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Celine Dion's pregnancy has ended in a miscarriage, but she and her husband aim to try again to have a second child, her spokeswoman said Wednesday.

We reported her husband got Celine Dion pregnant in August, but it ended 10 days later in miscarriage, her spokeswoman Francine Chaloult confirmed.

Dion and husband Rene Angelil tried again last month to get pregnant, but failed. They will go to New York next weekend to try with artificial insemination.

In March, Dion had announced an 18-month break from performing to focus on having a child. She and Angelil have an eight-year-old son, Rene-Charles.

We're sorry for their loss and wish them only the best of luck.

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Breaking up is hard to do, especially for someone as passionate as Jon Gosselin.

But after taking a long, hard look at his life, and the douchebag he's become over the last six months, Jon has finally decided to part ways ... with his hair products, his Ed Hardy t-shirts, his diamond earrings, even his clubbing ways.

In a FunnyOrDie sketch, that is - set to "If I Could Turn Back Time," by Cher.

It might actually be funny, in a self-deprecating way, if there were even the slightest indication he was really reforming, or gave a $h!t about his children in real life, and weren't merely a self-absorbed loser subtly mocking his own critics.

Guy took a yoga class for publicity. Just saying. Anyhow, here's the video ...

Of course, if this is Jon's strategy for his $5 million lawsuit against TLC - convincing them that none of his antics actually occurred - then we'll buy it.

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Threesomes are all the rage these days, from that Girls Gone Mild moment on Gossip Girl Monday to Britney Spears new "3" video. But not everyone's up for it.

Count Fergie among the latter group.

Ferg Runnin'

This is a star who has no interest in sharing her and hubby Josh Duhamel's bed with a third party. Or just her hubby with a third party, presumably. Who knows.

"No, that's not happening," she reveals in the new issue of The Advocate. "We're too smart for that. We've done some filming but with no tape in the camera."

Well, maybe she's smart. He certainly doesn't come across that way if stipper Nicole Forrester, who alleges a recent railing by Josh in Hot-lanta, is to be believed.

Fergie and Josh are not into threesomes. Just other women?

Josh has denied the accusations made by the woman and insists he was not unfaithful to his wife. Fergie has also commented that the accusations are nonsense.

Of her bisexual past, the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman notes that "Just because I enjoy women doesn't mean I'm allowed to have affairs in my relationship."

"I learned through talking with a therapist that it is still cheating even if it's with girls, so there is a rule there." Good to know she's gotten that straightened out.

Meanwhile, if the rumors about Josh are an issue, you wouldn't know it, says a source: "If the rumors about this stripper are bothering her, she didn't let it show."

Just wait until Nicole takes a second polygraph.

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Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, his mistress and girlfriend, welcomed their first child together, daughter Lucia Anne, on October 30 in Los Angeles.

Boy is she cute.

Kendra and Son

The new mom told Britain's Hello! Magazine that Gibson, who has seven children (six sons and a daughter) with ex-wife Robyn, "is doting and nurturing."

Oksana Grigorieva, who also has a 12-year-old son, Alexander, with her ex, Timothy Dalton, says Lucia was 6 lbs. at birth and is putting on weight fast.

Here's a picture of Mel's lovely ladies ...

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson's daughter Lucia Anne.

In August, she said that despite rumors of her being Mel's fiancee, she wasn't sure she and Gibson would actually wed: "We haven't really talked about it," she said.

"You don't control the situations or the people you meet. I did not plan this. I'm just doing what I've always been doing. It's not like I've changed my goals at all."

Oksana says her daughter is profoundly influencing her already.

"I'm speaking Russian and English and singing lullabies in both," she says. "She has been an inspiration already. I'm composing a children's song book."

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On The Hills this week, Brody and Kristin debated rekindling their flame, Audrina lamented that hers for Justin-Bobby won't die, and Spencer had a brilliant idea.

As always, The Hollywood Gossip editors look back at Tuesday night's episode of The Hills (as we do for The City) awarding and deducting points as we see fit for ...

Dweebs For a Good Cause

Brody and Kristin meet for dinner. He says it's good to be single. Kristin says Jayde Nicole is gonna come after her soon. Obvious foreshadowing alert! Plus 4.

