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Levi Johnston has been working out like a madman to prepare for his Playgirl photo shoot. He's also looking to gobble up massive amounts of publicity and attention high-protein moose meat whenever he can go hunting.

The 19-year-old baby daddy of Bristol Palin definitely didn't shoot blanks when he knocked her up last year, so you best believe he uses live ammo, if you follow.

"Moose meat is very good for you, high in protein and very lean," his trainer, Marvin Jones, told People magazine. "[Levi] is an avid hunter, so he has his own."

He's adopted a 3,500-calorie low-carb diet as part of a grueling regimen to ready him for next month's highly-anticipated Levi Johnston nude photo shoot.

Johnston works out three hours a day, six days a week, followed by cardio training and then rest in the sauna. It's a tough life, but someone's gotta do it.


Whether he's hunting moose or sleeping with Sarah Palin's daughter, Levi Johnston does not mess around. The safety is definitely not on, if you know what we mean.

"I'm not trying to give him that body builder look. He's going to be more toned and defined," says Jones. "I'd like to see him with rounder and more muscular shoulders, with a fuller chest. We're going to firm his abs up,  give him a smaller waist."

Levi has also been milking his 15 minutes of fame to death paying bills by busting a nut in an ad for Wonderful Pistachios. Is this a great country, or what?

He may not have ever really been engaged to Bristol Palin, but Johnston is wholly committed to the training sessions, according to his fitness coordinator.

"I know this is something he wants to do and we're having fun training," says Jones. "We're very much  looking forward to revealing all his hard work!"

Do you wanna see Levi Johnston naked?


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Robert Thomas, who used to work for Richard Heene (Balloon Boy's dad), said he was obsessed with becoming famous, wanted his own reality show, and had this wild idea for a media stunt that involved a weather balloon that resembles a UFO.

As with Heene's press conference, we wish we were kidding.

Thomas tells Gawker that Heene said this would "be the most significant UFO-related news event to take place since the Roswell Crash of 1947."

He says Heene was "driven by ego and fame" after being on Wife Swap. He says Heene's idea for a show was something like "MythBusters-meets-mad scientist."

Yeah. Richard's gonna be out a lot of money pretty soon.

Thomas says he worked for Heene from March-May of this year, and said he was looking to sell his side of the story for money. Gawker admits paying him for it.

Nevertheless, the Larimer County Sheriff's Department is preparing to file charges against the Heene family over the heavily-publicized incident late last week.

Hopefully Richard Heene and family have a lot of money saved up.

Six-year-old Falcon Heene (middle) was reported missing and thought to be carried off in Richard's balloon, causing mass hysteria. But he was just in the attic.

Sheriff Jim Alderden indicated criminal charges may be filed against one or both parents for the Balloon Boy hoax. He said the charges now would likely be misdemeanors, but that "hardly seems serious enough given the circumstances."

He said he will speak with the FAA about pursuing more "appropriate charges."

In other words, payback for the millions Heene caused emergency responders to waste planning to rescue his son, who wasn't even on the freaking balloon.

Deputies are already working on a search warrant of Richard Heene's home. Officers showed up at the Heene home with a search warrant late Saturday night.

At least three officers showed up at the home to execute the warrant, and while they wouldn't reveal what they were looking for, they're not taking it lightly.

No word on whether Falcon Heene is feeling better.

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Earlier today, Richard Heene, the strange father of Balloon Boy Falcon Heene, said he was going to be making a big announcement at a press conference.

His announcement? That he is setting up a suggestion box.

We're as perplexed as you.

Richard Heene spoke for only about a minute, telling the media that he doesn't get cable so he has no idea what people are saying about his family.

So he put a box out in front of his house so people can drop questions in, on sheets of paper (so old-fashioned). It is already bursting with questions.

Heene says he will come back later and answer them. That will occur at 9:30 EST this evening. We know will be refreshing this page over and over.

Balloon Boy Hoax?

