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While this rumor is supposedly not entirely new, and we do not really believe it, we're The Hollywood Gossip, so if we don't tell you when we hear about Michael Jackson supposedly having a secret son, then we're just slacking off.

Omer Bhatti is this person's name. This is a picture of him:

Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe, Prince Michael, Paris

Omer Bhatti in his early 20s and hails from Norway.

He has "been close" (according to some soures) with the pop star since the mid-90s, when he began touring with him and living on and off at Neverland Ranch.

While Michael Jackson supposedly told people that Omer Bhatti is his son (the result of a one-night-stand with a Norwegian fan), others claim he just calls him that, and they met only after he wowed M.J. with an impression of the singer.

That would certainly be ironic, since some reports have suggested that Arnold Klein, not Jackson, is the biological father of two of the late pop star's children.

“I’m not surprised Michael says he’s the father,” a source told Fox News in 2004. “It’s a fantasy. But these people did not exist in Michael’s life before 1996.”

Omer Bhatti is allegedly convinced that he is Jackson’s son and is "desperate" for a DNA test to prove it. Sounds far fetched to say the least, but they were definitely acquainted. Interestingly, he was spotted yesterday at the Jackson home.

Going to visit Paris and Prince Michael, maybe?

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The passionate defense of Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman offered by her Facebook friends got us thinking about how weird this whole situation is.

As their marriage has deteriorated amid months of celebrity gossip scrutiny, neither Jon or Kate Gosselin seems to enjoy much in the way of popular support.

Kate Dances

Rather, both have been roundly criticized for everything from spanking Leah to parading around with some 22-year-old ditz just weeks after their separation.

It's hard to tell where public opinion lies, as so much of it is negative toward both. Jon is a cheater! Kate drove him to it! We've heard both arguments.

When it comes to the grating, reverse-mulleted, overbearing hag or the Ed Hardy-wearing boyfriend of Hailey Glassman, the only question is: Who sucks more?


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Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl is as known for her blonde locks as she is for her sometimes brash demeanor. Imagine our surprise when she dyed it brown!

At the premiere of her new movie The Ugly Truth last night, Katherine Heigl showed off her new hair color (which does compliment her brown eyes). Looks good.

But do you miss her regular blonde look (left)?

You really can't go wrong, but tell us in survey poll below which hair color you think looks better on the outspoken, talented and beautiful Katherine Heigl ...

  • Katie Heigl Pic
  • Katherine Heigl London Photo

Katherine Heigl looks better as a ...


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As it waits for the findings of several outside consultants, the L.A. County Coroner's office needs another two weeks to release a full Michael Jackson autopsy report.

Some tests are already in and reliable sources say Propofol will ultimately be listed as the primary cause of death. But the Coroner does not release partial results.

Meanwhile, the center of the investigation, Dr. Conrad Murray, has made himself scarce since speaking with the LAPD two days after Michael Jackson's death.

The doctor, who was serving as Michael Jackson's personal physician at the time of the music superstar's death, has left California, at least for the time being.

Dr. Conrad Murray is reportedly back in Houston, Tex., where he practices medicine. As for him being implicated in Jackson's death, it looks like when, not if.

Murder may be a stretch, but Life & Style may not have been as far off as we thought with the above cover. Criminal charges may be filed against his personal doctor.

LAPD detectives continue what has become an exhaustive investigation. They are leaving no stone unturned and are already treating the case like a homicide.

It's looking more and more like the anesthesia Propofol, which no one should ever be given outside a hospital was the cause of Jackson's death June 25.

It is also looking more and more like Murray is the man who administered Propofol.

We emphasize that he has not been charged with a crime. This is just what we are hearing. As always, we will post more details as they become available.

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Remember that totally awesome commercial Lindsay Lohan did back in March?

By commercial, we mean whatever that "Fornarina" spot was supposedly for.

And by awesome, we mean 9.6 out of 10 on the unintentional comedy meter.

If you don't remember it, we posted the video below. But first, here's a hot Lindsay Lohan picture from her new - yes, new! - Fornarina winter ad campaign.

Flash! Bang! Wow! Does she ever stop working? Her career is unstoppable!

Lindsay Lohan Fornaria Ad

Lindsay Lohan makes us what to purchase whatever Fornaria is.

One of the new ads features Lindsay making sure she's sure she's wearing underwear (if only she would take anti-crotch shot precautions in real life) while she hoists a purse like a trophy. In another, she uses a guitar as a stepping stool.

Who cares. Check out this video for real (unintentional) entertainment ...

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Michael Jackson's ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, is suing Rebecca White, a woman who claims to be a close friend of Rowe's, and who went on TV last night saying Rowe made some rather offensive comments relating to custody of Jackson's children.

Rowe is the biological mother (she says) of Prince Michael Jackson, 12, and Paris Jackson, 11. But she has had almost no relationship with them in years.

The last will of Michael Jackson left his children and estate to his mother Katherine Jackson. But Rowe will attend next Monday's hearing to determine custody.

Which brings us to her lawsuit. Rebecca White told Extra she has emails from Debbie Rowe in which she says she is pretending she wants custody to look good:

"Do I want the kids? Hell no. Does it look good for me to ask for them? Absolutely," White claims Rowe wrote. Debbie claims the email is bogus and defamatory.


