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This is far from confirmed, but there are reports circulating that Michael Jackson may have died after getting a Demerol injection yesterday.

The Sun (UK) and TMZ are reporting shortly after the injection of the drug, Jackson's breathing got "slower and slower until it stopped."

MJ in Fear

Again, we cannot confirm this story.

However, after Jackson was badly burned during the filming of a Pepsi ad, he became addicted to painkillers and ended up at the Betty Ford Clinic.

As for painkillers, there are reports he was given Demerol. During his child molestation trial, cops seized syringes and drugs, including Demerol.

Also, law enforcement officials are reportedly looking for a doctor who lived at Jackson's home - and the doctor is nowhere to be found.

An autopsy will be performed on Jackson's body today by a coroner in L.A. Until then, the exact cause of the icon's death remains unknown.

Nevertheless, Brian Oxman - who was the Jackson family's attorney for more than 20 years - suspects that prescription drug abuse may have played a role in Michael Jackson's death, which shocked the world yesterday afternoon.

The legendary Michael Jackson (1958-2009).

"I don't know what caused Michael's death, and I don't want to speculate as to what the causes are," Oxmon said. "I only know that I warned [the family] there was the misuse of prescription medications by people who were enabling him."

"So is that the cause of it? I don't know. People die from various and sundry causes - they have congenital malformations of the heart, they have difficulty with various infections. I don't know what Michael Jackson's death is a result of."

Oxmon says Jackson "had no particular health concerns except that he had broken his leg many years ago, and it hurt him. He had cracked a vertebrae in his back and he took painkillers to try to ease the pain. And now we find ourselves here."

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News of Michael Jackson's death took the world by storm yesterday afternoon. Amid the chaos, rumors began surfacing that Jeff Goldblum also passed away.

The actor is alive and well.

Various sites cited an erroneous report coming out of New Zealand that the actor, 56, plunged to his demise during a fall on the set of his newest movie.

Turns out that was a hoax.

"Reports that Jeff Goldblum has passed away are completely untrue. He is fine and in Los Angeles," the actor's publicist Lisa Kasteler said.

Investigating what appears to be a cruel joke, New Zealand police are saying that there appears to be false information circulating - an understatement considering that they haven't even heard anything about Goldblum shooting a film in the country.

So, Goldblum, who's now starring on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, is fine. Glad we cleared that up. You should check him out on that show, he's good!

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Below is a video of Megan Fox's visit to The Late Show last night.

If you can pry your eyes away from the dress she's wearing, she talks a little about her new movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and reiterates her earlier statement that marriage is not realistic - at least for her at this point in life.

Sad news for Brian Austin Green. Great for everyone else on Earth!

Dave concurred that at 23, there's no reason for Megan to rush to the altar anyway. He dragged his feet until age 62 to marry Regina Lasko, by his own admission!

Here's a portion of their chat, with Megan in a portion of a black dress ...

Fortunately, Dave refrained from comments similar to his telling Lauren Conrad that he kinda wanted to see her (non-existent) sex tape. Everyone wants to see Megan Fox nude, after all. It's implied, and taken for granted at this stage.

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Michael Jackson was awesome.

No other word does justice. The only question is whether he was one of the biggest stars in the history of music, or the biggest star in the history of music.

News that Michael Jackson died yesterday grinded the Internet and much of the world to a halt. Only a select few people would inspire that kind of reaction.

He was incomparable, and is irreplaceable.

Below are just a few memorable photos of the star from his childhood and the peak of his career to his eccentric later years. Click to enlarge the images below ...

  • The Jacksons
  • The Moonwalk
  • Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery
  • Michael Jackson mug shot
  • Off the Wall

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Maria Belen Chapur is the mistress of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

This we learned earlier in the week when he admitted his extramarital affair with the Argentine woman - and Sanford's emails to her were hilariously published.

But little information about, and no photos of, Maria Belen Chapur have been available for us to learn anything about the latest infamous political mistress.

Until now.

For what it's worth (nothing), Maria Belen Chapur appears to be at least somewhat attractive, putting her several leagues above Rielle Hunter. Sorry, John Edwards.

Maria Belen Chapur is an Argentine woman who met Sanford seven years ago, and is 43. They were friends before she became his mistress, but the two have had a romantic relationship for a year or so. As we said, there are emails to prove this.

According to reports, she works for Bunge y Born, an agribusiness and grain trading corporation. She is fluent in English, as well as Portuguese and Chinese.

Chapur is also married, appropriately, and has two sons with her husband, with whom she lives in an upscale section of Buenos Aires. Some reports claim she is a former model, body builder and/or actress. Whether this is true is unclear.

Below are more photos of Maria Belen Chapur screen-capped from a 2001 video. Also included are pics of a Maria Shapur on Facebook who may or may not be the woman behind Mark Sanford's Argentine affair, but she has the same name!

What do you think? Are those other pictures even her? And what was Mark Sanford thinking getting caught up in this - and thinking it could be kept secret?

