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For best friends Lauren Bosworth and Lauren Conrad, it was a case of the blonde leading the blind - or, in this case, the blonde - Thursday evening at the opening of Strike Orange County in Tustin, Calif...

Blonde trust: Lauren Bosworth guides Lauren Conrad.

In spite of their admittedly poor bowling skills, Lo Bosworth and Lauren Conrad tackled this sporting task - but focused on the most important things.

"I've never scored above 100 ever. I normally get, like, around 60," said Lo, bowling with martini in hand, of course.

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Welcome, celebrity news readers, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our fun Friday afternoon tradition. Who won the Caption Contest this week?

As always, it was a difficult call, but we went with cutieeshortie.

Congrats! The winning reply appears beneath the pic below. Scroll down the page for the full list of captions. Thanks for playing and good luck again this week!

Hey don't look at me ... I just provided the sperm.

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Two years ago today, The Hollywood Gossip burst on the scene with a single blog. Appropriately, on the devilish date of 6/6/06, Lindsay Lohan was the topic.

What a wild ride it's been since. To commemorate our second birthday, we're taking a look back at the stars who generated the most traffic on our site for each of our 24 months in the crazy biz they call celebrity gossip...

June 2006: Heather Mills. Heather Mills sucks. But that one-legged, gold-digging ex-call girl sure did give us some great stories for a time.

July 2006: Nicole Richie. By this point, Nicole may not have eaten in six months. Brody Jenner, who dated her briefly, tried in vain to force-feed her.

August 2006: Kristin Cavallari. Speaking of Brody, he used to date Kristin Cavallari! They were a super-hot couple for months (an eternity by his standards).

September 2006: Lindsay Lohan. It seems like ancient history now, but in 2006, the cutie was still in the early stages of her downward spiral.

October 2006: Lindsay Lohan. Drinking, partying, sleeping with anyone with a pulse, making awful movies: Why shouldn't LiLo win two straight months?

November 2006: Chris Ivery. Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo made news when she got engaged to longtime beau Chris Ivery on her birthday. A year later, also on her birthday, Ellen Pompeo and Ivery got married in New York!

December 2006: Paris Hilton. Skanky. Worthless. Always in the news. We're surprised it took Paris six whole months to top our list, to be honest.

Britney Spears: No Pants

January 2007: Britney Spears. Fresh off her divorce from K-Fed, Brit Brit went on an epic binge of drinking, random sexual encounters and clubbing with no pants. Hanging out Paris Hilton certainly helped the cause.

February 2007: Antonella Barba. This New Jersey-ite couldn't sing all that well, but her oral skills were on full display. If you know what we mean. We mean there were pics on the Internet of her servicing some schmoe.

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Former Full House star Jodie Sweetin has a new role that comes with a full heart: mother to 7-week-old baby girl Zoie.

"You look at your baby and think, 'Wow, I did that.' It's really amazing," Sweetin said.

Suri With Katie

As Zoie happily snoozes on the shoulder of her dad, Sweetin's husband Cody Herpin, the marveling mom says, "I'm still like, 'Oh, wow, I'm a mom.' It's the most overwhelming, exciting thing I've ever done."

And a far cry from where she's been.

Best known for playing spunky middle child Stephanie Tanner on Full House from age 5 to 13, Sweetin then landed a real-life role that cast her against type: battling an addiction to crystal meth.

Jodie Sweetin and hubby Cody Herpin just became parents!

At 22, Sweetin was a college student married to LAPD officer Shaun Holguin and taking a break from acting when she first tried the drug.

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Leighton Meester has become a bit of a trendy celebrity style icon for the younger set - both in real life and as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl.

Both favor bold color choices, yet classic looks. Dresses and tops that are eye-catching, yet refined. It's an interesting balance. Case in point ...

Rihanna in Vogue

The real Leighton Meester (left) and Leighton as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl.

Tell us, celebrity fashion followers and critics - which of these dresses do you think looks better on Leighton? And would you wear either of them?