Debbie Rowe prefers to lay low, but feels she is being defamed by false reports about her and is filing suit against Rebecca White as a result. [Photo: Fame Pictures]

Rowe's lawyer asserts that White serially asserts herself into high-profile celb scandals, claiming to have been a personal assistant to Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss (and making allegations against the models) earlier in this decade.

Finally, according to the suit, Rebecca White emerged after Heath Ledger's death, alleging she saw the late Academy Award winner use cocaine and ecstasy.

Debbie Rowe wants unspecified damages and any money White may have received for her appearance on Extra or on any other celebrity news programs.

As for Rowe's actual custody interest, reliable sources indicate that she wants her pre-determined financial arrangement with Jackson upheld and that's about it.

Numerous publications have reported that she is seeking a huge payout in exchange for not contesting Katherine Jackson's custody. Rowe has denied this.

We just hope all parties agree on what is best for the grieving, adorable children. Click to enlarge older photos of Debbie, Michael, Prince and Paris ...

  • Michael, Paris and Prince Jackson
  • Michael Jackson, Children
  • Debbie Rowe, Prince Michael
  • Paris and Prince Michael
  • Michael, Prince and Paris Jackson
  • A Michael Jackson Christmas

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From what we've observed since she went public with Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman does not have many fans within the celebrity gossip community.

Some people say Hailey is using Jon to get famous. Others say she's a giant ditz. But the 22-year-old wild child's Facebook friends are standing by her.


That's right, Kate Gosselin was apparently the gold diggin' type - married to Jon Gosselin for 10 years - according to this Hailey Glassman homey.

"Everyone writing negative crap leave her alone!!!!" another Glassman pal added. "She was NOT in a relationship with Kate - Jon was!!!! She's done nothing wrong!"

Furthermore, one Facebooker came to the defense of Jon Gosselin as well as his new play thing Hailey Glassman: "Jon deserves to be happy!!! Just because he has someone new in his life does NOT mean he is going to neglect his children!!!"

FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES: At least Jon Gosselin mistress Hailey Glassman (center) can count on her core group of friends to lean on for support (and point guns at).

"Kate goes around touring with her bodyguards promoting her books - she has lead her life and done what she wants - so can Jon!!!! Good luck to both of you!!!"

"I don't hate on you at all, do your thing!" wrote another. "No one knows the truth but you two and thats your buisness. Looks like you guys had a blast in France!"

Glassman - the daughter of the plastic surgeon who gave Kate Gosselin a tummy tuck in 2006 - replied to the words of encouragement by simply writing:

"Thank you for all the support!"

Wonder if the two dudes who were all over her in that classic photo were some of the people offering words of encouragement on Facebook. Eh, probably.

Some new Hailey Glassman pictures on Facebook appears to include shots of her with Jon Gosselin (although she cropped out the father of eight):

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Speedy, the mysterious, mono-monikered entrepreneur who has been dating Lady Gaga for months now, has broken up with his dance-pop diva girlfriend.

The final straw came this week after Lady Gaga photos showing her snogging another fella made it into the Sun (UK) a close to the former couple reports.

The Lady Gaga

The ill-advised make-out session occurred at the restaurant Balans in London, where Gaga brought her entourage following her gig at Brixton Academy.

"He was so disappointed, but he is not into cheaters," says a source of the man still known only Speedy (below). "It was hard enough for them to be in a long-distance relationship, but then this came out and it was over for him."

It's all over for Lady Gaga had her random, oddly-named boyfriend Speedy.

The 31-year-old Los Angeles resident had put his business - whatever the heck that might consist of - on hold to accompany Lady Gaga, 23, on tour.

The previously happy duo, who met on the set of her "Love Game" video, vacationed last month in Hawaii, and were spotted smooching on the beach.

Soon enough, though, it all went downhill.

Maybe the distance did them in. Maybe it was Lady Gaga's habit of sleeping with her band. Maybe "Speedy" refers to his performance in areas where it is not ideal.

We may never know.

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Mischa Barton – who called police with an undisclosed health problem this week – may be hitting another rough patch in her personal life, sources report.

"She has been dealing with a lot of personal issues," a pal says. "I don't know if she ever gave up the bad habits that got out of control a few years back."

The 23-year-old star of the CW's new series The Beautiful Life was scheduled to attend the premiere of her movie Homecoming Thursday in New York City but remained at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles under psychiatric hold.

That's right, the Britney Spears hold.

"I wish Mischa all the best. First and foremost, we want her to get healthy," Homecoming producer Austin Stark told People. "It's obvious we'd like her to support the movie and be here with us, but we hope she gets better."

Barton Pic

5150: Troubled Mischa Barton is being held on psychiatric hold in L.A.

Her rep declined to comment on the report of her in the psych ward, but said, "Mischa has been hospitalized per the recommendation of her doctor and resting."

Her hospitalization comes two years after Barton was also hospitalized in May 2007 after feeling ill at a friend's Memorial Day barbeque. It was the start of what would become several months of both legal and personal troubles for Mischa.

Back in December 2007, Barton was arrested for DUI, marijuana possession and driving without a license after police spotted her straddling two lanes of traffic while under the influence of alcohol, according to authorities.

Later that year, the actress split from her musician boyfriend Taylor Locke after dating him for a couple of months. In late 2008, Barton began dating another rocker, The Kooks' Luke Pritchard, but called it quits in March.

She has most recently been linked to Noel Fielding.

The star has also had to fend off celebrity gossip reports after photos surfaced showing a thinner Barton, prompting speculation about her weight and health.

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