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Where in the world was Matt Lauer on the Today show this morning?

At home, resting, after separating his shoulder following a face plant over his bike's handlebars this weekend. Why? A deer jumped into his path, obvs.

Lauer - who is scheduled to have surgery Monday - hopes to return to work later this week. Co-anchor Meredith Vieira, who had her own wreck of sorts last week, told viewers that Lauer "thinks the deer was hired by the competition."

"I hired the deer," Vieira cracked, "but I said, 'Just graze him.'"

Lester Holt filled in for Lauer.

When a couple of beasts like this collide, there can be only one winner.

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We're proud Americans here at The Hollywood Gossip, but let's face it, Canada is the best. We're not talking about our northward neighbor's pristine wilderness, universal health care or lack of gun violence, either. Props, though.

No, it's some of the fine exports from this great nation that have piqued our interest on this day ... and most days, to be honest. Some of the most beautiful females on Earth have been gracing our television sets in recent years.

Canada's Top Export

There's no wrong answer in this poll, but we're curious what yours is: Who's the hottest Canadian actress on TV? Let's meet some of the contenders:

  • Elisha Cuthbert could be our sloppy seconds 24-7-365.
  • Shenae Grimes hates food, but she's eye candy on 90210.
  • Let us drop this piece of knowledge on all those who comb the Interwebs for Lost spoilers: Evangeline Lilly is gorgeous. Glad we could clear that up.
  • The beautiful Cobie Smulders makes fun of her own character, who's also Canadian, with hilarious How I Met Your Mother quotes all the time!
  • Cutie Anna Paquin gets some fans' blood truly boiling. Boo.
  • Battlestar's Tricia Helfer is truly one of the galaxy's finest.
  • Jillian Harris: The first Canadian Bachelorette. Fist-pump! Yes, we know she's not really an actress, but have you seen how staged The Bachelor is?

Click to enlarge the photos above if you need to further research this important subject. Then tell us: The hottest Canadian actress is ...


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Think about it:

  • The much-hyped Lifetime movie, Northern Lights, starring LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, was scheduled to air on Sunday, March 22 (last night).
  • The new issue of Us Weekly comes out of nowhere with a story on their steamy affair a few days prior - with a surprising amount of detail for Us Weekly.
  • Rimes issues a statement in which she doesn't confirm or deny anything. Cibrian does deny it, but an incriminating video surfaces about 7 seconds later.
  • A mysterious, alleged cousin of Rimes' husband, Dean Sheremet, emerges from the woodwork to say that he's actually gay and LeAnn is just his beard.

Was this all a publicity stunt for their movie?

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian: Caught in the act (of filming a movie)!

We've seen Adrienne Bailon's PR guy leak nude pics of her, and Britney Spears' manager Larry Rudolph hack the email of choreographer Sandip Soparrkar to propagate rumors that he was dating Spears. So nothing would surprise us.

Then again, maybe there's truth to these rumors after all.

With an epic line rivaling the cheesiness of even the greatest One Tree Hill quotes, LeAnn Rimes' Northern Lights character says to Eddie Cibrian's in the TV movie:

"Now that we've run out of things to say, do you want to have sex? You know, hot, wet, forget-all-of our-problems sex. It's basic, it's primal, and it's low in fat."

And... scene.

It's that kind of dialogue that makes you wonder ... if Rimes' supposed off-set affair with Cibrian (both of whom are married) was concocted based on their on-set chemistry, or of said chemistry is a product of a real-life tryst.

Does it matter? Not to Lifetime, which scored an estimated 4.5 million viewers last night, the network said. The movie is the network's biggest of the year.

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How many times have you heard this one?

Katie Holmes is pregnant again, according to celeb news magazine OK!, which has never been known to jump the gun or provide any misleading stories.

The mag claims Katie and Tom Cruise are “deliriously happy Suri will be a big sister. They’ve always planned to expand the family. They’re over the moon.”

Like clockwork, the celebrity gossip publication's story was shot down by her rep almost instantaneously as he said, “There’s no truth to that story.”

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: Probably not expecting baby #2. Yet.

While it wouldn't surprise us if Katie Holmes were carrying another little bundle of Scientolo-joy, these rumors have persisted ever since Suri was born in '06.

As usual with celebrity knockings-up, there’s no telling until time passes.

It’s the official reaction to deny pregnancy until after the 12-week stage (see Ashlee Simpson), but then again, tabloids have been known to make stuff up outright.

Since Katie Holmes was spotted out late night eating sushi with Victoria Beckham over the weekend (and since OK! is only a notch above Star on the celeb gossip reliability scale) we’re going to file this one under bull$h!t for now.

Sorry, Suri Cruise.

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The high-priced former madam who used to provide prostitutes for former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer provided the same services for New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and dated him, the New York Daily News reported yesterday.

Kristin Davis, who spent three months in jail and is currently on five years' probation after pleading guilty to promoting prostitution, spoke to Newsday about the Rod.

"All I can say is there is a connection," said Kristin, a.k.a. Kristen Davis, and a.k.a. Billie Davis, when asked about A-Rod. She declined to comment on the allegations, saying specifically that she "doesn't talk about my personal life or who I date."

In the Daily News, she intimated that she was personally wooed by Alex Rodriguez. ESPN also reports A-Rod had a "personal and professional relationship" with her, which can only mean she sent him up with hookers and also boinked him.

