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John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, has agreed to a bombshell interview with ABC News' Barbara Walters, according to the National Enquirer.

"Rielle will break her silence for the first time with Barbara Walters. The interview will air on ABC in June," a source told the celeb news magazine.

It was as inevitable, as the reason is obvious: Rielle is pissed that she went out of her way to vanish and protect John Edwards last August, only to have his wife, Elizabeth, bash her repeatedly in a new memoir and in the press.

"Rielle is so angry with Elizabeth Edwards for trashing her repeatedly while promoting her book," says the Enquirer source. "She's decided to break from John. She's going to defend herself and tell her side of the story!"

In deciding to go public with her side of the story - whatever that is - John Edwards' weird mistress was debating between Walters or Diane Sawyer.

"[Rielle Hunter] thinks Barbara will relate to her better because she admitted to a long-ago extramarital affair in her memoirs," the source revealed.

Rielle Hunter, Frances Quinn Hunter

Moreover, sources say Rielle wants a DNA test to legally establish that her 1-year-old daughter, Frances Quinn, is in fact John Edwards' love child.

Last year, when Edwards admitted the affair, he still denied paternity and Hunter insisted that there would be no DNA test. A former Edwards aide, Andrew Young, claimed to be the father and promptly fell off the face of the Earth.

If baby Frances Quinn is the spawn of John Edwards, she could inherit $10 million of his estimated $40 million fortune. The two-time presidential candidate and Elizabeth have an adult daughter, Cate, and two younger children.

The Enquirer says Rielle is working with a lawyer to take legal action.

"Rielle is going to work with an attorney to make sure her baby is entitled to a share of the Edwards' family wealth," a source close to Hunter divulged.

Hunter decided she wanted a paternity test done after the release of Elizabeth Edwards' new book, Resilience, which labels her "pathetic" and worse.

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If you thought Paris Hilton was going to spend her entire trip to Cannes in that ridiculous bikini, well, we did too. But it turns out you would be mistaken.

The ho-tel heiress has been making the scene with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, attending the premiere of Inglorious Basterds, hitting all the hottt parties and holding a cocktail event in celebration of her new Paris, Not France documentary.

Here's the ultimate attention whore and her man engaging in an activity they do almost as prolifically as piss off their neighbors - sucking face in public:

GET A ROOM: Doug Reinhardt and Paris Hilton do Cannes, each other.

And to think they still have several more days to accumulate photo ops. Life is good for Pug. Click to enlarge lots more Paris Hilton photos from Cannes, with her donning everything from flowery summer dresses to leg-baring roman togas ...

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If you thought the music apocalypse was upon us when Kris Allen shockingly won American Idol last night, that was just a precursor to the real thing:

Spencer Pratt's new rap single is now available on iTunes.

Spencer, Heidi and Perez

"I feel honored to now be a part of music history and be able to say I have the second best music on iTunes for sale next to my wife Heidi!" he said.

We think he meant to say second worst.

The Hills star, who raps under the name "The Great White," recently debuted his rap skills, or lack thereof, on a song called "I'm a Celebrity."

The song - recorded for I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, which will star Spencer and wife Heidi Montag among others, hit the web last week.

Spencer Pratt said, "First I took over TV, magazines and the internet - now I'm going after the airwaves... Nothing can stop 'The Great White.'"

Lyrical gems from the track include a Twitter shout-out: "First Tweet of the day, I put my swag on... I'm in the limelight and I love it like my wife."

That really sums it up. Spencer and Heidi Pratt tied the knot April 25, and their wedding will be shown on the season finale of The Hills May 31.

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here debuts later this summer.

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Former NFL star and convicted dog-fighter Michael Vick is officially out of federal prison after 19 months. He was released several months early and will now take up a job doing construction work until his sentence is completed this summer.

In his work-release program, Vick will work at WM Jordan Construction near his home in Virginia. He will remain under federal surveillance while earning $10 an hour.

A tad under the $10 million a year he said his earning potential would be.

He is not allowed to work on any government sites because he's a felon.

Vick, who turns 29 next month, his fiancée, Kijafa Frink (see pics below), and several members of a security team left for a 19-hour drive home to Virginia.

A newly-freed Michael Vick is all smiles.

In an effort to construct a new image as well as houses, the disgraced star met in person (while in prison) with Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle to discuss his working on a program aimed at eradicating dogfighting among urban teenagers.

“He said this experience has been a trauma and he’s changed forever. He said he wants to show the American public that he is committed to helping combat this problem. He asked for an opportunity to help," Pacelle wrote on the Humane Society’s website.

Pacelle called dogfighting a “culturally complex problem” prevalent among black urban teens and said Michael Vick could be valuable in combating the problem.

“It’s not about Michael Vick and providing endless punitive treatment. It’s about stopping other young people from going down the road Vick took,” he said.

Michael Vick's fiancee, Kijafa Frink (right), stood by him throughout his year and a half in federal prison and was there to greet him upon his release this week.

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It's quite the day for celebrity divorce drama.

First, Alex Young and Kate Walsh make news after Young subpoenaed her boss - who happens to be president of ABC Entertainment - alleging she's hiding money.

Then, Nas and Kelis return to the spotlight as a new rumor surfaces that Nas cheated on her, along with a court filing in which he refuses to pay spousal support.

