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It looks like Kiefer Sutherland will dodge a major bullet after his now infamous head butt and will not be prosecuted for assaulting Jack McCollough.

The reason? There is no longer a complaining witness in the case after the celebrity fashion designer privately settled his beef with the 24 star.

Figures. You do not press charges against Jack Bauer.

Kiefer Sutherland apologized to Jack McCollough, who had claimed the actor broke his nose in a scuffle at the MET Gala in New York back on May 5.

The complaint being dropped is doubly important for Sutherland as he also faced a potential probation violation, given his 2008 DUI conviction.

Kiefer Sutherland Mug Shot

Accounts of what happened between Kiefer Sutherland and Jack McCullough vary, but both parties are apparently willing to put the ugly incident behind them.

"I am sorry about what happened that night and sincerely regret that Mr. McCollough was injured," Sutherland said in a statement. McCollough responded, also in a statement, "I appreciate Mr. Sutherland's statement and wish him well."

Without a complaining witness - especially in a misdemeanor case such as this one - the odds of the alleged attacker being prosecuted become very slim.

Felony charges such as, oh, criminal threats and aggravated battery are a different ball of wax. The L.A. D.A.'s case against Chris Brown will still be pursued regardless of what Rihanna does - although he is working on a plea deal.

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Continuing her ongoing feud with Marisa Miller (which doesn't really exist, but we like to pretend) for the most beautiful human alive, Bar Refaeli has come out with another set of wondrous bikini photos. Hey, it's her thing. And she does it well.

Here's the Israeli stunner raising the ... you know:

Bar Refaeli Twit Pic

Even in black and white, the 23-year-old's natural beauty is evident.

Click to enlarge more Bar Refaeli bikini photos below ... and be sure to check out our full gallery of Bar Refaeli photos, most of which involve bikinis of some kind ...

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Police have opened an investigation into the apparent suicide of Spider-Man 3 actress Lucy Gordon, who was found dead inside her Paris apartment.

Lucy Gordon hanged herself, it was reported yesterday, when she would have turned 29. Gordon's boyfriend was reportedly asleep in the apartment as she killed herself.

Her death was "almost certainly suicide," police in Paris said.

A postmortem has been ordered.

The actress' newest and ultimately final film, Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life, was just screened at the Cannes Film Festival. She stars as Jane Birkin.

The film's directors and producers said in a statement: "The film owes a lot to the generous spirit, to the kindness and talent of Lucy Gordon."

Gordon's father, Richard, also spoke out from his Oxford home, calling his family "shattered" by the news of the actress' untimely death.

"She has been the light of our lives," he told the Times of London. "We have always been immensely proud of her and her achievements. We love her so much."

"She was a lovely, generous, unselfish person who gave her all for others and thought of others before herself," the grieving father continued. "She has been doing what she loved and what she wanted to do for the last many years."

"She has been a natural actress all her life, since she was about 2," he went on. "She's always loved being on stage and in front of the camera and she has kept all her naturalness and charm all the way through."

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip's Caption Contest - the 83rd edition of our Friday afternoon tradition.

This week's contest photo, featuring Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt in Cannes, yielded several good replies, but we chose the one by ParisSucks.

Simple and effective. Thanks for playing!

Doug Reinhardt checks out Paris Hilton's best side.

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Earlier this week, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt invaded Cannes, France, as the ho-tel heiress promoted her new documentary and made out with her man.

Last night, though, they took their trademark PDAs to a new level.

In full view of the public, Paris began grinding, freakin' on and mounting Doug in what can only be a precursor to the inevitable next celebrity sex tape ...

We would tell Paris and Doug to get a room, but if they got one, the fame whores would probably invite celebrity gossip photographers to come watch anyway.

Somewhere, Rick Salomon is jealous ... and swan-diving Scrooge McDuck style into the pile of money he made from when he performed such acts and filmed it.

We can't wait for the "documentary" of this night's exploits. Click to enlarge more pictures of Doug in Paris (and we're not talking about the French capital):

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Say what you will about him, Spencer Pratt knows the celebrity gossip game inside out and plays it to perfection. One might even say he is the game.

Fully embracing his role as The Hills and Hollywood's public enemy #1, the scruffy one somehow parlayed his reality TV notoriety into legitimate fame.

Yay Perez!

In an interview with Complex magazine, "The Future of Hip-Hop" talks about his new rap career, while throwing Beyonce, Asher Roth, Brody Jenner and others under the bus in the process. Hey, it's a Spencer Pratt interview, after all.