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Now that The Hills has spawned another upcoming series, Lauren Conrad has no doubt her friend Whitney Port can carry her own spin-off.

MTV is prepping a Hills spin-off in which Whitney becomes bicoastal while working for fashion PR firm People's Revolution â€" and befriends a group of NYC gals (including socialite Olivia Palermo, whoever that is).

"I think that Whitney will do really well with it," Lauren Conrad said of her pal's new show. "She is a very likable person."

Does Lauren Conrad have any advice for Whitney Port?

"I would just tell her to have fun with it... [Whitney] always made it very clear during filming for The Hills that she doesn't want her personal life involved on the show, so it would definitely mean that she would have to come out of her comfort zone a little. I hope they do the show."

Whitney Port did not comment directly on the spin-off

"As far as I know, I've just been filming for a fourth season of The Hills," she said. "Everything is just kind of hearsay at this point. The thought of [my own] reality show sounds scary because I've always tried to keep things a little bit private. I just have to take everything day by day!"

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You have to hand it to In Touch Weekly.

Citing a text message from J.R. Rotem, who clearly sent no such text, as evidence that Britney Spears is pregnant was the mag's finest hour.

Sultry Simpson

This is a close second.

We'd love to know what "facts" the celebrity news magazine is using in its new cover story - that Tony Romo is betraying Jessica Simpson because he hasn't given up on his previous celebrity ex, Carrie Underwood!

Don't get us wrong, Tony Romo would get props from us if this were true.

After all, Carrie Underwood is the epitome of natural beauty - not to mention a down-home gal with a brain, a great voice, and a lack of insane parents.

But we're not buying it.

For one, Joe Simpson has Tony Romo under constant surveillance, making a secret rendezvous a logistical impossibility. Second, why would Carrie take him back, after he broke up with her to focus on football, then took up with Jessica?

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag may be the most hated celebrity couple out there â€" and they're making it count in terms of their bottom line.

We've reported on the branding of Spencer and Heidi by Spencer and Heidi as the face of celebrity gossip before, and knew they were cashing in - but we until now, we were in the dark as to their exact earnings.

Well, a new report indicates that in the span of just two years, Speidi has banked nearly $3 million from their TV salaries, club appearances ($50K apiece, per), photo shoots ($10-20K apiece, per) and other deals.

The deplorable, entrepreneurial Heidi and Spencer.

"We are trying to entertain in every aspect of our lives," Heidi Montag has said. "I plan to win an Oscar. I'm very ambitious."

Okay, that's never gonna happen to such a hack - the Academy Awards, as we understand it, are typically given to those with some semblance of talent.

But that doesn't mean there will be a shortage of career opportunities for them. On the contrary. Spencer Pratt says of their financial future:

"My hustle is just too crazy. I'm trying to take over the world!"

Go to it, Spencer. Go to it.

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With the possible exceptions of those crotch shot pics from late 2006, of course. If you're a reader who's into that sorta thing.

Regardless, this was taken yesterday, while the star played with her oldest son. A classic. Amazingly, we didn't photoshop it...

Ding dangit, I'm tard, y'all. I gone go sit in Preston's car!

Maybe she was worn out from shooting that Pussycat Dolls video.

In any case, Britney Spears took a load off in Sean Preston's mini Cadillac Escalade while spending time with he and Jayden James.

Absurd pic aside, it seems like Britney is getting her act together and focusing on her family, rather than clubbing in no pants.

Follow the jump for some cute pics of Sean Preston low ridin'!

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We understand kids want to look like their moms... but this must be cruel and unusual punishment, don't you think? We know the Bush administration doesn't care about civil liberties, but there's gotta be a law against this.

Witness below, Katie Holmes - owner of perhaps the single worst celebrity hairstyle in history - with daughter Suri Cruise, who just turned 2.

Two. Too young to be emulating mom's ridiculous haircut is more like it! Tell us, though, do you like Katie's hair, or do you agree with us?

Suri Cruise with Her Mom

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise: The hair impaired.

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