Now it's Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford and estranged hubby Daniel Giersch making a play for the most dysfunctional marriage title. They may have a case.

Rutherford, 40, claims their son, Hermes, is in danger because Giersch, 34, leaves the swimming pool uncovered at his Los Angeles home.

She knows this how?

Because the semi-crazy former Melrose Place star hired a private investigator last week to conduct three days of video surveillance on Giersch, natch.

So much for her pledge to "resolve things amicably."

"Hermes is very young, very active, not water safe and in a moment's notice, could fall into the swimming pool," Kelly Rutherford warns in a court filing.

Giersch's response: "Hermes is not in any danger whatsoever with regard to my pool because I have the pool fully covered with an automatic pool cover," "Hermes has no access to the pool area unless I take him to the pool myself."

Although video footage does confirm the pool was uncovered over three days, nothing egregious was witnessed, according to the investigator's reports.

Either way, a judge ordered Giersch to keep his pool covered at all times.

Meanwhile, a hearing Friday will address their differences over whether it's too stressful a time to potty train Hermes while his parents are in the midst of a divorce and custody battle and since the child is about to become a big brother.

Yes, as Gossip Girl fans surely know, Rutherford is pregnant with the ex-couple's second child, a girl, and is due to give birth in three weeks. Stay tuned.

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It's too early to tell, but this ugly celebrity divorce battle could give both Katie and Peter, and Kate Walsh and Alex Young, a run for their bitter money.

Despite being one of the richest rappers on the planet, Nas does not want to pay his estranged, pregnant wife, Kelis, a single dime in spousal support.

Kelis formally filed for divorce from Nas back on April 30. That came as a bit of a surprise, as the hip-hop stars have been married since January 2005.

She's just weeks from giving birth and unable to work, but Nas filed his response to the divorce, asking the judge to deny spousal support she's seeking.

Oh, and, he also wants her to pay her own lawyer's fees.

Kelis cites "irreconcilable differences" for the divorce, but widespread rumors suggest she thinks Nas was cheating on her and that 86'ed the marriage.

A contrary rumor is also going around that a Kelis sex tape - made with some dude before their marriage - recently surfaced and Nas walked out after that.

Nas and Kelis both want joint custody of their unborn child.

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Collateral damange from Kate Walsh's bitter divorce is escalating to the point where the head honcho of ABC is asking for protection - from a court of law!

The actress' estranged husband, Alex Young, has subpoenaed Stephen McPherson, President of Disney/ABC Television, for a deposition - to testify about Kate Walsh's finances. Young alleges Walsh is hiding financial information from him.

Kate Walsh, Neil Andrea

McPherson, who is effectively Walsh's boss, is having none of it. Disney's lawyers have filed legal papers asking for a court order blocking any such deposition.

Young believes Walsh is not coming clean with all the assets acquired during their 14-month marriage. His lawyer, Jeff Sturman, fired off the subpoena to McPherson, claiming he has "unique" knowledge about Walsh's financial situation.

Alex Young and Kate Walsh announced their split in December.

Kate Walsh starred on Grey's Anatomy for two seasons and then left to take the lead role in its moderately successful spinoff series, Private Practice.

Disney lawyers replied that Young is "harassing" McPherson, "because at the the time of Ms. Walsh acquiring the role on Private Practice, Mr. McPherson was not running ABC Studios." Disney is willing to send an underling to the depo.

Young, a 20th Century Fox movie exec, has also subpoenaed financial docs from Disney itself. Disney and Young will fight it out in court on July 8.

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Cuteness alert! Hands-on dad Matt Damon and his adorable little ladies, daughters Isabella, 2, and Gia, 9 months, took an afternoon stroll near N.Y. City's Central Park Wednesday afternoon. Everybody together now ... wait for it ...


Matt Damon, Kids

Check out our huge gallery of celebrity baby pictures to see if anyone can stack up to Matt's little girls. We make no guarantees, but there are some cuties out there!

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It's a battle of reality shows - The Hills and Dancing with the Stars - and celebrity style! They're wearing bronze, but both contestants are going for fashion gold.

Audrina Patridge recently dazzled at ShoWest in her Rafael Cennamo dress, while Lacey Schwimmer hit up a Hollywood party in the very same strapless dress.

Rihanna in Vogue

Who wore it better? Tell us in the poll below ...

Who looked better in this, Audrina Patridge or Lacey Schwimmer?


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Chris Brown is gonna be so jealous, he's gonna wanna hit something.

The Barbados beauty showed up with a group of friends Monday at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge on West 42nd Street, but spent most of the night locking lips with a Canadian former child actor-turned-rapper: Aubrey "Drake" Graham.

Aubrey Graham, or just Drake to his Canadian rap fans, is perhaps best known for playing Jimmy Brooks on DeGrassi: The Next Generation.

He is supposedly planning to release his debut album in 2009. Wonder if he can get the "Umbrella" starlet to make a cameo appearance ...

“They were really cute together,” said their source, noting they left around midnight. "She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night."

Guess Rihanna's mohawk wasn't a turnoff for this young stud!

The star, who's also been spending time in town with her new BFF Katy Perry, left with Drake at about midnight. Hey, she's just living her life - and living it up!

Way to go, girl! Drake seems like a hot catch.