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Singer Erykah Badu will be cited for disorderly conduct for getting naked in Dealey Plaza, the site of John F. Kennedy's assassination, for her video for "Window Seat."

Just when you thought you'd heard every nude scandal imaginable.

The Dallas Police Department announced Friday that "the statements from the witness would rise to the level of disorderly conduct," Deputy Chief Mike Genovesi said.

According to reports, a woman filed an indecency complaint after she and her two young kids witnessed Erykah Badu nude, filming a climactic scene in her video.

But it got people talking about her when they otherwise might not be, right? Hmm. You know somewhere, Spencer Pratt is plotting a similar Heidi Montag nude stunt.

BADU NEWS: Interestingly, it wasn't the nudity that got her in trouble.

"To shoot that, they would have had to get a special permit from the events office, and it would have had to specify what filming they were doing, what subjects they would use and any traffic control they would need," Dallas Police officials said.

"They definitely did not get a permit."

City authorities admit, however, that no one probably would have batted an eye about any of the violations (Class C misdemeanors) if Badu hadn't gotten naked.

"None of this would have occurred had she stayed clothed," Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway said. "But since she didn't, it elevated the need for making sure that we have policies in place that will protect folks and the integrity of the city."

Badu's camp has not commented on the citation, but "Window Seat" directors Coodie and Chike said Badu was "ready to be arrested on the spot" last month.

That would have made an even greater scene, so not surprising. This officially tops the Mindy McCready sex tape for oddest nudity-related story of the week.

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Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip. Here we reflect on the past seven days in Hollywood gossip, celebrity news and rumors in our Week in Review.

Highlights from March 27-April 2 include ...

  • Lindsay Lohan is going to die unless she gets help. That's the opinion of friends, professionals and family members close to her. Unfortunately for her, Michael Lohan feels the best use of his time is to email THG about its coverage.
  • Quite a week for Jesse James: Checking into rehab for "personal issues," posing for Nazi photos, cited for vandalism, claiming to be a "broken" man, and so on. No wonder Sandra Bullock is rumored to be divorcing him.
  • Amid reports his wife wants to bail on The Masters, Tiger Woods continues to be dogged and called out as a liar, cheapskate, etc., by his various mistresses ... and even by his kindergarten teacher for good measure.
  • Dr. Conrad Murray needs to keep his medical license so that he can pay for his defense against charges he killed Michael Jackson. But he's not sorry.

This girl needs a whole team of shrinks, ASAP.

  • Ricky Martin came out as a "fortunate" gay man Monday, while on Friday, Oscar-winning True Blood star Anna Paquin admitted she's bisexual.
  • Angelina Jolie is being called a self-centered, manipulative, psycho control freak who laughs when children cry. But is that really true, people?
  • American Idol bid farewell to Didi Benami, while welcoming guest stars Usher and Justin Bieber. Speaking of Biebs, he's takin' over the world.
  • Dancing with the Stars bid farewell to Shannen Doherty, despite the fact that she outperformed Kate Gosselin, who sucks and is a big whiner.
  • The Hills is about to bid farewell to TV. Which is not the worst thing at this point, but you've gotta check out the ridiculous final season trailer.
  • Trailer Park Bride
  • Mindy McCready Sex Tape

Britney Spears was certainly dressed to impress Thursday ... as was Mindy McCready on the cover of her hot new sex tape, hilariously called "Baseball Mistress."

  • Fashion statements of the week: Jennifer Aniston, who continues to tease us with regard to Gerard Butler, and Britney Spears. See above. Enough said.
  • LOL release of the week: The Mindy McCready sex tape, which she claims she is outraged over, and is called Baseball Mistress for no apparent reason.
  • Kim Kardashian is just too mature for Reggie Bush. Even if he went on record on Twitter to deny that he ever cheated on the world's greatest body.
  • Worst National Anthem performance: Keri Hilson.
  • No wonder Miley Cyrus is quitting music for good.
  • Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas Picture
  • Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez

One confirmed Jonas couple, one confirmed breakup this week.

  • Couple news: Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez are over; Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato went public; Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith might be dating; Ditto for Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy; Robsten eloped (on April Fools Day).
  • Wedding bells: Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy tied the knot.
  • Baby news: None from Beyonce and Jay-Z, thankyouverymuch.
  • Police blotter, etc.: Jason Wahler was charged with DUI again; Shaq is being sued for harassment by mistress Vanessa Lopez; Dwayne Wade's wife says he gave her an STD; Dennis Hopper's wife may be trying to kill him.

