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Much has been written about the incident Sunday involving San Diego Chargers star Shawne Merriman and reality TV star Tila Tequila at the NFL star's home.

Well, this latest account, from San Diego's 10 News, suggests that Tequila was "unhappy she was not the only woman getting attention from Merriman."

Jealousy thus played a role in the early morning altercation.

Witnesses at Merriman's home said the three-time Pro Bowler went to his bedroom with two women, and Tequila was asked to join in by Merriman.

Naturally, Tila Tequila reacted angrily and threatened to have sex with a member of Merriman's entourage. According to sources, Tequila was drunk at that point, and proceeded to get naked, then attempted to leave the house.

Witnesses say Shawne Merriman, 25, tried to stop Tila Tequila, 27, from leaving his Poway, Calif., residence, and that's when she placed a call to 911.

Tequila accused Shawne Merriman of choking and throwing her to the ground while she was trying to leave the house. Tequila signed a citizen's arrest warrant accusing Merriman of battery and false imprisonment. Both are felony charges.

The football star will not discuss specifics about the case. Asked to clarify his relationship with Tequila, the linebacker immediately contacted his attorney.

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Just in case you thought Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman were broken up, a myth he dispelled in an interview, the photos below should set the record straight.

Nauseatingly straight.

Acting like two teenagers in love (she's not too far removed), Jon and his girlfriend, who have been together a few months now, made out for the cameras.

The passionate embrace took place during Hailey's first trip to Pennsylvania this week. Yeah. His kids' therapy bills are going to be REALLY high in a few years ...

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman Pic

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman make out by the lake.

In his interview with Primetime and Good Morning America this week, Jon said Hailey is his soul mate, a girl he loves more than he ever did wife Kate.

Those are harsh words for the mother of his eight children, but there's no denying he's into her. Whether it's just because he's free of the ball and chain and being treated like a human being for the first time in 10 years remains to be seen.

Hailey's visiting Jon's native Pennsylvania this week, and Radar Online was lucky (unlucky?) enough to capture photos of this special romantic moment.

There's no way this is going to end well, and Kate is going to be beyond pissed, but for now, this budding romance continues to flourish. Very publicly.

Click to enlarge more Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman pictures ...

  • Jon Gets Pumped
  • Make-Out Session
  • Kissing Hailey
  • Jon and Hailey Picture
  • Hailey Kissing Jon
  • Jon Gosselin PDA
  • Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin Picture
  • The Mack Daddy

[Photo Credits: Radar Online]

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With so many celebrity babies being born these days, it's time to reflect on some of the more ridiculous things stars choose to name their offspring.

It's not a short list.

Alex Rodriguez, Cynthia Rodriguez and Kids

From tributes to their own names to animate objects like fruit, to bad plays on words and misspelled, utter nonsense that makes you wonder what the hell they're thinking, celebrities are constantly one-upping themselves.

Here's a look the 32 all-time greatest (worst) celebrity baby names, in the opinion of our celebrity gossip editors and exhaustively researched by our interns.

At least, that is, until Paris Hilton gets knocked up.

We love Blanket to pieces, but MJ's son is still #16.

  1. Tu Morrow (Rob Morrow) - Say it out loud.
  2. Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee)
  3. Kal-El (Nicolas Cage)
  4. Calico (Alice Cooper)
  5. Zuma (Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale) - Zima would have been better.
  6. Audio Science (Shannyn Sossamon) - Is that a college course these days?
  7. Free (Barbara Hershey and David Carradine) - Is its middle name Britney?
  8. Denim and Diezel Ky (Toni Braxton)
  9. Moxie CrimeFighter (Penn Jillette)
  10. Bogart Che Peyote (Reality star David "Puck" Rainey)
  11. Apple (Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow) - Not really in the same league as #1-10 ... but really? Apple? It'll be less cute when she's a teen.
  12. Fifi Trixibell (Bob Geldof and Paula Yates)
  13. Peaches and Pixie (Bob Geldof and Paula Yates) - Talk about being on a roll.
  14. Track (Sarah Palin and Todd Palin) - Track what? Honorable mention: Trig.
  15. Princess Tiaamii (Katie Price) - How is that even pronounced?
  16. Prince Michael II / "Blanket" (Michael Jackson) - The best part (besides his nickname)? There is no actual Prince Michael I, only Michael Jr.
  17. Seargeoh (Sylvester Stallone) - That's not even English.
  18. Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone) - Sounds like a feminine hygiene product.
  19. Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson) - Nice that Michael has sibling company on this list.
  20. Hud (John Cougar Mellencamp and Elaine Irwin) - Possibly ponsored by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  21. Spec Wildhorse (John Cougar Mellencamp and Elaine Irwin) - Even better.
  22. Pirate (Korn frontman Jonathan Davis and porn-star wife Deven)
  23. Bronx Mowgli (Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz)
  24. Honor (Jessica Alba and Cash Warren) 
  25. Sparrow (Nicole Richie and Joel Madden) - We liked Harlow, actually ... but Sparrow is a generic bird name that sounds like a girl's name.
  26. Rebel, Racer, Rogue (Robert Rodriguez) - Who does this Robert Rodriguez guy think he is, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian's dad?
  27. Seven Sirius (Andre Benjamin and Erykah Badu) - That'll make him ... wait, wait for it ... an Outkast at school for sure. Sorry, had to.
  28. Harley Quinn (Kevin Smith)
  29. Camera (Arthur Ashe) - Apparently Nikon was taken.
  30. Blue Angel (U2's The Edge)
  31. Kyd (David Duchovny and Tea Leoni)
  32. Reignbeau (Ving Rhames) - Ving apparently failed spelling.

