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Anna Kournikova raced to the finish line in a triathalon relay over the weekend, but is 100 percent certain Andy Roddick will beat her to the altar.

At the First Annual Nautica South Beach Triathalon, Anna talked to People about the engagement of tennis star Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker.

Anna Kournikova Image

"They're really young, but I hope it works out," she said.

As for her own prospects with boyfriend Enrique Iglesias?

"I'm never getting married," she said. "Everything is good."

Meanwhile, Anna Kournikova may have run four miles as part of a women's relay team and come in first in the women's celebrity division for St Jude's Children's Hospital, but to her it wasn't "very much."

"I just did the four-mile run," she said. "But I just was really doing my normal exercise that I normally do ... I exercise about an hour a day."

Few things are finer than an Anna Kournikova bikini photo. Except for the image of Anna Kournikova naked. Not gonna find that here though.

The exercise regimen of Anna Kournikova includes a full 30 minutes of hitting the weights and 45 minutes of cardio, she explained: "I love the feeling of sweating. I've been exercising my whole life so I really love it."

Just don't count on her to stick to a diet all the time.

"I try to eat as healthy as I can, which is not always possible," she said.
But, you know, I have my Burger King and McDonalds days, too."

Maybe that's why, unlike Maria Sharapova, Anna sucked at tennis. Well, at least compared to the top players. She'd still whoop your ass 6-0, 6-1.



We knew it. Who would really make up a YouTube campaign song about John McCain? Turns out the famed McCain Girls are completely manufactured.

They are a hoax, a product of the website 23/6, which wanted to make fun of the campaign-song phenomenon, popularized by Amber Lee Ettinger and others.

So they hired three chicks to sing pro-McCain lyrics to "It's Raining Men," then followed it up with an encore spoof of "Here Comes the Rain Again."

The McCain Girls: As real as they are attractive.

The website's President admitted to the hoax, telling the New York Times:

"We were pretty amazed that after the video came out, people were confused as to whether or not it was real. That's when I think we said ‘Hey, can we actually pull off a hoax here? How long can we keep it going?'"

Is there nothing sacred in this world? We just can't take it anymore. Next thing you know they'll tell us The Hills is fake. The horror.



You gotta love The Hills.

To prove his (sort of valid) point about Heidi Montag's unfair treatment of him, Spencer Pratt makes a d!ck move in his typical, passive-aggressive fashion, then becomes indignant when called out for it. Crazy bickering and drama follows.

Mister and Mrs. Pratt

It all started when Heidi and Audrina Patridge meet for lunch and Montag asks her out for some drinks - she needs a girls night out! Like, totes, girl.

Audrina agrees, and Stephanie Pratt - also on her way to S Bar to meet Heidi - makes the mistake of telling Spencer her destination on her way out.

A few hours later, Spencer shows up at the club. Natch.

Heidi f*%king flips out when she sees Spencer talking to some girls across the bar. Even by the high standards of The Hills, this is a bona fide freak-out.

Finally, she confronts Spencer and tears him a new one for his flirting. "I can't even look at you," Heidi Montag scolds. Spencer calls her "insane," and while he may be a moron for pulling this whole stunt, it's hard to argue with that word choice.

Despite getting a hot new job lead, Lauren Conrad was not all smiles after hearing that Audrina Patridge partied with Heidi Montag the previous night.

The next morning, Audrina gives Lauren Conrad the rundown of her evening at da club, and a miffed LC suggests that Spencer and Heidi may be trying to be pals with Audrina just to piss her off. Man, Lauren Conrad is not pleased.

LC then says, in response to Audrina remarking on how the girls were actually all over Spencer, "He probably pays them. No girl would willingly touch that scum. [embarrassed pause] Whoa! Where did that come from?!"

Ah, The Hills.

Elsewhere in the life of LC, she helps out Whitney Port with the casting for Whit's company. Her crazy boss' fashion show is in full swing and LC gets to help. Very exciting and cool for our girls to take part in a major Fashion Week show!

Crazy boss Kelly Cutrone barks orders at Lauren and Whitney the whole time, but the show is a success, and Kelly offers Lauren a position. OMG! Yay!

Back in Heidi-land, she whines to her co-worker at Bolthouse that Spencer Pratt has betrayed her and she doesn't know "how she can love and hate someone so much at the same time." Groan. [Cue the sad alt-rock ballad, MTV]

Spencer and Heidi then meet up and Spencer says he doesn't know how long he can wait around for Heidi to decide she wants to be on this "relationship vacation." Again, we can't believe we are saying this right now, but:

Team Spencer?

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Is Ashlee Simpson pregnant? Is that the reason she and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz announced their engagement last week?

According to a pair of well-known celebrity gossip publications, the answer to both questions is a resounding "yes."

Of course, presumed baby-daddy Pete Wentz begs to differ.

In an e-mail to MTV, Wentz denied reports that surfaced Monday on the Web site of Us Weekly that he and Simpson are expecting their first child.

"There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood," he said. "This is all news to me. I can't wait for the story about how I'm really in a gay relationship and this is all just a cover. I mean really, this is crazy. I mean we're engaged, that's true, and happy about it."

Leaving no doubt as to his position on the matter, when asked again if he was denying reports that Ashlee Simpson is pregnant, Pete Wentz replied, "Yeah."

ASHLEE SIMPSON IS EXCITED: Maybe because she's pregnant, but definitely because she is talentless, yet rich and famous - the American Dream personified.

OK! Magazine and Us Weekly both cited unnamed sources close to the couple in their breaking stories. OK! offered as "proof" an account of Ashlee dealing with a "fierce bout of what appeared to be morning sickness" during a lunch at a Malibu restaurant. Right, because no one's ever eaten bad seafood or gone to wash their hands.

