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Not unlike his famous namesake, we don't know exactly where Osama is, but law enforcement officials are investigating him and hunting him down.

According to TMZ, Osama Lutfi, better known as Sam Lutfi, is officially under investigation by the LAPD for allegedly drugging Britney Spears.

Law enforcement sources say the Major Crimes Division of the LAPD is on the case. The conservators of Britney's estate, her father Jamie Spears and his lawyer Andrew Wallet, have complained that Sam drugged Britney.

Britney's mom (and Jamie's ex-wife), Lynne Spears, made this claim in court documents, saying Sam Lufti did it to "keep her under his control."

The LAPD says its investigation of Sam Lutfi is "very much active."

Laying low, Sam Lutfi could not be reached for comment, however, Michael Sands, his spokesperson, confirmed his client is aware of the investigation.

Britney Spears' family is doing all it can to keep Lutfi away from her as she receives treatment for bipolar disorder. As conservator, Jamie Spears has control of Britney's legal, medical and financial decisions until at least March 10.

Her brother, Bryan Spears, is also helping manage her money as a trustee of her estate until Britney is capable of handling her own affairs again.

However, in a bizarre legal twist, a lawyer filed legal papers in federal court Friday asking a judge to seize control of the conservatorship case on grounds that Britney Spears is at great risk in the L.A. County Court system.

Legal experts say the federal court may now have jurisdiction simply due to the paperwork being filed by New York lawyer Jon Eardley.

If the federal court has jurisdiction, we believe the conservatorship of Brit's estate and all related court orders remain in effect, however, no further orders can be made or modified until a federal judge returns the case to the state.

It is not known who Jon Eardley is working for, but if you ask us, this filing (which came out of nowhere) reeks of a shady legal ploy by Sam Lutfi to wrest control of Britney Spears away from her family. We will keep you posted.

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Milana Dravnel, the stripper suing boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya for $100 million, showed up to court Friday to begin her case against him.

Naturally, she provided a full photo shoot in front of the courthouse.

But, when it came time to start the actual proceedings, Dravnel totally chickened out and couldn't bring herself to walk into the courtroom!

Oscar De La Hoya was not even present.

Salvatore Strazzullo, the lawyer for Milana Dravnel, told TMZ she was "too nervous" to face the federal court judge, even though very little went down.

Milana Dravnel wants $100 million from De La Hoya for defamation, after he claims she fabricated drag photos showing him wearing women's lingerie in a Philadelphia hotel. Which, in our opinion, aren't lookin' to fabricated ...

Milana Dravnel, Oscar De La Hoya

Stripper Milana Dravnel with her lawyer on Friday (left) and with Oscar De La Hoya dressed up as a ballerina (right). Click to enlarge those sexy drag photos!

After she wouldn't get in the legal ring, Oscar De La Hoya's legal team requested arbitration. Dravel and De La Hoya due back in court May 2.

Oscar De La Hoya has a child with ex-fiance Shanna Moakler, two kids with random women, and two with Millie Corretjer, who he married in 2001.

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Welcome back, entertainment news and celebrity gossip fans around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our Friday afternoon tradition.

Who won this week's contest, featuring a pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears? It was a tough call, since we received record responses, but we've chosen a winner.

Cute Jamie Lynn Spears Picture

This week's Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest winner is Kellie G. Nice work! Just scroll down to read the full list of replies (and the winner, beneath the photo).

Boy, I wish I would've kept my feet on the ground instead of in the air.

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Britney Spears' estimated $100 million fortune is now out of her control, but it's in good hands - those of her brother, Bryan Spears, and his lawyer.

For 30-year-old Bryan Spears, that means a big new role - keeping tabs on everything from cash to pay for medicine to money for daily expenses.

B. Spears in Action

Bryan Spears was made a co-trustee to his famous sister's revocable trust, where the singer keeps most of her money, according to court documents.

So what does it mean to be a trustee?

Bryan Spears, along with Ivan Taback, a partner in the New York-based law firm of Proskauer Rose, who was also named a co-trustee - have the legal power to pay for Britney Spears' "continued security, medicine, food, other daily living expenses, and expenses pertaining to psychiatric and medical services."

Bryan Spears, who normally keeps a low profile, is helping Britney Spears get back on track as the co-trustee of her estate. Britney is being treated for bipolar disorder.

"This is nothing new," Bryan Spears said. "This was a decision made some time ago and signed off on by Britney, before she was married to Kevin Federline, before she had kids. Anyone with a large trust, trustees are named. This is nothing new."

The troubled 26-year-old singer, who was recently released from the UCLA Medical Center psych ward, has been stripped of her trustee powers because she is currently considered "legally disabled" by the court.

A judge has also extended the conservator role of her father, Jamie Spears, until March 10, when another hearing on her progress will be held.

