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Is another Bachelor breakup just around the corner?

Recent reports of lovebirds Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick getting to know each other and basking in the afterglow of their unique Bachelor love story are contradicted by a new article in In Touch Weekly, suggesting a split is imminent.

According to a close friend cited by In Touch, Molly Malaney, 24, is no longer enamored of the single father - and is considering breaking up with him over Easter weekend, when the two plan to meet up in in his home city of Seattle.

If they don't get married, that would make the show an impressive 0-for-13. And according to someone claiming to be close to Mesnick, that's looking likely.

“The more she sees Jason, the less she likes him” a friend reveals.

No way that's true - have you seen his abs??

The supposed "friend" adds that Molly doesn’t trust Jason Mesnick after what he did to Melissa Rycroft, the 25-year-old he initially gave the final rose to on The Bachelor, then dumped for Molly on the "After the Final Rose" special.

“Let’s face it, (Molly) was his second choice,” a second source says of runner-up Malaney and Rycroft, who went on to shine on Dancing with the Stars.

“He has a history of being fickle.”

It has also been rumored that Molly, a native of Grand Rapids, Mich., who now lives in Milwaukee, isn’t prepared to relocate to Seattle to be with him.

“Jason expects her to quit her job and move,” the source says. “Molly’s not giving up her life unless she’s 100 percent sure that he’s committed.”

Right now, the relationship is shaky at best. The two talk via Skype almost every night on the computer, but the source says she hasn’t gone to Seattle to visit Jason, since March 3 - and hasn’t seen his son Ty, 4, since the show’s finale.

“It’s make-or-break time,” the friend explains.

Think they'll last? Guess all we can do is stay tuned. In the meantime, click to enlarge some photos of Jason and Molly, and of a spurned Melissa ...

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Following reports that Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has made a deal to star - along with her eight newborns and six other young kids, of course - in a reality show, attorney Gloria Allred reluctantly offered her take on the stiry.

Allred said that when Angels in Waiting USA - the nursing organization she worked with to help Nadya Suleman - visited Octomom's house, "it appeared that Nadya treated her babies as props ... as part of a TV set for those filming her."

According to Gloria Allred, there are two different Octomoms.

"When cameras were not rolling she was altogether absent for large blocks of time and never volunteered to feed the babies herself," recalls Allred, who said Suleman asked AIW many times about agreeing to a reality show.

"AIW said on the record they would not allow it due to the significant risk of infection posed by the presence of dirty cameras, audio equipment and electrical cords - and concern for the emotional well-being of all of her children."

"Nadya appears to be putting her money-making scheme of a reality show before the best interests of her children. If she goes ahead with it she needs to spend less time looking for a man and more time mothering her 14 children."

The proposed Octomom reality show - think Jon and Kate Plus 8 Plus Crack - would focus on her search for love, as well as keeping 14 humans alive of course.

Allred believes her motives are off the mark.

"If she is looking for men, she is looking for love in all the wrong places. Rather than doing a reality show, she needs to deal with the reality that she has 14 children who need her to be there, to love them and be a real mother to them."

"Her children need a mother who will protect them and their privacy, not a mother who appears ready to auction off their privacy to the highest bidder."

Check out Octomom in our weekly Caption Contest!

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The coast is clear.

Now that Chris Brown's court date has come and come, and his not guilty plea entered with a new hearing set for April 29, Rihanna saw that the time was right.

Keepin' it Hood

To return to the mainland, that is.

Rihanna was spotted at the airport on Tuesday in Barbados with her mother, Monica Fenty. She had been in her native country while Brown was being arraigned.

She's now back in the U.S., having boarded a flight to LAX. It's good to know if your boyfriend is arraigned on felony charges, you can always go home again.

Rihanna heads to the airport with mom Monica Fenty.

RiRi felt staying far away from Monday's proceedings was the best move, but her lawyer has made it clear she will do whatever is required of her by the D.A.

