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Might Lindsay Lohan be the next Celebrity Apprentice?

Celebrity Rehab might be a better fit, but Donald Trump is supposedly angling for the train wreck to star on the former, which is somehow still on the air.

"Donald approached Lindsay about being on Celebrity Apprentice, so we’ll see where it goes,” Lohan’s mom Dina said. “I think it’s a great idea for her."

"But Lindsay has two movies coming up [Machete and Inferno], so I actually don’t know if Lindsay has the time. It may conflict with her schedule.”

Know what else could conflict with it? Legal problems.

Because of her court-ordered alcohol-monitoring bracelet on her ankle, “She can’t leave L.A., the judge won’t even let Lindsay go to Texas," Dina laments.

Out on Bail

YOU'RE HIGHER: Hopefully The Donald doesn't conduct random drug tests.

Lindsay Lohan would be biggest mess in the history of the reality show, although she'd also be a ratings draw - since people hate her so much, supposedly.

As such, Dina insists that Lindsay is slated to discuss the possibility of appearing on Celebrity Apprentice with Trump this week if schedules and legalities permit.

Dina adds that the business mogul approached Lindsay because of his relationship with the Lohans (something most businesspeople would never openly admit to).

“He’s a very good friend of the family and he’s had our back for years,” the troubled actress' mom says. “He’s a great dad, and he would do anything to help us.”

If not Celebrity Apprentice, Lindsay Lohan belongs in ...


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Courtney Love. Facebook. The mere fact that these things exist means bizarre stuff is always within reach, but we didn't expect her to take it this far.

But Courtney Love nude pictures in weird fetish poses, uploaded by herself?

Not stuff we were hoping we would come across when we woke up today. In one pic, transsexual diva Amanda Lepore prepares to give naked Love a spanking.

In another shot, Love's in a short black skirt with her crotch exposed. In a third, Courtney's just lying on the floor of a deserted warehouse naked, obviously.

Follow the jump to see the Courtney Love nude shots if you dare. SIDE NOTE: Become a fan of THG on Facebook. Fetish pics not included ... or are they?!

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Larry King's wife Shawn Southwick reportedly overdosed on prescription drugs in what investigators are considering a suicide bid. Fortunately, Shawn failed.

It all went down May 28 when Shawn's dad called 911 from the Kings' home in Provo, Utah, telling the dispatcher Shawn was breathing but not responsive.

Shawn King left a handwritten note stating she OD'd on purpose and indicated where she wanted to be buried, according to police, who found a lot meds.

Larry King says their marriage is still intact, despite both of them filing for divorce in April. Later, they called it off and decided to make the marriage work.

Apparently things went south between then and May 28, though.

Shawn King with Larry and their two sons.

Among the medications found at the home, Subutex is used to treat narcotic addiction, while Cymbalta is an anti-depressant and Lyrica a seizure treatment.

Klonopin and Clonazepam are anti-anxiety meds. Bottles of those two, along with Ambien, were empty and had been filled within 10 days of the incident.

Sources close to Shawn Southwick say she battles depression, which started, continued and never stopped over Larry King's alleged affair with her sister.

Shawn has been "extremely depressed" for more than five years, and the trigger is believed to be Larry's long-term involvement with Shannon Engemann.

If you've been following this story, you may recall that several years ago, this all blew up in Larry's face, and he made a peace offering to Shawn King.

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Ali Fedotowsky wants to "crash diet" after gaining a staggering 15 pounds during and after filming The Bachelorette, according to the new issue of Us Weekly.

Either it's a really slow week at Us Weekly, or Ali has an eating disorder and/or severely low self-esteem, because ... well, have you seen her? She's so cute!

Still, "They'd retape scenes, so all she did was eat and drink," a show insider explains. After the show wrapped, "she binged while unwinding with her family."

We're not sure what's more shocking, that Ali Fedotowsky thinks she needs to lose weight, or that they re-tape scenes on The Bachelorette ... no effing way.

We feel like we've been kicked in the stomach, then again in the groin.