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It's been one heck of a week for troubled star Lindsay Lohan, even by her standards. Two months behind on rent, her landlord sent a legal notice to pay or get out.

Lindsay paid $23,000 and avoided eviction ... this time.

The one-time actress isn't pulling in any income and her prospects for work are near non-existent because of substance abuse woes, according to inside sources.

We've told you how people close to her fear for her life. Well, there is a strong feeling - even resignation - that Lindsay Lohan will die soon if she doesn't get help.

There is deep frustration among many that her mom, Dina, enables her by insisting Lindsay is fine. As for her other parent? Well, that dude defies description.

Michael Lohan, who has gone on a crusade against Linds' supposed enablers (and this website in his free time), is none too pleased with her recent allegations.

Yesterday, she Tweeted abuse accusations once again. His reply?

"There was no physical abuse," he said. "When there's yelling, I tried to shelter my kids from arguments my wife and I had. Dina unfortunately got the kids involved in the things we did, the arguments we had, and still does. She uses my kids as pawns."

As for his preferred means of electronic communication lately?

Continue Reading...

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Is Taylor Swift torn between two young hunks?

We can't independently validate this report, but that's the rumor going around. The hot rumor. It all started when she spent the night of March 23 cozying up to Glee cast member Cory Monteith at Pinz Bowling Center in Studio City, Calif.

Then, the very next day, Swift reunited with former co-star and ex-boyfriend, Eclipse star Taylor Lautner, for lunch. Are both just friends - or potential boyfriends?

If it's the latter, how many heartthrobs does one girl need, and who's the frontrunner? Despite her namesake being so hot, Cory might have the inside track.

The Taylors are “good friends,” an insider tells OK!, while Cory Monteith and Swift are more than that - and have been “happily and quietly dating” for a while!

Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith

Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith at an event earlier this year.

Rumors first swirled that the two were a possible couple in late January, when they were seen at a number of different locales, including a pre-Grammys event.

While bowling with Cory and a few other fiends (like best pal Selena Gomez), she was “effervescent,” according to a witness, and didn’t even let gutterballs get her down - whenever she rolled one, she would laugh and hug Cory.

Maybe she's just a good sport about bowling?

This isn't to say Taylor Lautner is no longer in the picture. The two spent hours laughing and talking over lunch with the singer’s mom at The Farm of Beverly Hills.

Who will win her heart, Cory or Taylor? Who should Swift date - and do you believe the rumors tying her to Monteith? Weigh in with comments.

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Jesse James' friend and attorney says the biker mogul, embroiled in a sordid sex scandal, is a "broken man" who's still in love with wife Sandra Bullock.

He's also a man who was just issued a vandalism citation following a dustup with a celebrity gossip photographer last week. But that was relatively minor.

What has most people interested in James lately is the cheating he did on Sandra with tattoo model porn star Michelle Mcgee, a.k.a. Michelle Bombshell.

And Michelle Smith, and Brigitte Daguerre, and some other chick.

Joe Yanny, who has known James for several years, said allegations of James' infidelity and the resulting media "feeding frenzy" have ruined his life.

Can someone pass us a tissue? We're tearing up over here. Forget about Sandra Bullock's humiliation and heartbreak ... Jesse James is, like, so sad!

James and Bullock

Poor Jesse James is a broken man ... thanks to Jesse James.

James entered a treatment facility this week, but Yanny declined to say what the Nazi lover / West Coast Choppers owner is being treated in rehab for.

As if that weren't bad enough, the latest predicament for James was a citation for vandalism involving a photographer's vehicle near his bike shop.

Local detectives reportedly were given a copy of the video that celebrity gossip photographer Ulises Rios captured of the March 25 run-in with James.

The video allegedly shows James and another man confronting Rios in an SUV parked near James's bike shop. The incident resulted in slashed tires, a dented door and a scratched window on the vehicle, claims attorney Mark Haushalter.

The attorney for James did not respond to requests for comment, but Rios also was cited for stalking James, said Long Beach Police Sgt. Dina Zapalski.

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As if our interns weren't already asking for May 7 off so they could pregame all day. Nerds. But to be honest, we can sort of see where they're coming from now ...

While fans have eagerly awaited the sequel to Iron Man ever since the first Robert Downey Jr. vehicle debuted in all its ass-kicking glory, this has upped the ante.

Beautiful Scarlett Johansson

A new poster for Iron Man 2 showing a red-maned Scarlett Johansson in a form-fitting Black Widow bodysuit? Gulp. Anyone camping out for tickets yet? 35 days!

