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What a coincidence.

A day after Rihanna's new single comes out, Chris Brown's going on tour!

Well, he's announced plans to go on tour, anyway. To go on a Fan Appreciation Tour, no less. Brown wants to "thank folks who have stood by him" this year.

Chris' year has been marred by a February assault on his girlfriend and subsequent guilty plea on felony assault charges. Not a lot of positive PR in that.

Just the same, he's looking to get back to the music. Brown said his "first show back" would be October 27 at Power 105's Powerhouse show in New Jersey.

He's not the only one on the bill there, but there's more. His month-long jaunt kicks off November 14 at the House of Blues in Houston and will touch down in similar venues in 19 cities across the country, including L.A., Chicago and Boston.

Chris Brown's comeback is scheduled to begin soon. You in?

The small venues were chosen to encourage an intimate atmosphere geared toward real Chris Brown fans, according to the R&B singer's tour organizers.

Brown, who has been busy performing community labor in Virginia, unveiled his first single since February, "I Can Transform Ya," late last month.

Speaking of being transformed, his tour is sending a positive message:

A portion of tour proceeds will go to Best Buddies International, a group that provides employment and leadership opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, and to the Jenesse Center, which supports victims of domestic violence.

No donations make up for what he did and the message it sent, but you gotta credit him for doing all the right things since his guilty plea, at least.

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Kate Gosselin is ready to tell her side of the story. Unfiltered.

Check that, it's completely filtered. There are going to be more softballs lobbed over the plate here than the Angels pitchers threw at the Yankees last night.

Wicked Witch of PA

After bonding with Meredith Viera on Today and the ladies of The View, the grating, reverse-mulleted mother of eight scored an hour-long special on TLC.

The final episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 as we know it is set to air next Monday, the same day they're due in court to hash out their bank account drama.

Clearly, this is them sticking it to Jon Gosselin, who TLC is suing for breach of contract after he halted production on the newly-renamed Kate Plus 8.

In the hour-long special, she'll be answering your pressing "questions about life, the show and moving on," the network announced in a press release.

They're even calling the gig You Ask, Kate Answers.

Queries can be posted on TLC's main show site. Here are just a few we would like to see Kate answer on the air during the special no one watches:

  • Do you try to be so mean or is it just your nature?
  • At what point did all the fame go to your head?
  • Who do the kids hate more, you or Jon?
  • Is that a dead porcupine on your head?

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The 911 call made by Mayumi and Richard Heene Heene to Fort Collins, Colo., police during the original Balloon Boy hoax last week has been released.

Pretending to be distraught and worried about son Falcon Heene, Richard says he's sure his 6-year-old is in the balloon, pleading with the dispatcher:

"What do you do in a case like this? How the heck am I gonna get him down?"

Sickening what people will do and say for their 15 minutes.

These two should have taken some acting classes, as their attempts to act hysterical are mediocre at best, and their version of events is suspect.

Our favorite part? Richard Heene admitting he called the FAA before he called 911. Who would that occur to if this weren't an elaborate sham?

Listen to the 911 call by playing the video below ...

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Lindsay Lohan may be a train wreck, but she's got a point here.

The alleged actress says she's tired of her dad, Michael Lohan, relentlessly slamming her in the press and using her for attention "as she tries to heal."

Okay, she's got half a point. Trying to heal? Not very hard, LL.

"I'm so hurt that this person who calls himself my father, needs to use the press to communicate with me," Lohan said in response to Michael's desired plan for a conservatorship over his daughter to protect her from destruction.

In an interview with Maury Povich that aired last Friday, the actress' father reached out to his daughter, claiming her health is rapidly deteriorating.

"There's nothing left of her," he said, noting that he "can't even look at her ... I just cry. When I hugged her, it's just this hollow, hollow person."

Lindsay Lohan says she's cut off all ties with her dad.

"I have not spoken to my father, nor have I responded to his threatening and erratic messages over the last several months," she tells Us Weekly.

"It's so sad that he needs to stay in the media spotlight by using my name and making up excessive lies. He should instead trying be a real father."

This concludes our latest installment of the Lohan family drama. We know where we stand at this point, but a couple of pressing questions linger:

Stay tuned.

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Dr. Conrad Murray, the personal physician of Michael Jackson and the primary target of the police investigation into the singer's death, is hampered by it too.

He can't take care of his kid as a result, he says.

According to documents filed objecting to a pending arrest warrant against him for not paying his support, Dr. Conrad Murray explains the following crock:

"As a result of the media coverage of Michael Jackson's death, combined with the effects of the recession, [Murray] is simply unable to meet his obligations."

Murray's lawyer says the doctor has no intention to "evade his obligations."

But Murray "is temporarily unable to maintain a practice or obtain employment because of extensive media coverage related to the death of Michael Jackson."

