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Fresh off a holiday shopping spree with Sean P. and Jayden James, Britney Spears did the honors at the "Light of the Angels" tree lighting ceremony in Los Angeles Thursday. Suffice it to say, the recovering singer was very happy about being there ...

Britney Spears Smiles BIG

Click to enlarge more pictures of Britney Spears at the festive holiday event, where she conversed with Adam Carolla. [Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

  • Britney Lights the Tree
  • Adam Carolla and Britney Spears
  • The Light of the Angels
  • Britney Spears and Adam Carolla
  • Merry Christmas From Britney

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The most searched-for celebrity online in '08 was Britney Spears.

But who will be unveiled as Barbara Walters' coveted, completely arbitrary Most Fascinating Person of the Year? Here's two hints:

  1. Britney Spears did not win this one, unfortch.
  2. It's one of the individuals pictured below ...
  • President Obama
  • Michael Phelps Photo

Who's the most fascinating of these celebrities? Follow the jump to find out ...

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Between William Balfour and now the Scott Ruffalo shooting, it's been an amazing and tragic couple of weeks in terms of violent crime in the celeb gossip world.

Beverly Hills police announced Thursday that two "persons of interest" have been ID'd in their investigation into the shooting of Mark Ruffalo's younger brother, 39-year-old Scott Ruffalo - what officials now call an attempted murder.

In a press release issued by police department spokesman Lt. Tony Lee, authorities say that they're looking to question a man by the name of Brian Scofield and a woman named Shaha Mishaal Adham in connection with the shooting.

No further information regarding the suspects' relationship to Scott Ruffalo, seen here with brother Mark and Scott's wife Luzelene, has been released at this time.

A Beverly Hills Fire Department crew responded at about 1:10 a.m. Monday to a report of a man who had fallen in the 400 block of N. Palm Drive in Beverly Hills.

Upon arrival, they found Ruffalo had sustained a head injury - soon discovered to be a gunshot to the head. He is in critical condition and fighting for his life.

Beverly Hills police are still looking to track down Brian Scofield and Shaha Mishaal Adham. Follow the jump for mug shots of the two persons of interest ...

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Having gone sort of public as a couple just last week, Alex Rodriguez is already cheating on Madonna with Melissa Britos, according to celebrity gossip sources.

All the way back in mid-November, A-Rod allegedly met and came "obsessed" with Melissa Britos, a model, at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach opening party.

One of the model's friends said, "He became obsessed with her. He sent her at least a dozen text messages, asking her to spend time with him."

A few days later, the Rod was seen dropping Melissa Britos off at her hotel and she wearing the same clothes she had on the night before. Oooh!

Then, this past weekend, which Madonna and Alex Rodriguez spent part of together, he was also at Miami's LIV nightclub checking out other women.

What A Rod

MADONNA WHO? Alex Rodriguez reportedly has his sights set on model Melissa Britos. This man is prolific at rounding the bases. From November-March, at least.

One of A-Rod's friends told In Touch about his playing of the field:

"Alex is definitely excited by Madonna and wants to spend time with her. But when she's not around and he is left to his own devices, he still wants the company of other beautiful women. He can't help it. It's in his nature."

Just like delivering hits after the sixth inning isn't.

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The ax may be falling on Lipstick Jungle, but no network execs are going to cancel Brooke Shields' most important, long-running project - motherhood.

The beautiful actress opens up about being a mom to daughters Rowan, 5, and Grier, 2, in the December/January issue of Cookie, which apparently exists.

Here's Brooke and her girls. Be warned: These may be the cutest celebrity babies you've seen all day - and that includes Sean Preston and Jayden James!

Brooke Shields, Grier and Rowan

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Apologies to Britney Spears for the headline above. Had to be done. Hey, at least the man got laid once during his brief stint on the outside.

After he bolted rehab amid word he would be sent back to jail, Amy Winehouse gave her junkie hubby Blake Fielder-Civil what the UK's Sun describes as "a farewell bonk" when he paid her a surprise visit in a London hospital.

We have nothing to add to that.

The Sun revealed yesterday that Blake Fielder-Civil dashed to the ailing star’s bedside on Tuesday evening after failing a drug test in rehab.

