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Rumors that rapper Kanye West died in a car accident late last night sparked a massive online frenzy but are completely bogus, from everything we can tell.

In fact, it looks like the rumors were used to sling anti-malware scam. What losers. This is the lamest stunt since Balloon Boy (although it's far less costly).

Users searching for more info on the fictitious fatality are liable to get redirected to sites distributing spyware, malware and "scareware," researchers warn.

The rumor itself reportedly originated on notorious image board 4chan, the seeding ground for the Anonymous campaign against Scientology and others.

Kanye is OK!

PHEW: Kanye West is not dead. He is just fine, thank you.

Bogus reports, claiming Kanye West is dead after an accident involving two luxury cars in L.A., subsequently on social network sites Facebook and Twitter.

These reports didn't themselves point to malware-infested sites but made the topic of West's supposed demise a trending topic on Twitter, Google, etc.

Amazingly, some people believed it and even more amazingly, some people wrote hateful things about Kanye West, thinking his demise was the real thing.

The man may be a giant tool, but he remains a gifted artist who is basically harmless and besides, the guy died (or so you thought). So some respect!

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Rihanna is known for style moves that most of us could never pull off, but she manages to because her sense of fashion and hairstyles are just that unique.

This newest hair affair of hers, however? Iffy.

We're not sure what she's going for here. Should she keep it? Does it just kind of work because it's her? Does it make you want to play "Russian Roulette"?

A Nice Rihanna Pic

Vote in our poll below and let us know!

What do you think of Rihanna's new hair?


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Our ongoing love for useless, but entertaining videos from the world of sports (such as yesterday's HSN Wii tennis debacle) brings us to Oakland, Calif.

The occasion? Last Sunday's Raiders-Eagles NFL game.

A local pigeon must have heard that the hometown team's defense is pretty hapless (sorry, Raider Nation), because he/she decided to take the field!

Watch the instant replay of the kick coverage team flying downfield (literally in the case of one member in particular) to pursue the Philly return man ...

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There are plenty of good fathers out there, and we laud their efforts. But unfortunately, some of the poorest ones have been dominating news cycles of late.

None garners headlines quite like Jon Gosselin. In the last six months, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad has gone through a ultimate midlife crisis like no other.

Before you just hand the Ed Hardy-wearing, mediocre skirt-chasing d-bag the title of Worst Father Ever, however, consider some of his recent competition.

There's Richard Heene, a.k.a. Balloon Boy's dad, who exploited his six-year-old, local law enforcement and the National Guard. All for his reality TV dream.

Then there's Michael Lohan, who's done time, failed to pay child support, and whose eldest train wreck is unlikely to survive too long the way she's going.

Who's the worst of the worst? There may be no right answer to that, but we leave it up to you to come as close as we can. Vote in the survey below!

Lohan Patriarch

Who's the worst dad?


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The same day as Nashville police revealed that slain former NFL star Steve McNair carried on an affair with a second mistress, Leah Ignagni, his text messages to the mistress who shot and killed him have been made public for the first time.

More than 50 text messages between McNair and Kazemi were exchanged in the hours before police say she shot him to death and turned the gun on herself.

The McNair texts support authorities' theory that she was out of control.

Nashville police released the findings last night as part of a case summary and detailed the texts sent in the two hours before the July 4 murder-suicide.

Sahel Kazemi texted Steve McNair July 3 to ask for $2,000 to pay bills. She said she might need to go to a hospital because she could hardly breathe.

Police say texts show McNair had someone transfer her the money. Txts also show Kazemi meeting McNair at the Nashville condo where he was shot.

He asked her to leave the front door open for him.

Steve McNair mistresses Leah Ignagni, left, and Sahel Kazemi. Could Kazemi's jealousy of Ignagni have fueled a downward spiral and led to a grisly murder-suicide?

In response to a CBS report questioning the results of the Nashville police investigation, the department released its information, and spokesman Don Aaron said “there has been nothing uncovered that suggests this is not a murder-suicide.”

The CBS report Monday interviewed friends portraying Sahel Kazemi as happy and showed that she had about $2,500 in her account when she died.

Kazemi’s texts to Steve McNair talk of her showing furniture she planned to sell to some people and how she was at a store “trying to fix” her cell phone.