Scarlett Johansson's new poster for Iron Man 2 defies comprehension.

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Didi Benami's journey came to an end on American Idol this week.

The 23-year-old won praise (albeit without a judges' save) from the show's panel on Wednesday night and moved many to tears on her road to stardom.

While she fell short, Didi Benami has a lot to be proud of, and despite disappointment, she's not feeling distraught, just looking forward to what's next.

Below are excerpts from an interview she did with USA Today ...

On the scrutiny she faced: "I was not prepared for that. I was not an avid American Idol watcher, so I didn't know what to expect. Honestly, I was just being myself, and I did stuff that meant something to me and had a good time."

On making the top 10: I'm relieved that I get to go on tour. I don't have to work as a waitress anymore. I get to do what I love. It's a blessing. It's a relief to know I'll be able to make a living doing what I love for the summer, hopefully longer."

On wearing her heart on her sleeve: "[Crying] has definitely been therapeutic for me, and I do it as a release. It's funny because the camera was always catching me when I'm emotional. And I'm not always that emotional."

On losing her way, or so Kara said: "I don't feel like I lost my way. I feel like they wanted me to do something specific every week ... and I went out on a limb several weeks and did different things. And they weren't expecting it."

On her moment with Siobhan Magnus after being ousted: "Siobhan is a unique, amazing person. I love her very much. She's a sweetheart. She ended up being my roommate the first week. I met her the first day of Hollywood Week."

On the judges' save that wasn't: "It was tough. The whole crowd was chanting, and that was pretty cool. Ultimately, I kind of felt like I was going home, but I thought it would be cool if they exercised the option to let me stay."

On her competition's reaction: "Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan and I are really close. Crystal came down and stayed with me last night. They're amazing, wonderful people. It's hard when you meet other artists you really connect with."

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The headline you see above is not a belated, April Fools attempt at humor. A new woman has indeed come forward in the Tiger Woods scandal - a former teacher.

Maureen Decker is planning to speak out today at a news conference ... to claim a famous tale Tiger Woods once told of childhood racism is nothing but a lie!

Here's the background: In '05, Tiger described how on his first day of school, "a group of sixth graders tied me to a tree, spray-painted the word 'nigger' on me, and threw rocks at me. And the teacher really didn't do much of anything."

Decker, who was Tiger's kindergarten teacher (and is now repped by Gloria Allred, of course), denies this ever happened: "No such incident ever occurred to Tiger Woods while he was under [my] care as a kindergarten pupil on the first day of class."

ROUGH PATCH: Tiger Woods is not only a cheater, he's a liar who made up a story about being bullied by racist kids, his former teacher says. Do you believe it?

Allred, in her own statement, called out Woods for defaming her client: "No teacher should ever be treated in such a callous and unfair manner especially one such as Ms. Decker. The time for Tiger Woods to make direct amends to her is now."

No word if Bryon Bell saw the alleged incident take place.

Gloria's shameless opportunism aside, you have to wonder if he really did make that up. Someone who lives a shady double life for years has very little credibility.

The Tiger statement was given as part of an interview for a 2005 book by Charles Barkley. Today at 1:30 EST, a press conference will take place at Gloria's office.

But there's more. Naturally, the teacher will unveil pictures of Tiger as a kindergartner and also express her feelings about the alleged Tiger Woods mistresses.

Naturally, we'll update this story once she does, too.

UPDATE: Maureen Decker just said she believes Tiger's tale of childhood racism never happened. She wants a personal apology, saying, "I am asking Tiger for a private and public apology to put my mind at ease and set the record straight."

Decker also said she was suffering from migraines and elevated blood pressure as a result of this ordeal ... and colitis. Okay, that's pretty much it. THG out.

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Keri Hilson performed our National Anthem at the Atlanta Hawks-Los Angeles Lakers game Wednesday and in our opinion, really didn't do the thing justice.

The right lyrics might have helped.

Hilson belted out “The Star Spangled Banner” in front of thousands of Hawks fans, which included musical peers and fellow Atlanta residents T.I., Jeezy, The-Dream and Monica, who were all on hand inside Philips Arena to witness the affair.

Fortunately, the home team delivered a convincing win, because the night didn't exactly start out strong as Keri Hilson forgot the words to the iconic song.

The murmurs from the crowd are hilarious ...

Hilson, who was linked to Chris Brown lately, at least hung tough through the mishap and finished the song. She also didn't beat Rihanna at any point.

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