Balloon Boy's dad, Richard Heene, sure is milking this thing.

Richard did say that Thursday's drama - in which Falcon Heene, 6, was thought to be hurtling toward the heavens in a homemade balloon he was later revealed not to be aboard - was totally not a hoax. The authorities are looking into that, however.

A rep for the Sheriff's Department in Larimer County, Colorado, says they will interview Heene family again Monday - unless Richard says something moronic (fairly likely) at tonight's press conference, in which case they'll do so sooner.

The department originally planned to speak to the weird family today, but decided to give their officers the weekend off. However, they will be keeping an eye on the ridiculous question box press conference scheduled for tonight.

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After conducting a Q&A session with University of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy for ESPN Game Day this morning, Jenn Brown became a new sports darling.

Texas went on to win the Red River shootout with Oklahoma, 16-13, and McCoy is good at football, sure, but it was the ESPN reporter who drew more raves.

Jenn is not new to the business, having worked as a reporter and anchor for Inside the NFL and ESPNU. Nor is she a stranger to being drop dead gorgeous.

Brown, a former bikini model and gymnast, attended the University of Florida, much like another ESPN reporter and fan favorite, the lovely Erin Andrews.

A few more big-game appearances like today and Jenn Brown (right) may be the heiress apparent to Erin (left) as dream girl of sports fans everywhere.

We just hope she doesn't end up on a sketchy hotel peephole video, too.

So guys, who'd you rather ... um, you know? Vote in the poll below ...

  • Andrews, E.
  • Jenn Brown Photo

Who would you rather ...


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Rick Fox totally has Faith. Get it? No?

Lame Buffy references aside, Eliza Dushku (formerly Buffy's Faith) confirms that she is indeed dating Vanessa Williams' ex, former L.A. Lakers star Rick Fox.

Hot Eliza Dushku

"We're trying to balance really getting to know each other with all our demands workwise," the star of Fox's new hit series Dollhouse recently told TV Guide.

A source on the Dollhouse set says: "[Rick] has been very nice. There's definitely an age difference and they aren't the first two people I would put together. But he has been to the set and he seems to get along great with everyone."

At least Rick's in much better shape than her previous pro athlete boyfriend, Brad Penny. That guy lost the life on his fastball somewhere at the buffet line.

Aren't Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku cute together?

Despite scoring a modest 9.6 points per game in his NBA career, Rick Fox has scored with both Vanessa Williams and Eliza Dushku nude. Not a bad track record.

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What a week it's been. The craziest we can remember since... well, last week. Below, we take a look back at the defining moments of the past seven days in celeb gossip.

Welcome to THG's Week in Review!

Some of the highlights (and lowlights):

  • Worst boss ever: Ralph Lauren fired Filippa Hamilton for being fat.
  • Worst faked sex tape ever: The Shauna Sand sex tape. It's gross.
  • Worst Twitter use ever: Soulja Boy just had to prove he's that rich.
  • Worst National Anthem ever: Jesse McCartney forgets the lyrics.
  • Worst excuse ever: Jon Gosselin claims he withdrew $180,000 from his account with Kate he thought it was payday. A judge made him give it back.
  • In other Jon news, he's apparently a sketchy computer hacker. And his a$$ is being sued by TLC for breaching his contract. Never a dull moment.
  • Six-year-old Falcon Heene, a.k.a. Balloon Boy, took the country by storm when he was believed to have been carried off by a homemade helium balloon.
  • Turns out he was in the attic the whole time, hiding out as the world went nuts trying to rescue him. It reeks of a hoax. The kid himself sort of said so.

As memorable flashes in the celebrity gossip pan go, Balloon Boy Falcon Heene (center) and his eccentric, possibly-fame-seeking Colorado family may be tough to beat.

Meghan McCain Twitter Pic

This Meghan McCain Twitter photo caused one heck of a media stir.