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Mischa Barton became a bit flustered on The View today when she was asked about her recent hospitalization, calling debate over the whole thing "silly."

While she admits she was "completely overwhelmed" by life, the star of the CW's The Beautiful Life (debuting next Wednesday) says it's no big whoop.


"I mean, really it was blown out of proportion, so it's kind of silly now to be talking about it because I'm so fine now," she said. "It was sort of one of those things that was like a perfect storm. Everything happened at once."

When Barbara Walters pointed out that she was placed in a psychiatric ward (not voluntarily, either), Barton shifted gears, blaming it on dental work.

"Right, I mean, it was just ... I had too much work going on. I had surgery for my wisdom teeth that went badly. I was in the hospital," the waif said.

"I had two surgeries on my wisdom teeth. I had four taken out and they got it badly wrong. They had to drill into my jaw, I was in excruciating pain."

"I had an infection and was trying to take the minimum amount of painkillers and get through it because I had to go to work and go do this show."

So why was Mischa Barton put in a psychiatric ward if her pain was physical?

"I was going to Europe. I was going to London. I had things to do and I was prepping for photo shoots. I had so much work to do and the surgery had gone so badly. And I think that I was just starting to feel completely overwhelmed."

"When they take you into the hospital for something when it goes wrong if you're having a meltdown and you say something like 'I feel like I want to die,' ... they start injecting you with things to calm down," she explained (or tried).

"Like I'm petrified of needles. Like absolutely petrified ... you can't come anywhere ... I had my blood drawn once in my life for my insurance."

Umm ... okay then.

"I just figure that if you hit rock bottom like that ... and you're around people, you know, you realize I'm nothing like these people," Barton continued.

"I have a career, I worked so hard for it. I'm such a positive, really happy person and ... I think it was a wakeup call for me about respecting life more."

Well, that last part makes sense at least. We hope she's feeling better. And decides to eat a little more. That tends to help provide nutrients and stuff.

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Christina Milian just got married to The-Dream.

Now we know why - they're having A-Kid!

Charlie Axel Woods Photo

Okay, so they were probably in love and want to spend eternity together and all that good stuff. But the singer-actress has just confirmed she is expecting!

"The pregnancy was a surprise, but they were getting married regardless," a source says of Milian and The-Dream, both 27, who got married last Friday.

Milian has already been talking about children.

"Of course, I would love to have kids," she said earlier this summer at the premiere of her film Bring It On: Fight to the Finish in New York.

"I think that's part of the reason I do movies like this."

The couple, who always seem super happy together, got engaged back in July. No word on whether they plan on naming the little guy The-Dream-Junior.

Regardless, The-Dream (real name: Terius Hagert Youngdell Nash) - who proposed with a six-carat ring from Ivanka Trump's line - has been talking family too.

"I love kids, and [Christina] loves kids probably more than I do," he said. "She'll make that time. In the next couple of years, there'll be something around."

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The same day he publicly denied breakup rumors, Jon Gosselin gave his new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, her first tour of his hometown of Wernersville, Pa.

Hope the kids enjoyed meeting their new mommy.

Jonny Gosselin

Jon and his exclusive new plaything had breakfast at a local diner in the morning and later borrowed a friend's '68 Chevelle to drive around sightseeing.

They stopped at Blue Marsh Lake in nearby Leesport, Pa., where they "parked" for a bit. Guy thinks he's in high school. No word if any necking took place.

"They definitely looked like two people in love," a source says.

"They were both laughing and smiling and just enjoying being together finally without worrying about being seen. They kissed and held hands a lot."

ON THE REBOUND: Jon is smitten with his girlfriend Hailey.

