching! Stop shilling for half a second, Chris!

8:10 ... Free Britney: Chris Harrison is a god.

8:12 ... jillian_fan: Jason is like, "Who was Megan again?"

8:13 ... Free Britney: The first highlight of the whole damn season is Jason's visit to the set of General Hospital? Give it up for cross-promotional marketing!

8:15 ... Hilton Hater: I'm sorry, ABC, did you just say Stephanie coped with her husband's death via The Bachelorette???

8:17 ... Hilton Hater: Can someone send the dove's wife a copy of last season's Bachelorette?

8:18 ... Hilton Hater: The lame joke store called, Chris ...

8:19 ... Free Britney: First base with Molly in the tent? That's it? I feel as if all of those crazy moaning sex noises must have been edited in or something ...

8:23 ... Hilton Hater: Golfing date with Molly? Insert obvious hole in one joke here.

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The creepy Sam Lutfi is now fighting back against Britney Spears' permanent restraining order against him, saying he never threatened her in any way.

Spears was granted a temporary restraining order last month claiming that her former confidant and manager threatened to expose family secrets.

It's Britney Spears, OK!

Brit's camp says Sam's "secrets" have no basis in reality.

This follows the earlier claims of Brit's mom, Lynne Spears, that Sam was mentally abusive and even tried to drug the reeling pop star at one point.

Sam Lutfi is retaliating in legal papers, stating unequivocally that "I have not, in any alleged communications with Britney Spears, her hairdresser or any other person, threatened any act of violence against Britney or her family."

This is a confusing statement, as Britney never accused Sam of threatening violence. Then again, few things Lutfi does make any sense.

Lutfi says he got anonymous text messages saying Jamie Spears, Britney's father and conservator of her legal, financial and medical affairs, was about to release a letter written by the singer "making serious accusations" against him.

Sam - who has already filed one lawsuit against Britney this month, says that he merely called Jamie to discuss the letter. The Spears clan didn't see it that way, especially since Lufti was supposed to cease any and all contact with her.

Meanwhile, an L.A. judge just extended the restraining order against Sam, Adnan Ghalib and Jon Eardley until Wednesday, so Jamie Spears may testify.

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Brody Jenner may not be friends with the loathsome Spencer Pratt anymore, but it seems he's channeling his former childhood BFF more and more these days.

That's probably an insult to Jayde Nicole, but you have to admit, photos like this of her with Brody are becoming about as common as similar Speidi pics:

The Man Likes What He Sees

Brody Jenner takes in the view. Hawaii is beautiful this time of year.

The Hills' resident playboy and Jayde Nicole, his Canadian Playboy Playmate of the Year girlfriend, were seen on the beach in Hawaii - in full view of the photos, natch.

If this is an image of them in broad daylight, you can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors with these two. Probably cooking a nice meal and watching DVDs.

This follows their Super Bowl PDA, their nightclub PDAs and ... you get the idea. Hey, it beats Speidi's ugly mugs ... Brody's surname tramp stamp nothwithstanding.

Click to enlarge more photos of Brody and Jayde ...

  • Straddling
  • Right ... There
  • Jayde Nicole On Top
  • The Rubdown
  • Jayde Nicole Rides Brody Jenner

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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So, is Lindsay Lohan eating anymore?

"I haven't changed my eating habits," she said at a post-Academy Awards party at the Montage Beverly Hills, where she was excited for Sean Penn's big win.

So, has Lindsay Lohan upped her gym routine?

"I go to yoga once a week, but I don't go more than that because I'm too lazy," Blohan said, adding that her recent weight loss is probably due to stress.

So, what is Lindsay Lohan stressing about?

"A lot of meetings for movies and stuff," apparently. While no new movie roles for the actress have been reported, she has a few non-cinematic projects in the works, including a self-tanning line for Sephora and a diamond jewelry line.

Skinny and Skanky

Lohan was quiet when asked what makes her relationship with Samanatha Ronson work, but clearly she's supportive of her girlfriend. She arrived with Sam, who was DJing the party, and hung by her most of the night, refusing a glass of champagne.

Word has it she also eschewed any and all appetizers.