The motion to make Bryan and Taback co-trustees was filed by Taback's law firm. However, according to the motion, neither party can act unilaterally, but require "unanimous consent" with the other trustees to act.

The co-trustees can't sell or lease Britney Spears' home without a court order, nor can they remove any of Britney's property from the state.

The trustee appointments were made a week after the conservators were granted the right to fire Britney's business manager, Howard Grossman.

They have also sought a restraining order against her "friend" Sam Lutfi, which has been granted, although the evil one has yet to be formally served.

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It just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without tons of staged photos of The Hills' couple you love to hate, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

But only close behind Montag and Pratt in the world of bizarre celebrity romances are two stars named ... Britney and Adnan!

On his way to visit Britney Spears last night, Adnan Ghalib was spotted making a last-minute pit stop by TMZ, who talked to him on tape.

What do you get a girl who has everything (except her two sons, and her marbles)? Luckily for Adnan Ghalib, she doesn't have expensive taste.

Adnan Ghalib stops by a convenience store to snag a Rock Star energy drink for his rock star girlfriend, Britney Spears. He's a true romantic.

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The photo of Marisa Miller below is not new.

It was not featured in this February's amazing Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, but in one a couple of years ago.

Still, when it's a nude Marisa Miller you're talking about, does a photo really have to be current to be enjoyable to readers?

We certainly think not, and when we come across photos like this, we are obligated to pass them along. It's part of our job.

Behold, Marisa Miller. Naked. In body paint. Need we say more?

Naked Marisa Miller

Entirely nude except for a painted-on Kings jersey, Marisa Miller actually makes us want to visit the often-overlooked California capital of Sacramento.

Seriously, whoever runs that city needs to plaster this pic on every billboard within 100 miles. Something tells us civic pride and tourism would improve.



Jessica Simpson may be returning to the small screen... on CMT.

The former pop star and failed actress is in talks to star in a special chronicling her life as she records her upcoming country album.

Jessica Simpson Side View

"We have had exploratory talks with Jessica Simpson's camp, but nothing has been confirmed or signed," a CMT rep told Us Weekly.

"It's not for a reality show. Jessica is finishing her country album in Nashville. They're in talks with CMT for a special timed to air when the album is released, but there's no truth to there being a reality show."

Too bad. We'd love to see a quasi-sequel, Newlyweds: Jess and Tony ...

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, have been dating for about three months, which is like an eternity in Tony Romo time.

Simpson rose to fame on her MTV reality series Newlyweds, which followed the ups and downs of day-to-day married life with then-hubby Nick Lachey.

In a recent interview, her father and manager, Joe Simpson, hinted that a new JEssica reality show may be in the works.

"With Newlyweds, Jeissica let everyone into her world," her pimp recently told Entertainment Weekly. "Then she had to shut the world out. Now she can open it up again so people can see, here's a girl struggling with self-esteem and finding her way. Country music is about storytelling, after all."

Hey, whatever brings in the money, right, Joe?



While many celebrities were romancing significant others for Valentine's Day, it was Girls Night Out for Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge!

Who needs boys anyway? The Hills BFFs were spotted on their way to Goa, a popular club that young, hot celebrities often frequent.

A sexy Audrina Patridge wore an all-black ensemble, while Lauren Conrad added a little color with one of her many stylish dresses...

Lauren and Audrina do some Valentine's Day clubbing!

It's too bad that Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner couldn't get together, but a girls night out with Audrina Patridge certainly works for us. Sometimes, a girl just wants to have fun and not worry about lame guys who don't call back!

Plus, it's a lot cuter than having to deal with these two ...

Continue Reading...

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With all the attention we give to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it's easy to forget that there's another guy running - a man who's actually going to win the nomination of his party for sure, unlike one of those two.

It's time for the celebrity gossip world to give the old man his due!

While the celebrities seem to love Obama like none other, Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Republican, has received strong support across the United States of America. Including from this pair of enthusiastic backers...

This is easily one of the best campaign signs of 2008 so far.

While Miley Cyrus has yet to come out in favor of a presidential candidate (she's like 11, and thus not eligible to vote yet), it's good to see that these Hannah Montana enthusiasts aren't afraid to show their McCain support!



She may not be engaged to boyfriend Ryan Reynolds, but a bundled-up Scarlett Johansson isn't shy about supporting the other man in her life.

Wearing some puffy winter weather gear as she arrived in Germany Thursday to promote her movie, The Other Boleyn Girl, at the Berlin Film Festival, Scarlett rocked what has become a trademark accessory - a Barack Obama pin.

Scarlett Photo

With or without the Obama pin, Scarlett Johansson is seriously cute.

ScarJo and many other celebrities recently teamed up to make a very cool YouTube music video inspired by the Democratic presidential contender.