Hailey's first trip to the Keystone State comes after an explosive week for Jon, who told ABC News he loves her more than he ever did wife Kate Gosselin.

Jon calls Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon, the "polar opposite" of his grating estranged wife. And he means that as a compliment.

He says he despises Kate. That's a pretty good indicator.

In Jon's Primetime interview, he gushed over Hailey: "I get encouragement from her, I get respect from her. Two things a man needs. This is someone, like a soul mate. People joke about that. But I'm not joking about that."

Wonder if they've set a date yet.

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Tila Tequila is an attention whore of the worst kind.

Which is normally all good. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag know what they are and have no qualms about milking every ounce of PR they possibly can.

Trying to cash in and plug "future projects" (whatever the hell those are) by calling attention to a violent assault you claim to have suffered is low, though.

Even for a woman who calls herself Tila Tequila.

A week after she says she was assaulted by Shawne Merriman, her NFL star boyfriend, Tila has reached out to her fans with a voicemail message.

Rather than laying low and letting this die down, her plea for this "nightmare" to go away is really just a ploy to get more attention and publicity.

A Tila Pic

Feel sorry for me! Pay attention to me! [Photo:]

“I’m just trying to get away from this horrible nightmare,” she says, adding that she just wants to move on, which is totally untrue, as this has her back in the news. “Everything’s gonna be alright. I’m just trying to look forward now.”

If that were true, why post this voicemail?

After lying about wanting to focus on something else (as she herself brings the incident up again), Tila encourages fans to give her a call at 860-256-8452.

We just hope her password is 1234 like Lindsay Lohan's voicemail.

Here's Tila's shameless ploy for attention message to her "fans" ...

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The much-touted Michael Jackson tribute concert being hastily planned in Vienna, Austria, for later this month has now been postponed until 2010.

Having no artists will often necessitate such a move.

Michael Jackson Entertainment Weekly Cover

Citing scheduling conflicts, the mega-event's promoter, Georg Kindel, made the announcement today and said the concert would now take place in London.

As for the reason, Kindel said they "underestimated" the scheduling issues of many performers, including Natalie Cole, Chris Brown and Mary J. Blige.

All were promoted as being part of the event, and may very well like to be, but were clearly not going to be this month, as they denied involvement.

A concert tribute to Michael Jackson won't happen until June.

Michael's brother Jermaine Jackson, who was helping put the show together, just posted a long-winded apology and explanation, that reads, in part:

"Instead of just eight weeks we now have eight months to prepare and some of the stars who would not have been able to participate in the Vienna concert, but expressed their wish to participate in this event, will be able to perform live."

"The event will be at the renowned Wembley Stadium in London in June 2010."

Michael Jackson himself performed at the English capital's stadium 15 times.

The organizers, World Tribute Productions, said all ticket holders for the Vienna concert will receive refunds. Over 65,000 fans were expected.

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The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris is about to take a big step.

Surprisingly, she's not dumping Ed Swiderski, her fiance, despite rumors of him giving it to more women than Jon Gosselin over the past few months.

First Impression

The Canadian cutie is moving to Chicago to be with her man on Tuesday, she dished Thursday: "I'm all packed up and ready to go," the 30-year-old said.

E! tracked down Jillian at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in N.Y.C., where her date was an entirely different bachelor than the one who put a ring on it.

Mike Steinberg, the New York-based baseball camp owner whom Jillian Harris nixed in episode four, accompanied her to the catwalk. It was Ed's idea!

"Ed was supposed to be here today but then he couldn't book his flight," she explained. "Ed and he have been really good friends since the show. So Ed's like, 'Why don't you have Steinberg sit in for me? That'll make some great news.'"

The future Mrs. Ed Swiderski also mentioned spending time with The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick and his runner-up-turned-fiancee, Molly Malaney.

Jason and Molly aren't engaged - for now. But Jillian is, and she's already planning her wedding to Ed. Just not aggressively planning it right away.

"I think everybody witnessed that it could be so intense right after the show was over. We want to try to live a normal life and get to the point where we live together and we really come together, then start planning," she said.

Surprisingly logical for a reality TV star. Not that Jillian Harris doesn't already have a few of the wedding details picked out. Or most, or all of them.

"I want to have a couple cakes, a live band and maybe like 100 people there, that's it," she said. "Probably in my parents' backyard. Totally low key."

As for babies, they're in the far off future for now: "I'm very excited to have kids but I'm excited to have a place for my clothes first," she says.

Asked who should be the next star of The Bachelor, Jill said that Reid Rosenthal would be the ideal choice, because he's "a solid package."

That he is. But who do you think should be The Bachelor?