Q: What’s going on man, how are things?

Spencer Pratt: The usual, just another amazing day in my life. On the way to the gun range with my wife, ready to go fire off some hollow points out of the 19.

Q: Ha, OK. So you made headlines yesterday talking about Asher Roth, saying he lacks swag. If you had to battle Asher Roth, what would you use against him?

Spencer Pratt: I mean, the fact that I’m so paid, and he’s broke [laughs]. Simple as that. That’s my whole point, being that I’m fly with tons of money. I’m sure he’ll have a lot more swag in three years if he keeps selling.

Q: You also said, “I’m like the white Jay-Z.” Would you consider Heidi the white Beyoncé?

Spencer Pratt: More than the white Beyoncé. Beyoncé had to be built by a group, Destiny’s Child. Heidi shines solo. I’ll actually give you an exclusive: I guarantee you Speidi’s “Bonnie & Clyde” version is going to stunt on Jay and B’s version.

Q: Wow. Is that song going to happen?

Spencer Pratt: Yes. Steve Morales is already working on the track. That’s my Puerto Rican guru on the beat.

Q: I saw that you’re trying to reach out to OJ Da Juiceman for him to get a verse on a Morales-produced track.

Spencer Pratt: Yeah, I’m trying to get him on my first real single because “I’m A Celebrity” is not my single. That’s just my marketing tool for the show. My first single, I just want to have me, Gucci Mane, and OJ Da Juiceman. It’ll be the flyest song in the game. I’m going to track them down, that’s my priority today.

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Kate Hudson may or may not be dating Alex Rodriguez, but the gorgeous movie star is most definitely turning heads with her new hair color!

The star rocked a new brunette 'do while out in Oklahoma, most likely for a role in her new film The Killer Inside Me alongside Casey Affleck.

What do you think? Should it be a permanent change, or should she bring back her sun-kissed blonde locks as soon as the filming wraps up?

Take a look at these Kate Hudson photos for comparison and tell us which hair color you think looks best on her in the little survey below:

  • Kate Hudson Image
  • Kate Hudson, Hairstyle

Kate Hudson makes a prettier ...


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Last night, Carmelo Anthony scored 34 points as the Denver Nuggets evened their series with the Los Angeles Lakers with a 106-103 win in Game Two.

It was a tough loss, but Kobe Bryant and the Lake Show remain the #1 game in town. Here's Tom Cruise and son Connor Cruise at last night's game:

CRUISE CONTROL: Tom and Connor are locked in on NBA action.

While Los Angeles' pro baseball team has been making a strong case of late (check out our gallery of celebrity Dodger fans), L.A. Lakers games at Staples Center remain the hottest sports spot for celebrities from A-List to Spencer Pratt.

Click to enlarge pictures of stars showing their L.A. Lakers love:

  • Hooray For The Home Team
  • Samuel L. Jackson Picture
  • Prince and Girlfriend

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You'll notice that in this gallery of Jessica Simpson fashion statements, the outfits seem to have one thing in common. Sometimes two things, but there is a theme.

Let's just say Joe Simpson knows how to sell records.

Seriously, this is how you stay relevant for a decade and counting despite no discernible trace of talent. Wow. This is high fashion at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

Click to enlarge the Jessica Simpson pictures below and gasp in awe at some of the alleged singer's style choices. NOTE: We don't recommend doing so in public.

  • Bust-Boosting Dress
  • Jessica Simpson Cleavage Photo
  • Hi Girls!
  • Plunging Neckline
  • Jessica Struts Her Stuff
  • Nice Rack
  • Best Jessica Simpson Photo Ever

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With a hugely successful world tour, 50 million in career albums sold, and a personal life that never stops sparking gossip (even when it's just about her bikini pictures from the Bahamas), Britney Spears is on everyone's radar.

It's only fitting, then, that the title of her newest single from Circus is titled "Radar."

The star's official site released the cover art for the new single yesterday ...

Among the lyrical gems in the new single: Confidence is a must / Cockiness is a plus / Edginess is a rush / Edges (I like 'em rough) ... Interesting sense of style / Ten million dollar smile / Think I cant handle that / Animal in the sack.

Some lucky guy is on Britney's radar. Could it be Jason Trawick?

Either way, we're excited for the single's release, and for the European leg of the Circus tour to get underway soon. We really miss seeing her in costume every night, and documenting the various wardrobe malfunctions that take place.

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