Spitzer, who resigned in disgrace after the FBI busted him nailing Ashley Dupre, was referred to as "Client No. 9" by the call-girl ring, which Davis says had "10,000 rich, powerful and famous clients." Was A-Rod client No. 13?

"Throughout the years, there were a number of clients that I befriended and it was not uncommon for them to want the women they can't have, whether it be the phone bookers or the madam," Davis told Newsday semi-cryptically.

The Daily News story also included steamy e-mails purportedly between Davis and Rodriguez. Davis said "Other people have access to my client records as well as my personal information, and I can't control what has been released."

Rodriguez is divorced and has been linked to pop icon Madonna. A-Rod and Madonna have denied they are or were involved, but Rodriguez's former wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, cited A-Rod's "long period of infidelity" in divorce papers.

Alex's stormy recent months have also included a revelation by that he failed a steroid test, a hip injury that led him to have surgery, and a ridiculously lame Details magazine photo that shows him kissing himself in a mirror.

He is rehabbing his hip in Vail, Colo., and allegedly banging anything that moves.

Click to enlarge more photos of Kristin Davis, madam to the stars:

  • Big Pimp
  • A-Rod Hit This
  • The Infamous Madam
  • Purveyor of Sex
  • Billie Davis

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Having mercifully wrapped her concert tour, alleged country singer Jessica Simpson took the time to enjoy the sweet smell of success at a launch for her fragrance, "Fancy," at a Dillard's department store in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Saturday.

Fancy Jessica Simpson

They should call it "Smells Like No Talent." Ohhh, snap.

In case you are already missing the gloriousness that is Jessica Simpson live, click to enlarge some pics below from one of her final tour stops in L.A.

Suffice it to say, girl is not fat, and that dude in the front row is loving the view:

  • A Lusty Performance
  • C'mere!
  • Glass Shatters Everywhere
  • Quote-Unquote Singer
  • A Nice View
  • She Likes the Shorts
  • Truly Awful

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani delivered a smokin' hot salsa on Monday evening's Dancing With the Stars. But after the show, The Bachelor beauty found herself, once again, on the hot seat over her dancing background.

"I'm not the only person that has ever come in here with dance experience," Melissa told Access Hollywood when asked if she has a leg up on her foes.

Dancing pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy sparked the debate prior to Week 2 of the hit ABC show, telling TV Guide it was unfair that Rycroft was allowed to compete with her background in ballet and as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

When given the opportunity to backtrack on that, Maksim stood strong in his stance: "Let me be that voice of everybody who thinks [it] but won't say it."

"I mean, I can't be expected to compete next to someone that's had a lot of dance training," Maksim's partner, Denise Richards, added.

Melissa Rycroft Dancing

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani heat up Dancing with the Stars.

After Monday night's show, where Melissa Rycroft turned in her second impressive performance in as many weeks, it seemed more members of the cast were ready to throw fuel on this smoldering Dancing with the Stars fire.

"I'm not going to say anything about it being unfair, but compared to everybody else, there is a huge difference in ability," Julianne Hough said.

Not everyone's a critic, though.

Melissa's dance partner this season, Tony Dovolani, took exception to the comments made by his good friend and competitor, Maksim.

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Coolest man alive Harrison Ford and Brothers and Sisters star Calista Flockhart are engaged to be married, sources close to the couple have confirmed.

Ford reportedly surprised Flockhart with an engagement ring on Valentine's Day weekend while the two were away on a family vacation with son Liam.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

Calista Flockhart adopted Liam as a single mother when he was a newborn in January 2001. Harrison Ford formally adopted the child later, as well.

This will be Calista's first marriage and the third for Harrison.

He has two sons, Benjamin and Willard, with Mary Marquardt, and two children, Malcolm and Georgia, with Melissa Mathison. Ford also has three grandchildren.

The couple has been together for seven and a half years, many of which have been spent denying wedding rumors. No wedding date has been set yet.

It's been a busy weekend for wedding / engagement news, with Nastaha Bedingfield and Bruce Willis both tying the knot yesterday. Not to each other, of course. They married Matt Robinson and Emma Hemming, respectively.

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Natasha Bedingfield is married to Matt Robinson.

The 27-year-old British singer and her businessman beau of two years tied the knot Saturday at the Church Estates Vineyards in Malibu, California.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

"Our wedding day was everything we'd hope it would be," Bedingfield said in a statement yesterday. "It was simple, beautiful and natural."

"Free from trappings or formalities, it was more about expressing our love for one another in front of those we hold dearest to us than anything else."

Bedingfield wore a cream silk Vera Wang dress; Matt Robinson donned Armani. The bridal party was a small group of the couple's friends and family.

The couple got engaged in September.

The couple's pals, David and Robin of Go West, organized the ceremony, while featured flowers arranged by another close friend, Rene Gonera.

Said Bedingfield, "We are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Love is hard to find, so when you do find it, hang on to it!"

It's the first marriage for Natasha, who's best known for her hits "Unwritten" (The Hills theme), "Single," "Angel," and "Pocket Full of Sunshine."

Congratulations to the happy pair.

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It's a strange question, but who pays a sexier homage to Prince?

The Hills' Audrina Patridge paired this Chaser T-shirt with a slim skirt for a video-game launch party in Los Angeles, while Beyonce added a leather jacket and jeans to her vintage Prince t-shirt at pal Kelly Rowland's birthday bash in L.A.

Rihanna in Vogue

Who wears this weird outfit better? Tell us below ...

Who wears it better?