"Ashlee Simpson would like to walk down the aisle before she's showing," a source supposedly told the celebrity news magazine, "Although she's very cute the way she's always checking out her belly now and asking everyone, ‘Am I showing yet?'"

Meanwhile, Us Weekly reported that a source told them Simpson was pregnant shortly after her engagement to Wentz was announced last week. When asked about the report by MTV News, Simpson's rep replied: "Engaged."

On Monday, a spokesperson for Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz added fuel to the speculation by declining to confirm nor deny this week's rumors.

"We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple," the rep told MTV. "Beyond that there is nothing to add."

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Yeah, we know. We also wish we were kidding.

Alas, it's a real story ... a really bad story. The Hills' Heidi Montag decided she'd rap on MTV's TRL yesterday. Man. The girlfriend of Spencer Pratt is almost as good at this as she is at designing clothes, or singing, or acting, or looking natural.

Yay Perez!

You really must watch for yourself to fully appreciate the talent at work, although be advised that it may make you physically ill. Consider yourself warned.

Here's Heidi Montag freestyle rapping, while Nelly looks on in awe...


Yo, I got Heidiwood, I'm wearing it all day, I like it, so what d'you gotta say ...



Picking up where we left off last week on The Bachelor, six girls remain and all are headed to meet Matt Grant in Sun Valley, Idaho for some fun in the snow.

Matt gets a horse-drawn sleigh to take Chelsea on a romantic ride, but she says she hates public displays of affection and holding hands. Lame.

She tried to show Matt Grant her romantic side, though, by inviting herself up to his suite, where the two shared a long, romantic kiss. Hot.

Matt took Marshana, Shayne Lamas, Robin, and Amanda for a day of skiing. Marshana was terrible skier and spent most of her time face down.

Later, Matt took some time with Shayne Lamas, who proved a very skilled skier, and stole some kisses, too. This girl's totally gonna win.

Robin interrupted and asked why she didn't get a one on one date. He tells her he felt that he already had a strong connection with her.

Shayne Lamas Photo

Shayne Lamas (left) and the others await Matt Grant's decision.

When Matt Grant took the girls to a hot tub in the snow, Amanda grabbed him and pulled him away for a few minutes, to steal some kisses.

On his date with Noelle, hearing about the serious car accident that Noelle was in and her take on life in general really made Matt fall for her.

When Marshana says she knows how Matt lives, Chelsea and Robin gang up on her. Chelsea says Marshana doesn't really want to be on the show.

The claws come out as everyone wants time with Matt Grant - and a rose.

Matt Grant was left with a tough decision in this rose ceremony, with the home town dates just one episode away, and two girls to send a-packin'.

He chose to give roses to Shayne Lamas, Noelle, Chelsea, and Amanda. Nice! Therefore, he has eliminated Robin and Marshana. We are down to four!

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This week's probably-made-up Britney Spears gossip story award goes to (drum roll please) ... In Touch Weekly! You've been dethroned, OK! Magazine!

On the cover of this week's issue, this fine celebrity news magazine boldly proclaims that a recovering Britney has relapsed, and has been ...

  • Ripping her hair out
  • Faking overdoses
  • Talking to herself
  • Obsessed with sex

First of all, Britney Spears boozin' with papa Jamie Spears and other family members around 24-7 isn't likely, and the picture below tells us nothing.

Is the photo actually from 2005? Is that just an iced tea? Quite possible!

A celebrity gossip rag's latest concocted Britney Spears story.

As for the rest of the bullet points, what sex obsession? Who exactly is she getting it from? The only times we've heard from Adnan Ghalib in the past month, he's been hanging with Kathy Griffin or the target of an attempted murder.

The "faked overdose" was probably just Britney Spears tweaking out after seven Starbucks iced lattes in one sitting, while talking to herself and ripping her hair out have to be par for the course at this stage. Girl is bored, y'all!!

Frankly, instead of this crap about Britney Spears falling off the wagon, we would have gone with the Jamie Lynn Spears baby bump / all-terrain vehicle story.

Possible headline: Jamie Lynn Spears, Casey Aldridge Ride ATV, Each Other. That would sell so many more copies. Get with the program, In Touch!

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Ashlee Simpson is pregnant.

Did we call that one or what?

The alleged singer, 23, is expecting her first child with Pete Wentz, 28, who she announced she is officially engaged to just last Wednesday.

"We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple," a spokesperson for the couple told Us Weekly.

"Beyond that there is nothing to say."

Ashlee Simpson is pregnant with Pete Wentz's baby.

What about whether they'll win our recent poll of which engaged celebrity couple will get married first? Now that Ashlee Simpson is pregnant for real, is a shotgun wedding (with former minister Joe Simpson officiating) far away?

Somewhere, 17-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears just got mad jealous that another younger sister of a 1990s pop icon is knocked up. Sorry, Jamie Lynn.

At least Ashlee's big sis, Jessica Simpson is probably thrilled. And talking to Tony Romo about how they need to get engaged and pregnant ASAP.

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She may be the worst actress of all time, and her singing career may have peaked last decade, but put her in a bathing suit under a showerhead and Jessica Simpson still has something going for her. Several things ... if you know what we mean!

We mean we are a little jealous of Tony Romo. A little.

Best Jessica Simpson Photo Ever

Sure, he has to pretend he likes Ashlee Simpson's music and deal with Jessica's pimp / father Joe Simpson, but he gets to come home to this. It's enough to make you forget that you've never won an NFL playoff game quickly.

Follow the jump for one of the hottest Jessica Simpson photos in awhile ...

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