McNair texted her to say he had someone transfer the money she needed. Kazemi later texted McNair three more times asking to be with him that night.

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Just a few short months ago, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes were flat-out denying their affair (one that ultimately ended marriages to their longtime spouses).

Just a few short weeks ago, they were at least keeping things on the DL, trying to avoid being seen together (or at least not trying to blatantly encourage it).

Well, that was then, and this is Katsuya!

Their trip to the West Hollywood eatery, a.k.a. The Place to Drop $180 on Mediocre Food Just So Celebrity Gossip Sites Write About it, marked a turning point.

No longer keeping their distance while divorcing their spouses, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes left the hot spot hand in hand, as you can see in the pic below.

Brandi Glanville? Likely seething:

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes Picture

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes make their Home-wrecker-dom official!

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Rihanna is back on the radio, having debuted her comeback single, "Russian Roulette" on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show in L.A. Tuesday morning.

The first single off her new album Rated R marks her return to the music scene, a welcome relief after months of talk about the Chris Brown incident.

No word on whether Justin Timberlake and Rihanna are dating or even hooked up, but the new track definitely has a little bit of a JT vibe to it. Maybe.

Click to listen to her new song below, at least before it's taken down, and tell us what you think of "Russian Roulette" by voting in the below survey:

What do you think of Rihanna's new song?


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Adam Jasinski won Big Brother the summer before last.

Given that twist of reality TV fate, it's appropriate, if ironic, that over the weekend, a government witness wearing a wire busted the "Baller" for drug dealing.

Even more ridiculously, police say the oaf used his $500,000 winnings, which he said was going to a charity for kids, to fund his whole drug dealing operation.

Hey, at least he's accustomed to living in a cramped space with a bunch of losers. That ought to be beneficial where he's going to be headed before long.

According to FOX 25 Boston, Adam Jasinski was busted Saturday by the DEA with 2,000 oxycodone pills during a botched drug deal in North Reading, Mass.

Unaware he was being set up, Jasinski pulled a pill-stuffed sock from his pants and handed it to his customer, and that's when cops swooped in for the bust.

Adam Jasinski Mug Shot

Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski apparently went on to bigger and better things, using his reality TV winnings to set up a business slinging oxycodone. Nice.

Jasinski was thrown in the slammer and has since been charged with possession of oxycodone pills with intent to distribute. Adam has admitted to funding his illegal venture with his $500,000 winnings from the CBS reality show.


He remains in police custody until his next hearing on Thursday. Adam faces up to 20 years in the slammer and a $1 million fine if convicted of all counts.

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If this feels like one of those "wanna get away" Southwest Airlines ads ... it's because almost the exact same scenario played out on one. Only this one's real.

Last night, the poor bastard on the Home Shopping Network was demoing a Nintendo Wii and, to really show off the product, decided to play virtual tennis live.

Yeah. You can imagine where this is going ... 

"And there goes the tennis racket ... I didn't have it on there all the way." No, you really didn't. Hopefully he won't be saying "there goes my job" over this.

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In this difficult economic climate, you gotta pull out all the stops. Just ask former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who's networking to job hunt like so many others.

Palin has placed her resume on LinkedIn, picking out a misnomer username of governorpalin, despite resigning her post over the summer out of boredom.

Sarah Palin Speaking

Maybe crazyexguv was taken.

Known as the “Facebook for professionals,” LinkedIn is a social media site that displays more than 50 million resumes and allows for virtual networking.

LinkedIn lists years of employment as well; her profile says Palin was the governor of the State of Alaska for just two years, seven months. What a quitter!!

Sarah Palin kissed her career goodbye ... but at least she's back on the job hunt.

Sarah Palin's profile also notes that she's interested in “job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, and getting back in touch.”

Among her special accomplishments and skills she could add:

  • Being able to see Russia from her house.
  • Employing the worst publicist in PR history.
  • Picking out some of the most ridiculous children's names of all time.
  • Looking like Tina Fey, and being almost as funny (albeit unintentionally)
  • Staging her teenage daughter's engagement to Levi Johnston so her getting knocked up wouldn't sabotage her Vice Presidential bid.
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