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90210 star Shenae Grimes poses for the cover of TeenPROM, the special prom edition of Teen magazine. What we wouldn't give to have Shenae as our prom date. You know she isn't gonna make you buy her an expensive dinner. Ohhhh!

We're just kidding. Shenae looks amazing on the cover. The talented, Canadian cutie is almost enough to make you want to watch 90210. Almost.

Shenae Grimes: Club Hopper

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The New York Post has declared Barack Obama "Fit For Office." Looking at the photo of Obama on the cover yesterday, it's pretty hard to argue that fact! Yowza!

This is not the first picture of Barack Obama shirtless to make the rounds, of course. We've paired yesterday's Post cover with this classic picture from 2007 ...

Obama Shirtless

Barack Obama shirtless on Hawaiian vacations past and present.

You may question his ability to fix the current economic crisis or lead the U.S. Armed Forces, but one key issue everybody in America can agree on is this: You'd rather see these photos than any of John McCain shirtless, right? We thought so.

Now, Sarah Palin, on the other hand ...

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Brace yourself for cute overload. Two of the world's most adorable and best-known celebrity babies, Jayden James Federline and Sean Preston Federline, would like to join their mother, Britney Spears, in wishing you a happy holiday season...

As you can see, and the card explains, Sean Preston (darker hair) and Jayden James are wearing their grandpa Jamie Spears' glasses in one of the photos. Cute stuff.

This holiday card was originally posted on Britney's official website. So nice to see this super-cute family together for Christmas. Follow the jump for larger versions of these adorable Sean Preston, Jayden James and Britney Spears pictures ...

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What $2 million break-in?

Showing no signs of toning down her ostentatious lifestyle after getting ransacked, Paris Hilton - arriving in style in a pink Bentley - prepares to drop massive quantities of cash faster than she does her pants at the sight of the nearest breathing male ...

Pink Bentley

Accompanying Paris in L.A. on this important afternoon of shopping was her new BFF, Brittany Flickinger. Click to enlarge more pics of the "hot" pair ...

  • Pick Flick
  • Paris Rolls in Style
  • Paris, Brittany
  • Hard Core Shopper
  • Paris Hilton, Pink Bentley
  • Brittany Flickinger and Paris Hilton Photo

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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We heart celebrities. Gossip about them is what we do, and provide. But apparently $5,300 is the going rate for a tissue used by a celebrity? Messed up.

That much money could buy you:

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo
  • A photo shoot with Spencer and Heidi
  • 33 decent Britney Spears concert tickets
  • An hour and 10 minutes in the sack with Ashley Dupre
  • Approximately 1,750 shares of General Motors stock

Just think about the possibilities! Whatever floats your boat, it's gotta be an improvement over a used tissue - even if Scarlett Johansson did the using.

Last week, The Spirit star got the sniffles on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno. She claimed she caught the cold from costar Samuel L. Jackson.

After Leno handed the actress a tissue and the starlet gave a good blow, she joked that the used hanky had some value. To test her hypothesis, the tissue was placed on the auction block on eBay, with proceeds benefiting USA Harvest.

The winner of the golden mucus will be announced on this evening’s Tonight Show. Okay, it's cool that it's for charity, but still... it's a tissue, people.

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Claims that Michael Jackson is dying and needs a lung transplant because of a rare respiratory disease are a "total fabrication," according to a statement from Jackson's official spokesperson, Dr. Tohme Tohme, Reuters reports.

Word of Jackson's supposed condition - that he was suffering from Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency - circulated after writer Ian Halperin, at work on an upcoming bio of the 50-year-old music legend, was interviewed in Britain's Sunday Express.

Reports quoted Halperin about Jackson's alleged illness, an inherited condition that can be fatal. But other news outlets quickly questioned whether the statement was true.

Darren Julien, who is arranging an auction of Jackson memorabilia scheduled for April, told Fox News that the star - who may or may not be going by Mikaeel Jackson these days - is not ill and "seemed really organized" about the sale.

That's very good to hear.

Contrary to reports, Michael Jackson is perfectly healthy. Physically, at least.

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We've posted our thoughts on last night's season finale of The Hills.

Now it's time to examine the fashion and hairstyle choices of the lovely ladies (and Spencer Pratt) at last night's season finale party in New York!

As always, the show's leading lady, Miss Lauren Conrad, looked fabulous, debuting a new, shorter hairstyle with her gorgeous dress. Here she is:

The Hills Star

Whether you love, hate or love to hate the show, there's no denying the fashion sense of these girls! Click to enlarge more photos of The Hills cast at the finale party ...

  • Hugs For LC and Audrina
  • Aye Aye, Lauren!
  • The Hills Stars
  • Whitney, Lauren and Audrina
  • Finale Fabulous
  • Heidi Blaire Montag
  • Ick!!
  • Spencer and Heidi: Not Married
  • The She-Pratt
  • A Stephanie Pratt Photo
  • Feelin' Lo
  • Whitney Port Image
  • Flower Power!

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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We're choosing to ignore Pete Wentz's quote of the day from earlier - that he tasted Ashlee Simpson's breast milk meant for their son Bronx Mowgli. Gross.

Instead, we're covering Ashlee's change in hair color. Appropriately, the ditz went back to blonde this week after a fairly lengthy stint as a redhead.

See the change below - and tell us which color you think works best for her!

  • Uselessness Personified
  • Smiling Simpson

Which hair color do you prefer on Ashlee Simpson?


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As we talked about yesterday, there may not be any stronger bonds on Earth than those between mothers and daughters. Here's a mom-daughter duo that's a little older than those we profiled yesterday, but just about as cute.

Disney star and T.H. Gossip fave Selena Gomez and her mother, Mandy, checked out furniture at HD Buttercup in Culver City, Calif., looking as sweet as can be...

A Justin Bieber Foot Rub

AWWW: Life as a teenage star can be trying, as the awesome Selena Gomez certainly knows, but come what may, there's always mom's shoulder to lean on.