That violated the terms of his early release from prison in November. He was sentenced to 27 months but ended up serving less than a year.

Blake Boinks the Wino

Amy has been in hospital for 10 days after collapsing, so Blake knew were to find her. Last night, a source said the deadbeat persuaded her reluctant inner-circle to let him have one hour alone with her on his final night of freedom.

After showing up by her bedside, Blake told Amy how sexy she looked - and unlike the line from her hit "Rehab," she could not say no, no, no.

The newspaper's source said only: "It was obvious what went on."

Blake Fielder-Civil then left and turned himself in to authorities in East London to resume his prison sentence for assault and trial-fixing.

No word on whether Amy or Sophie Schandorff will wait for him.

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Not exactly breaking news, we know, but in the new issue of Us Weekly, the mother of Heidi Montag, Darlene Egelhoff, is voicing her disapproval of her plastic daughter's new husband, the great Spencer Pratt, even more openly.

“He’s manipulative and seems to have power over Heidi,” Darlene said of her daughter's upstanding husband. “I want the best for my daughter and he’s definitely not it. I think [Spencer Pratt] wants to possess Heidi more than marry her.”

Heidi Montag Playboy Photo

Darlene even went so far as to imply, not very subtly either, how she thinks Spencer could have coerced Heidi Montag into their surprise wedding ...

“I would like to see a blood test from Mexico,” she says. "It wouldn’t surprise me if he had her drugged.”

Wow. In response to that quote, we believe The Hollywood Gossip staff speaks for all celeb gossip readers when it says the following: LOL.

A MOTHER'S FURY: Okay, so no one likes Spencer Pratt. But Darlene Egelhoff really doesn't like Spencer Pratt - and that was true before the surprise elopement.

A “devastated” Darlene predicts the union won’t last more that “six months” and calls the decision to marry Spencer “the biggest mistake Heidi’s ever made. God says love your enemies, but I never expected it to be my son-in-law.”

“Spencer has tried to cut everyone out of her life,” Darlene added.

We don't know what she's talking about. Everyone? Get real. It's only been Holly Montag, Lauren Conrad, Stephanie Pratt, Brent Bolthouse ...

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Jason Alexander, a.k.a. the original Mr. Britney Spears, is sitting in a jail cell today after he blew off two court ordered appointments at the county morgue.

After Jason Alexander was busted for DUI back in 2006, a judge ordered him to go to an alcohol education program, which required him to visit the morgue.

Jason Alexander Mug Shot

It's a fair sentence for the serious offense of driving under the influence. Bailing on his first two appointments there did not sit well with the court, however.

When the judge learned Alexander had stiffed the morgue, he refused to give him a third chance to make good and promptly thew Jason in the slammer.

Jason is scheduled to be released December 9 - and after he serves his stint behind bars, his obligation to check out the dead bodies will officially be dead.

Some fun facts courtesy of the cops: Alexander is 6'0", 225 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He was also the world's luckiest man for 55 hours.

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I'm the ringleader, I call the shots. I'm like a firecracker, I make it hot.

With lyrical brilliance like this, how can Britney Spears' latest song not be a smash hit? Hey, anything's better than womanizer womanizer oh womanizer baby womanizer womanizer ohhh womanizer womanizer baby womanizer womanizer...

Someone make it stop.

Anyway, the title track off her new album, Circus, features a sexy Britney in full circus attire, flanked by animals, performers, flashy lights and all that good stuff.

The video has been leaked online by some shady site, and it's on YouTube for at least the next 17 minutes until her label takes it down, so peep "Circus" below!

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The Bromance begins December 29 on MTV.

What is a Bromance, exactly? Well, for Brody Jenner, it means finding a new member for his posse, because if there's anything that can keep his hectic life grounded, it's the support of good friends. Bros before hos 4 lyfe, people.

Brody and BFF Frankie Delgado will narrow a field of nine aspiring dudes down to one lucky winner, after many rigorous tasks and hot tub elimination ceremonies.

Really. Check out the trailer for Brody's new reality show below - and watch for the cameo by the great Spencer Pratt, who created the opening he's trying to fill!