Spencer Pratt to Heidi Montag and her pleading to have a baby: "I ... I ... I. Everything is I. There's a 'we' in marriage." Ha, as if. Typical naive guy. Minus 2.

Team Enzo! Plus 5, and Plus 2 more for him playing with the little dogs Spencer got Heidi to make her not want kids. Plus 1 more for that failing miserably.

Audrina to Lo, re: Justin: "Why won't the spark go out, Lo!?" Barf. Minus 6, because her taste is sooo bad, but Plus 3 for Lo's reply: "Get a fire extinguisher."

Stacie has gone from "Bartender" to "Kristin's Friend." Plus 1.

Jayde Nicole and Kristin Cavallari nearly came to blows over Brody.

Brody's mom looks a little too much like Shauna Sand. Minus 2.

Spencer: "You gotta go to Beverly Hills when you talk about chopping off nuts." Plus 11, because 1. He's right; 2. He thought a vasectomy was easily reversible, and 3.; He cracked up like a 10-year-old when the doctor said "scrotum."

Enzo overhears Spencer talking about the incident and outs him to Heidi, telling her "Spencer went to the doctor!" Minus 3, Enzo, for this Guy Code violation.

Jayde just happens to be in the same place where Brody and Kristin are hanging out and goes bat$h!t insane. Plus 7, because despite how set up the altercation was, the pushing, shoving and f-bombs dropped indicate a real, mutual dislike.

Minus 8 for Justin-Bobby almost making it an entire episode without showing his ugly mug, then swooping in at the last minute to make Audrina look pathetic.

Justin on Kristin: "It was the first time I didn't have to worry about what Audrina thought." As if he did while they were together. Plus 2 for the straight face.

TOTAL: +27! SEASON TOTAL: +77! A quality cat fight, however contrived, always boosts totals, as does Spencer Pratt pretending to consider a vasectomy.

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Lindsay Lohan's foray into fashion with Emanuel Ungaro was the equivalent of Ashlee Simpson's into TV on Melrose Place. So the designer said (if not in those words).

The founder of the fashion house is publicly criticizing Lindsay Lohan’s recent collection, for which she teamed up with Ungaro as in "artistic advisor."

Lindsay Lohan and Vikram Chatwal

That's funny in itself.

Ungaro told an audience at the Estoril film festival in Portugal that the collection on which Lohan served as fashion consultant was nothing short of "a disaster.

The designer tried to distance himself from his own line, saying, “I’m furious but there isn’t a thing I can do. I have absolutely no link with that house.”

He sold the company to an investment house in 2005.

The face of a can't miss fashion mogul.

Lindsay Lohan was announced as artistic advisor to the house in September and, a month later, presented her first collection, a collaboration with Estrella Archs.

At its showing in October, the Lohan/Archs collaboration was trashed by critics. Ungaro said that with the project, the company is “well on its way to losing its soul.”

Ungaro said, “This happens to a lot of designers. We were owners, responsible for the designs and destiny. But if you give up your house, you give up your soul."

Harsh! This guy should team up with Michael Lohan on his next press release.

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On The City this week, Roxy Olin and Whitney Port went on a work trip to Miami, while Olivia and Erin traveled there as well for Elle. What an amazing coincidence!

Below, The Hollywood Gossip staff members break down events on the new episode of The Hills spinoff, awarding and deducting points as we deem appropriate ...

A Port and a Pal

Plus 9 out of the gate for Kelly Cutrone b!tch slapping (figuratively) Roxy Olin in a meeting. "Why are you talking?!" HA. Kelly's the most real person on the show.

First obvious music tie-in of the night: "Fashion" by Lady Gaga. Poor. Minus 2.

Whitney seems (at least mostly) focused on work, while Roxy just wants to par-tay. Only Plus 2, though, because there's no way Roxy should even have a job.

Whit's pal Nick meets her out, only to leave with Roxy while Whitney's in the bathroom. Minus 3, because that's typical Roxy, and for the sad look on WP's face.

Erin, as usual, is looking to catch Olivia f*%king up. Plus 2, because so are we.

