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At one point, it didn't look like she'd make it to 27.

But Britney Spears is nothing if not resilient. Tough. A fighter.

Since she burst on the scene, she's sold 83 million albums, gotten divorced twice, had two kids, dated many random dudes, shaved her head, gone on an epic crusade against pants and even gotten her crazy ass hospitalized twice involuntarily.

In short, Britney Spears is the best.

That's why The Hollywood Gossip is thrilled to wish its favorite star a happy birthday on this second day of December. With her album Circus dropping today, it's abundantly clear that Britney Spears is back and better than ever, baby.

Here's a little photo tribute to the birthday girl ...

  • Spederline
  • Britney Spears Nude
  • Britney Spears: No Underwear Yet Again!
  • Britney Spears: No Pants
  • Britney Crotch Shot: Censored
  • Absolutely Enormous Breasts
  • Check Please!

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Blake Fielder-Civil admits he introduced his wife, Amy Winehouse, to drugs in a new interview - and that he will allow their marriage to end in divorce in order to ensure A-Dubs survives. This coming from the U.K.'s News of the World.

“I dragged Amy into it, and without me there is no doubt that she would never have gone down that road," Fielder-Civil said. "I ruined something beautiful.”

Manhandling Amy Winehouse

He said he would end their marriage to stop her from killing herself.

"Now I have to let her go to save her life. I am not abandoning her. I am doing this out of love," he said. "I have had to live with that for the past year that I have been in prison and I have got so much remorse.”

In the interview, Blake Fielder-Civil, 26, admitted to introducing wife Amy Winehouse, 25, to a life of heroin, crack cocaine and self-injury.

He said that Winehouse only smoked weed before he gave her hard drugs. He also described watching Amy Winehouse have a seizure after an all-day binge.

"It was heartbreaking seeing someone you love more than yourself, someone you would die for, someone you would kill for, on the floor shaking," he said.

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On the eve of the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears invited a film crew into her life. The film you are about to see was captured over the 60 days that followed. No topic was off limits. No question went unanswered.

MTV's feature film (we can't call it a documentary with a straight face) For the Record, which was supposed to examine everything in the life of Britney Spears, began with these words. Only it appears many things were in fact off limits.

Conveniently glossed over were her being placed on a 5150 hold, wearing no pants to clubs, hangin' with Sam Lutfi, railing Adnan Ghalib, being strapped to a gurney (twice!) and placed under a conservatorship, among other things.

We're not saying Brit must relive the past and pay for her mistakes forever. She should be allowed to move on. But come on, the people want to know about those things!

Moreover, why market this as a frickin' tell-all? If it's just behind-the-scenes footage of papa Jamie Spears cookin', well ... that's kinda cool. If presented as such. It's not.

Disappointing. Here's part one of For the Record ...

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One of these celebrities was the most-searched person, and overall term, in 2008, according to some site called Yahoo! Who do you think it was?

All were in the news a fair amount, but the answer may surprise you. Find out who was #1 - and how the year's top 10 shaped up - by following the jump ...

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Skinny star Mary-Kate Olsen has sparked rumours that she is expecting her first child after her weight shot up to a practically-obese 102 pounds.

A source tells the National Enquirer:

"Mary-Kate has been looking a lot rounder recently. It is good she has put on weight, because she previously suffered from anorexia, but a lot of people think she could actually be attempting to hide her pregnancy."

Mary-Kate Olsen has been dating artist Nate Lowman since early this year and is said to have been inspired to start a family by her friend, Heath Ledger - who told her that becoming a father was the most rewarding thing he had ever done.

Nate Lowman Picture

A source added: "Mary-Kate really took Heath's words to heart. She wanted the same kind of fulfillment in her life that Heath found in his after becoming a dad."

But is she really pregnant by Nate Lowman, or are we jumping the gun based on her consumption of the occasional cheeseburger? What do you think?

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We've heard this before - several times, in fact. But this time, Britain's death-defying crooner is allegedly serious about ditching her deadbeat husband.

Amy Winehouse has been consulting her divorce lawyers "with a view to binning junkie husband Blake Fielder-Civil," according to the UK's Daily Mirror.

Amy and Blake Picture

The singer is currently being treated a private clinic after "a seizure" on Sunday, which her management claims is from a reaction to meds she's taking.

Don't laugh. Like her other 15 seizures, it probably was from medication - you just shouldn't mix it with hard drugs, but that's neither here nor there.

Amy still hasn't visited Blake Fielder-Civil since he was released from prison and went straight to a Surrey rehab clinic earlier this month.

He was sentenced to 27 months behind bars for committing grievous bodily harm (what the Brits call aggravated assault) and attempting to pervert the course of justice (what they call obstruction of justice). He served just 12 of those months.

The final nail in the coffin for their relationship was apparently Blake's failure to tell his wife when he was being released from the big house.

That or his rumored shagging of Sophie Schandorff.

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Courtenay Semel is totally gonna pretend to fantasize about this.

In her music video for "Sober," Pink may have officially jumped the shark by playing all the characters. Unfortunately, this means Pink holds Pink's hair while Pink boots in the toilet. But on the flip side, Pink and Pink get it on!

The bedroom scene, in which sees Pink grabs and bites Pink while being mounted by Pink, may not be hot (it's Pink, people) but it's intriguing just the same. If, say, Britney Spears ripped off this idea, the effect might work better ...

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In January's Glamour, Britney Spears opens up about the past year - "it has been a hell of a year for me," she says - her new album Circus and her future.

Recording Circus - which drops Tuesday on her 27th birthday - "has helped take my mind off certain things," she says. "For me, my music is therapy."

The star - who made her first live performance Wednesday in Germany since her 2007 MTV Video Music Awards disaster - is feelin' the love these days.

Britney Spears Glamour Cover

"When I received the awards and the audience stood for me, it showed me how much love is out there," says Spears, who swept the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

Britney, who was notorious for hitting Hollywood hot spots with no underwear for awhile, says her life has become a lot calmer these days.

"I don't like going out. I hate clubs. I hate being around too many people," the singer tells Glamour. "I love my home and staying in my bed and watching Dancing With the Stars or reading a Danielle Steel novel. I'm kind of boring."

On her post-babies body, Spears says, "My body... completely changed [after giving birth], and I have had to work hard at getting it back."

Click to enlarge more Britney Spears pictures from the Glamour shoot ...

  • Britney Spears in Bed
  • Britney Spears: No Pants Needed
  • Ma Head is On Straight, Y'all
  • Britney Spears: Glamour Girl

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Madonna and Alex Rodriguez were spotted in Mexico City last weekend.

The two have not confirmed their romance on the record, but reportedly had a public "coming out" November 26, when, according to E! Online, the Yankees third baseman handed Madonna a water bottle during her Miami concert.

SIDE NOTE: Add your own comment on this in our Caption Contest!

A-Rod and Madonna also apparently met up on Thanksgiving, after the New York Yankees star fulfilled his family obligations. Lame kids and ex-wife. Zzz.

When asked what he thought about being in the capital city the same time as his rumored paramour, the baseball star would only say it was "very good."

The 50-year-old Madonna – whose divorce from director husband Guy Ritchie was finalized days ago – was in town to perform a pair of concerts on her tour.

The former Mr. Cynthia Rodriguez, meanwhile, was invited to inaugurate a new sports complex in the city, and spent two hours Sunday teaching kids to bat.

"It's been a pleasure to talk about baseball, to talk about the importance of keeping children off the streets, out of drugs and out of all the bad things that there are in this life," the 33-year-old slugger said in Spanish.

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