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Tickets for the late Michael Jackson’s documentary, This Is It, went on sale September 27, and hundreds of shows around the globe sold out in under 24 hours.

But is it even a documentary? Is it a movie? A concert? All of the above?

“It’s somewhere in between,” says Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal of the film, which consists of behind-the-scenes footage of Jackson rehearsing for his planned comeback concerts at London’s O2 arena, which he died before he could partake in.

There's also his new song by the same name that was just released.

“It’s a movie about rehearsing for a concert that never happened," Pascal said. "It’s heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. It gives you the chills.”

With the October 28 worldwide release of the movie fast approaching, some new Michael Jackson pictures have been obtained by Entertainment Weekly.

Click to enlarge the images below, including MJ's new EW cover ...

  • Michael Jackson, This Is It Pic
  • Michael Jackson Entertainment Weekly Cover
  • This Is It Movie Poster

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Falcon Heene, who gained instant notoriety and a misnomer of a nickname (Balloon Boy) yesterday, is thankfully safe and sound, having never drifted away in his father's homemade helium craft as was originally believed.

But the six-year-old Colorado boy does have the flu.

As his family did the morning show circuit on Friday, Today viewers saw Balloon Boy throw up on camera as his siblings and mother recoiled in abject terror.

Easily an 8.5 on the unintentional comedy scale.

What's considerably less funny is the increasing suspicion that the incident, which captivated the nation and resulted in millions of dollars prematurely spent trying to rescue Falcon Heene on the fly, may have all been a hoax.

Balloon Boy

Richard Heene cradles one ill Balloon Boy.

Father Richard Heene tried to deny this on Today, saying he has nothing to gain from it. But as the man spoke, offering no clear answers to why Falcon himself seemingly confimed the hoax on CNN last night, his son barfed.

The cost to Colorado taxpayers is that sickening.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Department will conduct an investigation into the getaway balloon caper. They have not decided if it's a criminal investigation.

One reason for suspicion? Falcon Heene and family were on ABC's Wife Swap last spring, and have pitched reality shows to multiple networks since. Fishy.

Here's Falcon Heene, a.k.a. Balloon Boy, and his family addressing the subject on the Today show. The vomiting takes place around the six-minute mark ...

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Jon Gosselin hasn't played by the rules as an exclusive employee of TLC, the network alleges, accusing the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad of appearing on other shows for pay and making unauthorized disclosures about the TLC show.

As a result, the King of Pimps is being sued for breach of contract.

The lawsuit, filed today in Maryland's Circuit Court of Montgomery County, says that in June, in recognition of "the Gosselins' difficult personal circumstances," TLC asked both to refrain from making public statements about each other.

A 'cooling off' period was negotiated and was supposed to have put a lid on Jon for at least 45 days. But he went on to appear regularly on ET, The Insider and other shows to discuss life, the show, Kate being an abusive monster, etc.

The suit also accuses Jon of selling photographic rights to various celebrity gossip magazines and other media outlets, also in violation of Jon's TLC contract.

Moreover, dude didn't show up for work September 24 as required, even given six days' notice. Hey, he's got things to see and mediocre girls to do, okay?

Just when you think Jon Gosselin can't become even more of a mess ...

The suit is seeking from Gosselin unspecified compensatory damages and demanding he return income gained as a result of his breaches of the agreement.

TLC also wants him to shut the g*d d*mn h*ll up going forward. They didn't use that language, but believe us, that's the message they're trying to send.

"The network has been trying privately and patiently for months to get Jon to honor the contract he signed and to comply with obligations relating to public appearances and statements," TLC said. "Those efforts have been unsuccessful."

Team Jon had no immediate comment.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the show would be renamed Kate Plus 8 and feature little-to-no Jon. He responded by taking legal action to stop TLC from filming his eight kids for the show, citing an "epiphany" that it's bad for them.

Complete BS as that may be, TLC no choice but to comply and announced that the show will stop filming new episodes next month. Its future is up in the air.

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