  • Beach Babe Ali
  • A-Fed Photo

Ali Fedotowsky on The Bachelorette, left, and two weeks ago. Do you think she really filled out that much? If anything, those supposed 15 pounds may look good on her.

According to the celebrity gossip tabloid, after she saw her fuller figure on the ABC series' premiere, the 25-year-old was inspired to get back into shape.

"It's been stressful watching herself," a source says of the Facebook ad rep. "She's a size 6 and not meant to be super tiny, but she wants to lose weight."

Her plan - Bachelorette spoilers alert! - a high protein diet of egg whites, calorie counting and daily runs. Not exactly anorexic/bulimic behavior, at least.

Still, is it necessary? Could the rumors that she's still single and picks no one on the season finale be playing a role in this somehow? We're quite curious.

"I'm not sure if she's lost anything yet," says the pal. "But she's trying!"

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Jesse James is said to be pondering a relocation to Texas to be closer to estranged wife Sandra Bullock, who he still hopes will take him back (wishful thinking).

But is he reverting to his sleazy ways at the same time?

“He told me that if he doesn’t get back together with Sandra, he’s got a backup plan with another girl in Austin,” says his porn star ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder.

According to In Touch (yeah, we know) Sandra Bullock looks all sorts of radiant and happy now, but there "may be another bomb lurking, ready to detonate."

LOL. The only source of this information is Lindemulder, who says Jesse James hasn't changed his stripes at all, but who is an even bigger mess than he is.

BETRAYED AGAIN? Doubtful, as it implies she's even giving him a shot.

While a friend of Jesse’s insists he wants to reconcile with Sandra - and is seeing no other women as a result - Janine says a secret lover in Austin fits his M.O.

“Every city, even if he didn’t have a girl that lived there, he would fly a girl in,” she says. “I think Jesse gets off on that, the thrill of doing it under her nose.”

Reckless as it seems, this behavior is all too familiar for Jesse, whose two-timing ways came to light starting in March thanks to Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

“Imagine him saying he is moving to Austin to be a dad to 5-month-old Louis and to be there for Sandra, and uprooting Sunny," Lindemulder opines.

"But it's really because he might be pursuing mistresses. He could be off his rocker.”

Of course, it could also be to get away from his crazy ex-wife, Janine, who can't leave California under the conditions of her PAROLE. Just throwing that out there.

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If you never saw Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, his hilarious, off-the-wall antics at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday served as your introduction to Les Grossman.

Now the cutthroat movie producer is getting his own film.

Cameron and Tom

In a press release, Paramount Pictures and MTV Films announced that the development of a comedy focused on the foul-mouthed Grossman was in the works.

Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfield are producing the project.

The press release from MTV phrases the movie’s development as if Cruise's character, with Les himself announcing the new film in typically humble fashion:

“To quote my great friend Kirk Lazarus, ‘I don’t read the script, the script reads me.’”

Tom Cruise/Les Grossman is ready to spank the competition.

Stiller, one of Cruise's Grossman’s Tropic Thunder co-stars, says “He has assured me he plans to, quote, ‘F—ing kill the sh– out of this movie and make “Citizen f—ing Kane” look like a piece-of-crap home movie by the time we are done.’"

That pretty much sums it up right there.

Paramount President Adam Goodman added: “Everything I learned in this business, I’ve learned from Les. I started out as his assistant, and from the first day he threw his desk at me when I got his lunch order wrong, I have loved him like a father."

Like Get Him to the Greek, in which Russell Brand reprises his Forgetting Sarah Marshall character Aldous Snow in a starring role, this sounds like a potential hit.

At the very least, it'll help Cruise's image a bit. His popularity has dipped as more people view him as kind of a crazy individual, but he's still a talented, fun guy.

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Dion Mial, the former manager of Gary Coleman, is willing to flat out say what many people are secretly thinking - his death was not the result of an accident.

"I wholeheartedly believe there was foul play here," Mial told Radar Online.

The 42-year-old died in May after falling and suffering a brain hemorrhage. He was hospitalized and eventually pulled off life support by his ex-wife Shannon Price.

Price has come under fire from many of the actor's friends and associates and friends for her behavior during and after his hospitalization and tragic passing.