We thought it was a joke, but MTV just advertised a new show called Jersey Shore. The voiceover: "MTV is taking you inside a shore house like you've never seen, full of the hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos." Yes, Guidos. Ones who "keep their hair high, their muscles juiced, and their fists pumping." LOL. Plus 12.

Back to the program. Whitney and Roxy argue about last night unprofessionally at Mara Hoffman's show. Minus 7 (slightly redeemed by Kelly's profane tirade at them).

Whitney Port holds her own with the fashion designers at least. We think. Plus 5.

No Freddie Fackelmayer this week, it appears. Mixed feelings on that topic. Even.

Brooklyn Decker hosted an after-party they went to? They should have made the entire episode out of that. Minus 3 because of the generic filler chosen to air instead.

Back in NYC, Kelly berates Roxy and Whitney: 1. For their lack of professionalism; 2. For Roxy's comment that she isn't nice enough; 3. For their high room service bill: "You owe me $100. Next time go to Taco Bell." BURN! Plus 8.

Olivia on working as a team with Erin: "I... I... I'd really much like that." Minus 7 for being a terrible liar. Who can't even pretend to take the high road for once?

TOTAL: +16. SEASON TOTAL: +9. The best episode so far pulls The City into positive territory for the first time this season. Seriously, someone had to call Roxy out, and at least the Erin-Olivia feud seems to be building toward an epic meltdown.

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Yesterday, readers were given the challenge of writing the best kaption for this photo of Kim Kardashian keeping her hands klean at an event this week.

Your THG Caption Contest winner is SpaceAceMoonBoots.

Congratulations on a job well done! The winning entry appears below the photo, and you can click here to read the full list of submissions sent in for it.

Thanks to all for playing and best of luck in our next Caption Contest!


WTF! This last bit of dignity won't come off!

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It's like a time warp over at OK! Magazine.

With no Robsten gossip to sustain it this week, apparently, their celebrity gossip writers' room had to dig deep to concoct a lead story story straight out of 2002:

Angelina Jolie to Adopt! Without Brad!

Once again, this implies trouble in paradise between Angelina and Brad Pitt that probably doesn't exist. Nor is she really even adopting a baby (or two babies).

But why let facts get in the way. After all, the magazine notes, when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton in 2001, she adopted son Maddox legally by herself.

Only Angie is on Mad's adoption papers, a "source" says. Therefore, we totally believe she plans to bring home baby #7 from Syria, even if Brad Pitt isn’t ready!

When you make up news yourself, everything's an EXCLUSIVE!

While Brad has said he wants a “soccer team” of kids, he’s now telling friends he’s not quite ready for another baby, OK!'s sources report. Angie will not be deterred.

“He has made it clear that six children are more than he can handle,” the source says. “But Angie is determined to complete her rainbow family.” Whatever that is.

Jolie plans to adopt a little Syrian girl despite Brad's wishes, supposedly, and one can only wonder what this will mean for their already strained fake marriage.

Follow the link to read the Brangelina adoption story for yourself. Just note that it won't be any more true on that website than it is on this or any other.

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This morning on CBS' Early Show, Joe Halderman's attorney further outlined a strategy to show he didn't blackmail David Letterman, and it's dubious to say the least.

What prosecutors call extortion, Halderman laywer Gerald Shargel calls a business transaction. He was just offering Dave rights to a screenplay about his life! Duh!

Halderman claims he asked Letterman for $2 million for the "screenplay," which admittedly was "a premium price" for a film about a sensational celebrity story.

Of course, if he truly wanted it made, one would think he'd shop it to real producers, rather than trying to embarrass and coerce Dave himself into buying it.

Minor details, right?

David Letterman's questionable personal decisions may have indirectly gotten him into this mess, but that doesn't mean he isn't the victim of a criminal act.

If Letterman thought it was a legitimate transaction, why would he call the police, therefore requiring him to out his own cheating on wife Regina Lasko anyway?

And if the police thought it was a business deal gone awry, why would they arrest Halderman to begin with? Such moves aren't exactly made based on hearsay.

Despite Shargel's claim that this is just "the way Hollywood works," Dave's lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, countered that there's no way it wasn't a blatant extortion plot.

Do you buy it? Here's their legal point-counterpoint this morning ...

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