Here's a video of Maria Belen Chapur ...

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You might be used to seeing Twilight's Bella Swan with tousled auburn locks, but for her new role as singer Joan Jett in The Runaways, Kristen Stewart dyed her hair black and went for a choppy style that shouts, "I love rock 'n' roll!"

Take a look at these Kristen Stewart photos and see which hairstyle you like the talented actress better in - New Moon mode or Runaways badass mode.

Kristen for MTV

Tell us below in our brief survey ...

Which Kristen Stewart hairstyle is best?


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Stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live to plug his blockbuster new film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Josh Duhamel took a minute to address another topic:

The Hilton fight.

Asked jokingly about his wife beating up Perez (he is married to Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas), Josh commented, “Yeah ... she’s a regular badass, my wife.”

He was kidding there, but he did offer his honest opinion regarding the war of words between Perez Hilton and, which led to a physical fight and resulted in Perez getting punched in the head by the band’s manager, Polo Molina:

  • Perez "hits below the belt" and when you do that so many times so blatantly, it's inevitable you're going to get whacked.
  • Not only was Perez asking for this with his conduct, but Josh "kind of wishes he was there" to punch him personally.
  • Perez has more press than he deserves from this.

Here's Josh Duhamel's interview with Kimmel ...

Hilton is suing Polo Molina, but in a series of statements since the assault, the most hated man in celebrity gossip seems almost more upset that no one feels sympathy toward his stupid ass than he is about getting clocked in the dome to begin with.

Cry us a river, Perez. The proof is in the poll below.

Whose side are you on?


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Johnny Depp is the man. We have always believed this, but there can be no doubt after reading this story. Mohammed A. Sekhani, a veteran waiter at Chicago's legendary steakhouse Gibsons, was recently given a tip by the actor.

Of $4,000.

Johnny Depp in Cannes

“Johnny and his party arrived just after 11:30 .p.m at the restaurant and requested a private room. He had visited several times before while he was filming Public Enemies and he promised me that he would return after the premiere," he recalled.

Sekhani says Johnny Depp and his party ordered appetizers as they prepared his favorite dish Clams Casino – clams baked with garlic, pepper and cheese.

Said Sekhani: “He also ordered some $500 bottles of Italian wine and he was in good spirits throughout the evening chatting with Mr. Mann and Ms. Cotillard." 

"I have worked with a lot of stars like Sean Connery and Robert De Niro but Johnny Depp is my favorite. He is very soft spoken, very charming and sweet – when I wait for him he doesn’t like to be too fussed over and is not in any way demanding."

“Because he had visited us before he calls me ‘Mo’ and I know exactly the way he likes to be treated. He may be one of the most famous actors in the world but he is a very ‘humble guy’ and a really cool dude," the waiter continued.

Obviously, I was delighted with his tip but he has always been very generous every time that he has visited us here at Gibsons. When the party left around 2:30 he smiled and told me that he would return – they were a great group of people.”

Sounds like it.

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Michael Jackson passed away this afternoon. He was 50 years old.

Jackson was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Los Angeles after suffering cardiac arrest. Paramedics administered CPR to the music icon in the ambulance.

He could not be revived.

The Moonwalk
Michael Jackson pioneered so many dance moves, he pretty much is in his own category. No one ever moved like this guy.

A 911 call came in at 12:21 p.m. at his Holmby Hills home in L.A.

Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, said he had been alerted to the emergency but didn't have details. His mother was reportedly on the way to visit him as well.

"I am in Las Vegas but yes people in Los Angeles called me and are with Michael and tell me he was taken to the hospital," the elder Jackson told an E! News reporter. "His mother is on her way to the hospital now to check in on him.

"I am not sure what's wrong. I am waiting to hear back."

According to TMZ, a Jackson family member said the King of Pop was in "really bad shape" and his brothers were headed to UCLA Medical Center where he was.

He died shortly thereafter.

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Hank Baskett got Kendra Wilkinson pregnant already.

But just because the bride-to-be is knocked up didn’t mean her bachelorette party last week was totally devoid of crazy shenanigans. On the contrary.

Former housemate and Girls Next Door co-star Bridget Marquardt talked a little about some of the crazy sex toy games girls played at Kendra’s party.

“There are two games that are kind of raunchy,” Bridget said.

B-Marq explained that one of them involves passing a sex toy between one's legs, and if you are the one caught when the music turns off, you are out!

So basically it's like musical chairs, Playboy style. Hot stuff. Although it may have been better if the winner got to see Kendra Wilkinson nude instead.

Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt used to date the same guy. At the same time. Along with a third girl. The dude was in his 80s. It was kind of a weird situation.

“The other one is just a story telling game,” Bridget Marquardt continued.

“When you give Kendra her present, you have to tell about how old you were when it was your first time, who it was with and where you were.”

Somehow we imagine Hugh Hefner's name came up a lot at this thing. We just hope the Shannon Twins weren't there. Talk about awkward.

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