Selling that Gary Coleman death photo was the final straw.

Gary Coleman and Dion Mial many years ago.

Mial is the executor of Coleman’s 1999 will, which may or may not be valid (another, more recent will has surfaced in recent days but has not been made public).

Executor or not, Dion has no qualms about sharing his thoughts on Price: “The picture that Shannon took in the hospital is much worse than people can see.”

"There is nothing covert about her behavior and how she handled this. There are criminal intentions relative to Gary’s death,” Dion added but did not elaborate.

Price, whose odd behavior began with her nonchalant 911 call after Coleman's fall, has blamed Mial for her inability to afford the house she shared with Gary.

She has continued to shop around interviews, asking up to $50,000, and in the interviews, has adamantly denied responsibility for Coleman's fall and death.

This is strange, as no one accused Shannon Price of anything, other than being a terrible person (before Mial's quotes). All of this begs a disturbing question:

Did she want Coleman dead, and somehow engineer it?

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Despite the SCRAM device that currently adorns her ankle, Lindsay Lohan is actually able to drink and stay out of jail all she wants ... just at a steep price.

Think five figures per cocktail.


The bail bondsman who saved her ass Tuesday, David Perez, told TMZ in an interview that Lohan didn't really forfeit her $100,000 bail as we first reported. 

When Lindsay's ankle monitor went off, the judge issued a bench warrant and set bail at $100,000. But that was tacked on to her existing $100,000 bail.

Confused yet?

BUYING FREEDOM: Lindsay is free to as long as she can afford it.

Essentially, Lindsay promptly forked over 10 percent to the bail bondsman, Perez, who posted on her behalf. So she's down $20,000 in a month, but free!

Here's the interesting thing, though - this is as far as Judge Marsha Revel can take it. If Lindsay is drinking again, the judge will go through the same drill.

She can't revoke bail altogether and throw Lindsay in jail for violating the terms of per probation because the case involves only a misdemeanor charge.

Revel can tack on more bail, but the train wreck can just pay it.

So as long as Lindsay Lohan keeps paying 10 percent of any bail increase, bottoms up! And we thought the $10 Bud Lights at Les Deux were expensive.

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The incomparable Rielle Hunter, John Edwards' mistress, mother of his love child and possible sex tape partner, thinks she should be cashing in on this more.

The Rielle Deal is requesting all the profits from The Politician, the shocking tell-all memoir from Edwards' former aide and co-conspirator, Andrew Young.

Hunter believes she is entitled to all money generated by The Politician and any movie made from its contents, which largely revolve around herself.

In it, Andrew Young describes his efforts to help the former presidential candidate conceal his affair with Hunter and his paternity of their daughter.

Court documents allege that Rielle Hunter pictures and other personal property Young used in the book were private property and used illegally.

Rielle Hunter, No Pants

SEDUCTION: Rielle Hunter breaks marriages. Now she wants to break the bank.

Hunter and Young spoke privately in a Charlotte courtroom last month. A grand jury is still investigating Edwards' use of campaign funds to silence her.

Young has testified that he helped Edwards cover up the affair and the fact that he knocked up Rielle, even claiming that he, not John, fathered the kid.

Rielle is also suing for every copy of the alleged John Edwards sex tape, made when she was pregnant with their child. You're welcome for that imagery.

Hunter also wants photos from Young's laptop and a computer file.

On a side note, today's her baby daddy's birthday. Woo hoo!

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Said Carrie Underwood after winning Performance of the Year at the CMT Awards: "Awesome fans!" she said. "Awesome, awesome, amazing, awesome, awesome!"

That's pretty much our take on her.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

Will you share that sentiment regarding her plunging, fuchsia Jenny Packham dress, accessorized with Swarovski earrings, satin sandals and a simple ponytail?

Or do you instead prefer a sexy, sparkling number perfectly paired with metallic silver Jimmy Choo heels, courtesy of fellow country crooner Julianne Hough?

You really can't go wrong, but there can be only one fashion champion in this particular showdown. Vote below and determine which blonde takes the crown:

Who looked best at the CMT Awards?


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