He also made clear that she would love to have nothing to do with this, and for it to just go away. Will that translate to the D.A. giving Brown a plea deal?

Yesterday, Rihanna's dad was singing a different tune, making public his belief that Brown should plead guilty, own up to it and seek mercy from the judge.

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We've been wishing for years that someone would come up with a way to let us tap in to Ashlee Simpson's innermost thoughts ... or whatever goes on in the empty void where a brain would typically be. Then along came blessed Twitter.

The last time we saw poorly-named Bronx Mowgli, he was but an infant on the Wentz family's holiday card. Now look how much he's grown! Wide-eyed, wonderful and seemingly unaware of the ridicule he will one day receive at school.

Rielle Hunter Baby: Frances Quinn Hunter

Here's the adorable photo that his mom just Twatted ...

Guess if celeb gossip magazines aren't offering you millions for a Brangelina-style photo spread, you might as well give 'em away for free on Twitter, right?

All we can say is run for it, Bronx Mowgli. Sooner or later, mom and aunt Jessica are going to sing for you, and you don't wanna be near anything made of glass.

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While it didn't look good for her a few days ago, and she's far from out of the woods, Farrah Fawcett is now expected to leave the hospital within days.

Friend Alana Stewart is in awe of how the Charlie's Angels star has dealt with her ordeal, saying "I've never seen anyone fight for their life like this."

Despite widespread reports to the contrary, Fawcett, 62, was hospitalized for internal bleeding not directly related to her longtime fight with anal cancer.

"Farrah is not in a coma and she's never been unconscious," Stewart says.

"It's unconscionable for these things to be put out. It's so tremendously hurtful to Farrah. It's put her in a panic. But Farrah's spirit is incredible."

Her personal physician, Dr. Lawrence Piro, has also been impressed with Fawcett, calling her "an amazing patient" since she was first diagnosed in 2006.

"All people who face cancer are brave," he says, "but Farrah has been especially brave because she has had to battle two burdens at the same time. One is the burden of cancer. The other is going through the cancer in a very public way."

Farrah Fawcett has been receiving visitors from a close circle of friends such as Stewart. Another presence is her long-time companion Ryan O'Neal.

"Ryan has continued to be by her side and has helped her so much through this experience," says the physician Piro of the longtime couple.

Son Redmond O'Neal, however, is in jail. Tough break there.

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If you thought this ridiculous, colorful $3,000 jacket by Alexander McQueen were only usable if you were playing a Circus ring leader in concert, think again!

Britney Spears rocked it in NYC; while Paula Abdul, guesting on the Late Show With David Letterman in the same city, chose the same look. Does it work?

Who wore it best, the conservatorship-battling, midriff-baring singer or the American Idol judge? Tell us what you think in our little informal survey below ...

This jacket totally looks better on ...


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Marisa Miller is the best in the world at what she does.

That being pose in swimsuits, or occasionally just naked for good measure, in various publications across the U.S. and the world. Some come close, but none compare to her greatness in this career. And we salute that at THG.

Very Sexy Splash

Her latest work comes courtesy of famed photographer Russell James, who earlier this month brought us a gallery of Heidi Klum nude. Okay, Heidi Klum could possibly challenge Marisa's claim to the hotness crown, but few others. Here's MM:

Russell James, you have done well. Although it's pretty hard to screw up when you have a subject that's probably Earth's hottest human being. Just saying.

Click to enlarge tons more Marisa Miller pictures ...

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Redmond O'Neal, quickly becoming a less hard-core DMX in terms of sheer number of drug arrests, was formerly charged with felony heroin possession today in L.A.

The 24-year-old son of Farrah Fawcett - who is currently hospitalized and in critical condition with cancer - and Oscar winner Ryan O'Neal was arrested on Sunday.

He was busted for attempting to sneak drugs into a jail in Castaic, Calif. Surprisingly, he was not a resident there at the time, but merely going to visit one.

That quickly changed.