Some of the facts the media is highlighting - such as Murray potentially having helped kill the greatest entertainer of all time - can't be positive PR, no.

The attorney says "one of the reasons he went to work for Michael Jackson was to pay this off" but that he never actually got paid by MJ for his time.

Again, possibly related to Dr. Conrad Murray not keeping him alive.

Murray is asking the judge to allow him to make "minimal payments." Meanwhile, he'll be looking for a job. He should try LinkedIn, like Sarah Palin.

Baby mama Nenita Malibiran (the mother of his 10-year-old son) obtained a judgment last month for $13,311.47 for missed child support payments.

She'd better pounce on those minimal payments while she can even get that much. Murray is expected to be charged in Jackson's death any time.

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Spencer Pratt, whose sister Stephanie was arrested for DUI over the weekend, broke his surprisingly long silence on the subject by sort of defending her.

Vaguely. He says it's easy to get caught up in a wild Hollywood lifestyle.

"I mean, I've had problems with drinking in Hollywood, but who doesn't?" a somber Spencer Pratt told MTV in reference to Stephanie and/or Holly Montag.

He says when you're having fun and living a wild and crazy life, it's hard to realize that there's anything wrong. It also doesn't help when club promoters and bar-goers are "giving you unlimited high-end alcohol," he says.

Speidi Waves to Supporters

Speidi waves to supporters. All 12. [Photo:]

"If you're out at a club every night having drinks, you're drinking every night of the week," he says. "First, it starts off, 'Oh, I just love this dancing and having fun with friends.' But, even if you're just having a couple, [it adds up]."

Ironically, it was sister-in-law Holly Montag, not Stephanie, whose drinking is scrutinized on the current season of The Hills, including last night's show.

He reveals that on The Hills, he and Heidi had to "step in." Says Spencer Pratt, "Tune in, you'll see it click, when we're like, 'Yo, it's time to help Holly.'"

No word on whether he's also helping Stephanie ... with bail.

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Rumors that rapper Kanye West died in a car accident late last night sparked a massive online frenzy but are completely bogus, from everything we can tell.

In fact, it looks like the rumors were used to sling anti-malware scam. What losers. This is the lamest stunt since Balloon Boy (although it's far less costly).

Users searching for more info on the fictitious fatality are liable to get redirected to sites distributing spyware, malware and "scareware," researchers warn.

The rumor itself reportedly originated on notorious image board 4chan, the seeding ground for the Anonymous campaign against Scientology and others.

Kanye is OK!

PHEW: Kanye West is not dead. He is just fine, thank you.

Bogus reports, claiming Kanye West is dead after an accident involving two luxury cars in L.A., subsequently on social network sites Facebook and Twitter.

These reports didn't themselves point to malware-infested sites but made the topic of West's supposed demise a trending topic on Twitter, Google, etc.

Amazingly, some people believed it and even more amazingly, some people wrote hateful things about Kanye West, thinking his demise was the real thing.

The man may be a giant tool, but he remains a gifted artist who is basically harmless and besides, the guy died (or so you thought). So some respect!

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Rihanna is known for style moves that most of us could never pull off, but she manages to because her sense of fashion and hairstyles are just that unique.

This newest hair affair of hers, however? Iffy.

We're not sure what she's going for here. Should she keep it? Does it just kind of work because it's her? Does it make you want to play "Russian Roulette"?

A Nice Rihanna Pic

Vote in our poll below and let us know!

What do you think of Rihanna's new hair?


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Our ongoing love for useless, but entertaining videos from the world of sports (such as yesterday's HSN Wii tennis debacle) brings us to Oakland, Calif.

The occasion? Last Sunday's Raiders-Eagles NFL game.

A local pigeon must have heard that the hometown team's defense is pretty hapless (sorry, Raider Nation), because he/she decided to take the field!

Watch the instant replay of the kick coverage team flying downfield (literally in the case of one member in particular) to pursue the Philly return man ...

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There are plenty of good fathers out there, and we laud their efforts. But unfortunately, some of the poorest ones have been dominating news cycles of late.

None garners headlines quite like Jon Gosselin. In the last six months, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad has gone through a ultimate midlife crisis like no other.

Before you just hand the Ed Hardy-wearing, mediocre skirt-chasing d-bag the title of Worst Father Ever, however, consider some of his recent competition.

There's Richard Heene, a.k.a. Balloon Boy's dad, who exploited his six-year-old, local law enforcement and the National Guard. All for his reality TV dream.

Then there's Michael Lohan, who's done time, failed to pay child support, and whose eldest train wreck is unlikely to survive too long the way she's going.

Who's the worst of the worst? There may be no right answer to that, but we leave it up to you to come as close as we can. Vote in the survey below!

Lohan Patriarch

Who's the worst dad?


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