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Robert Pattinson hasn't been shy in admitting he is so over Twilight, but we never expected the British actor to even consider joining Team Jacob.

We're kidding. Rob's character in Water for Elephants is named Jacob, though. Pretty funny, although he says he never realized the coincidence.

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The L.A. County District Attorney wants the judge in the Michael Jackson case to ensure that irrelevant character attacks on the late music icon are inadmissible.

As we know, Dr. Conrad Murray's defense team is throwing everything it can against the wall in hopes that something sticks that will create reasonable doubt.

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Sergio Flores, a.k.a. the Sexy Sax Man on YouTube, just got bumped from playing at Coachella this weekend, a gig he landed after his viral shenanigans.

The Sexy Sax ManĀ  was scheduled to perform at an event Saturday, but got bumped at the last second for MGMT's lead singer Andrew VanWyngarden.

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