Redmond O'Neal Booking Photo

DRUG ARREST HALL OF FAMER: Recent celebrity mug shot staple Redmond O'Neal remains in police custody and is being held on $75,000 bail for drug possession.

He will be arraigned on April 24. Last September, O'Neal and his father were arrested last September in their Malibu home on suspicion of meth possession.

His sister, Oscar winner Tatum O'Neal, was also arrested last year trying to buy crack. Maybe there's a rehab center somewhere that can negotiate a 3-for-1 deal.

Redmond O'Neal pleaded not guilty to those charges March 25, and has yet to be arraigned on the heroin charge he was just busted for. These arrests get confusing!

Farrah Fawcett is recovering from complications from a medical procedure to treat her anal cancer, which, her doctor announced Monday, has spread to her liver.

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It’s not exactly breaking news that Britney Spears finds her father Jamie Spears' conservatorship of practically everything in her life a little difficult at times.

In fact, rumors swirled last week that Britney teamed up with Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib to torpedo the conservatorship - even calling a lawyer to do so.

A voicemail left for an attorney and the sworn testimony of Lutfi's sister, Christina, corroborate this, although Jamie remains firmly in control for now.

Today, though, the UK’s Star magazine claims their relationship has gotten so bad, she’s trying to end her Circus tour early and has forced him to take a vacation.

He's considering obliging, too, according to this account: “He’ll give Britney her space for a few weeks, if everything goes smoothly,” the magazine reports.

Britney and Jamie Spears Pic

PROTECTOR-IN-CHIEF: No word on how Jamie feels about Chase Benz.

Claims that Britney has been speaking to lawyers to end Jamie's control have taken a toll on her well-being, people close to her say, and the impact is measurable:

“[Her people] are scared she’s headed for a breakdown. Britney blames this tour for making her feel insecure. She feels none of her performances are good enough.”

You mean a fragile, unstable woman who was taken out of her home by a SWAT team twice and isn't allowed her own cell phone may not be able to handle a world tour bonanza? Shocking. Click to enlarge some Britney and Jamie Spears pics ...

  • Britney and Jamie Spears at LAX
  • Britney Spears and Jamie Spears Pic
  • The Conservator

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Back in December, Joe Galante, the head of Sony BMG Nashville, was furious with the antics of Jessica Simpson and threatening to drop her from the label.

Could these rumors be coming to fruition after her shaky tour with Rascal Flatts, during which she routinely forgot song lyrics and was letting herself go?

Looks that way, as Jessica is nowhere to be found on her label's websites.

As of right now, the alleged country singer's name appears nowhere among the artists listed on the sites of either Columbia Nashville or Sony Music Nashville.

Moreover, a search finds that any prior mention of Jessica Simpson pictures, profile, press releases - has been purged. Black ops. As if she never existed.

Wooo, Jessica!

One can still find old press releases about the giant-breasted, lip-injection loving celebrity in cached pages on Google, but they do not exist anywhere on Columbia Nashville or Sony BMG Nashville’s websites at present.

Jessica's rep says she "is and has always been an Epic artist. She was on loan to Sony Nashville for her country album, but continues to be on Epic's label."

Wonder how long that will be the case.

We would bad for Jessica, but Joe Simpson has made millions whoring her out to anyone that could pay, so how much sympathy can you really have. And occasionally remembering the lyrics isn't that much for paying customers to ask.

Regardless, it's looking like we're nearing the end of an error era. Click to enlarge some photos from Jessica's most recent (and hopefully last) country music tour ...

  • Glass Shatters Everywhere
  • Badonkadonk
  • Packin' on Pounds
  • A Touching Moment
  • Not Fat
  • Double Belted
  • Long, Long Legs
  • No Comment
  • Jessica Simpson in a Skort
  • The Bad Fashion Winner!
  • Fat Rock Star
  • Worst Jessica Simpson Picture Ever
  • Shaking That Thing
  • Look at Ma Hair Y'all!
  • Jessica Simpson Bustin' Out

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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