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It's been a long ass while since our last Rupert Friend sighting, but it's very good to see that he and Keira Knightley are still together.

On Friday, the two of them were seen cozying up to one another while strolling through her London neighborhood. Aren't they sweet?

A Rupert Friend in need ... of some Keira Knightley lovin'!

The gorgeous Keira can be seen on film starring alongside Dominic Cooper in The Duchess. How is it? Follow this link for a The Duchess review!

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Todd Palin, husband of GOP vice-presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is to be subpoenaed in the state investigation into whether his wife possibly abused the power in having her former brother-in-law fired.

Nicknamed the First Dude by his spouse's constituents, Todd Palin was one of 13 people who will be called to testify in the probe, according to a 3-2 decision by the Alaska State Judiciary Committee, according to reports.

Kiss 4 U

Known as "Troopergate," the investigation got underway before Sarah Palin entered the national spotlight as John McCain's running mate.

Supporters and an attorney for Sarah Palin have called the probe politically motivated and have pushed for the matter to be handled by the three-member State Personnel Board, which is appointed by the Alaska Governor.

Continue reading in the Anchorage Daily News ...

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Just kidding. We're being at least 100 percent facetious.

At least when she's being mobbed by celebrity gossip photographers, she'd have plenty of objects to break her fall, should she suddenly collapse.

With guitar in hand - and track marks all over her body - troubled singer Amy Winehouse leaves a gig at the Monarch pub in Camden, London, UK.

In case there were any doubt that the wife of Blake Fielder-Civil was taking massive amounts of mind-altering drugs, the photo after the jump should clear that up.

Unless she just fell down or something. Mmm hmm. That's our bet.

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Promoting her new country album "Do You Know," Jessica Simpson stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman and talked about jinxing Tony Romo.

While admitting she'll never wear a pink jersey to a game again, Simpson claims the supposed jinx is bull because, well, Tony Romo always performs well.

Live Jessica Simpson

If you know what she means!

Here's the full interview with Jessica, who seems like a nice enough girl, but far from intelligent. Also, that laugh? Maybe the most annoying in human civilization.


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Maddie Briann, meet your l'il cussins, y'all!!

Jamie Lynn Spears brought two-month-old daughter Maddie to L.A. on Wednesday for the little girl's first ever play date with Britney Spears' two sons.

Bang a Gong, Get it On

The 17-year-old flew from Louisiana – along with her baby and her mom Lynne Spears (whose latest money-making scam memoir comes out next week).

The family headed to Britney's Studio City house, where the recovering pop singer was enjoying a regular visitation day with her two boys.

Sean Preston turns three Sunday, while Jayden James turns two today!

In other happy news, Britney’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, came to pick up his sons himself, and stayed for about an hour to take part in the reunion.

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DMX is the best.

The troubled rapper has been arrested so many frickin' times, it's becoming familiar and amusing to him - as well as to The Hollywood Gossip.

When you can't even recall what the man is being charged with because all his arrests blend together after awhile, that's a long ass rap sheet.

But we think this is the deal:

DMX was extradited from Florida yesterday - where he finally pleaded guilty to drug charges - so he could return to his home state of Arizona.

There, he's facing more drug charges and another warrant for his arrest. Yes, we're serious. Anyway, enjoy possibly the best DMX mug shot yet ...

Smiling DMX Mug Shot

Even DMX is amused by DMX's legal brushes at this point.

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We knew this was possible, since said rage was directed at celebrity gossip photographers - but we didn't expect such clear footage, or audio!

In the video clip below, an irritable Kanye West frickin' loses his $h!t as a celebrity news photog started screaming for the cops to assist him.

A Rose By Any Other ...

Mid-camera smashing, the pissed-off rapper proclaims loudly "Ain't no police man!!"

Ironic, since there were police around and they arrested Kanye West pretty fast.

Anyway, enjoy this video from TMZ - the target of the rage!


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Does an impression of Sarah Palin, that is.

On a Thursday that has already seen Pamela Anderson tell the Republican V.P. candidate, on the record, that she can suck it, one-time actress Gina Gershon has spoofed Palin on the surprisingly unfunny website Funny or Die. See below ...

Palin in Hawaii

We think we might choose Die. But we do enjoy two things:

  1. That Gina spoofed the hilarious (and very patriotic) gun-toting Sarah Palin bikini photo, which is a spoof in and of itself.
  2. That we have a chance to mention Gina Gershon again in a political context - remember her alleged affair with Bill Clinton? Funny stuff.