Is Lindsay too thin or do gossip sites need to back the heck off her? Click to enlarge some recent pics and see what you think ...

  • Biting Those Nails
  • Shoppin' with Sam
  • You Don't Mess with the Lohan
  • Blohan
  • Fiery Crotch
  • Smokin' Hot

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Harvey Levin, the executive producer of TMZ, one of the web's biggest celeb news and gossip sites, went on Fox News' On the Record show on Friday night.

The purpose of his visit? To address the escalating controversy surrounding the battered Rihanna photo, which the LAPD has insinuated was leaked illegally.

"Now, I should be quick to say that we got this picture legally," a Fox News transcript of the show quotes the celebrity gossip publisher as saying.

"And we - when we got the picture, we believed it was not an LAPD picture, and we still are still not convinced it is. The police department is sounding like they say it is, but they haven't said that unequivocally, either."

The Los Angeles Police Department has not officially identified Rihanna as the alleged victim in the Chris Brown case, in which the entertainer was arrested and charged with battery and suspicion of criminal threats February 8.

Chris Brown, Rihanna Photo

The LAPD launched an internal investigation after receiving "numerous inquiries about the release of a photograph associated with a domestic violence incident that occurred on February 8, 2009, involving entertainer Chris Brown."

Levin said TMZ has heard a lot of rumors surrounding what Rihanna will do next in regards to Brown, but most of what they have heard is unsubstantiated.

"There are a lot of rumors going around about this case, and I don't really put a lot of credence in any of them, which is why we haven't put any of that stuff up on the site, because I don't think it's concrete enough," he said.

"But I think the fact is, with those pictures, I've got to tell you, I mean, I don't think the DA is going to be completely stymied if she doesn't cooperate."

We have not posted the photo in question on our homepage as it is so graphic. Follow the jump to see how badly Rihanna was hurt:

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Confirming a story we reported last week, new reports say that Amy Winehouse may be looking to turn her beer-fueled St. Lucia vacation - which so far has lasted all of 2009 with no end in sight - into a permanent Caribbean residency.

The Grammy winner, 25, has been smoking weed relaxing in of St. Lucia for a few months now and has no immediate plans to return to the U.K., a source says.

"She doesn't need to come back to the U.K. for anything in particular," the source told People magazine. "She will probably return at some point. But she's getting everything she needs to do done in St. Lucia at the moment."

  • A Happy Amy Winehouse
  • The Hive

Amy Winehouse in St. Lucia (left) vs. back home in London late last year. No wonder she wants to keep the vacation going indefinitely! [Photos: Splash News Online]

A rep for the fragile singer is already writing some new songs for her new record, and the source adds Winehouse may do some recording in paradise.

"She can go into a studio over there if she wants," says the insider. "Her record company [Island] is based in Jamaica, so it can be arranged."

As for her house hunting on the island, that hasn't resulted in new digs yet, but she has a new suburban home on the north edge of London - far from the gritty area of Camden where her apartment was ransacked in January.

One date Amy Winehouse does have upcoming is a headlining appearance at the Coachella festival in April. If she's sober enough to show up, that is.

Until then, let the vacation continue. Bottoms up!

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From an acting standpoint, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have a ways to go before being spoken of in the same breath as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The High School Musical duo is already challenging them in terms of pure popularity, however, and their collective sexiness was on display at the Oscars.

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

Two sexy couples. Trend-setting dresses and hot tuxes. The biggest night in all of entertainment. Who will win this celebrity fashion face-off for the ages?

Who looked better at the Oscars?


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Two classic beauties, Rachel Getting Married star Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Aniston, dazzled at the Academy Awards in similar cream-colored gowns.

Which of the two actresses do you think dressed the best? Tell us in the informal poll below (and don't judge Jen's fashion by the douchebag date) ...

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

Who looked better at the Oscars?


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Penelope Cruz and Marisa Tomei battled for Best Supporting Actress at the 81st Annual Academy Awards yesterday evening - Cruz was nominated for Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Tomei for her role alongside Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler.

Cruz won that fight to claim her first Oscar. Can Tomei gain revenge in a fashion clash? Take a look at both ladies below and tell us who you think was dressed best:

Penelope Cruz at the Oscars

Who looked better at the Oscars?


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