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This is never what you would call a relaxing, tranquil reality show, but wow, the mama drama was off the HOOK last night on Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 8.

That's right, it was Family Weekend at the house. You can imagine how that went ...

Because this season is called Bad Girls Club: Redemption, Season 13 Episode 8 brought a group of colorful parents into the fold, with predictable results.

Predictably INSANE results!

These moms and dads weren't always the calming influences their offspring might have hoped for, and even if they were, the kids can be a handful sometimes.

That's putting it mildly.

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It's all come down to this on Season 19 of ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

With Bethany Mota eliminated Monday on part one of the finale, only three celebrities remained in the hunt for the Mirror Ball title headed into last night's conclusion.

Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Finalists

Crowd favorite and elder statesman Alfonso Ribeiro, still battling injury, was perhaps the slight favorite to claim the DWTS crown after Monday's performances.

Duck Dynasty cast member Sadie Robertson and Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish each sought to deny him, though, with their blend of talent and charisma.

Could they do it? All three proved their worth all season long, but alas, there can be only one champion, and the time has come for he or she to be crowned.

Let's do this. On the final Dancing With the Stars results show of 2014 ...

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Michael Phelps' purported girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler is speaking out in a video interview, detailing her relationship with the Olympic legend.

By her own admission, Chandler was born a man named David Roy Fitch, the latest revelation in a string of them since the athlete's infamous DUI arrest.

Speaking out for the first time, she lashes out at Phelps for ditching her as news of their relationship spread public, and described her inner turmoil.

“I felt he should’ve been there for me ... I felt his team should’ve been there for me,” said Chandler, who has been dealing with “overwhelming” stress.

“Articles came out every week painting me in all kinds of different light,” Chandler, who says she met the Olympian on Tinder this past summer, adds.

“People online said horrible things about me," she says, and that peaked after her nude texts with Michael Phelps went viral. "I felt alone in all this."

"There have been days when I just stayed in bed.”

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Sunday night's powerful, heart-wrenching Selena Gomez American Music Awards performance made a lot of headlines and impressed many people with its raw emotion.

Justin Bieber was not one of those people, however.

Millions of viewers watched her emote so hard, with Selena Gomez crying over Justin Bieber as she crooned through "The Heart Wants What It Wants."

The man-boy who inspired her new single was far from thrilled, believing his 20-time former girlfriend was “exploiting their relationship” with these theatrics.

“Justin thinks Selena was being so dramatic on stage and making it seem like he’s the heartbreaker in all of this,” an insider says of her AMA performance.

“At first he wanted to go to the show but then his team convinced him not to go because they said he would look like a fool,” the source goes on.

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With the holidays upon us and New Year's Day right around the corner, what better way to turn things around in 2015 than with some delicious Detox Soup?

Of course, you don't have to wait until January 1, and if you've missed that date by the time you read this, January 8 works just as well. Or any date, really.

There's no expiration date or timetable for a gluten-free Detox Soup recipe that can kick start your cleanse or newfound commitment to more conscious eating.

This detoxifying soup doesn't even have to be part of a grand plan. It's a terrific, healthy option for a hearty meal that's really hard to go wrong with.

Even if it doesn't involve recovering from cheating on a diet, or the beginning of one, it's low in calories, and features a blend of citrus and apple cider vinegar.

The significance of that critical combination?

Neutralizing the body’s PH and expelling toxins with its fiber and clean broth. And beyond that, a detox soup happens to taste good and be good for you.

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Her name may not appear in the show's title, but Kim Kardashian takes center stage Sunday on Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons Season 1 Episode 5.

Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban Photo

The family kash kow accuses best friend Jonathan Cheban of leaking to the media the fact that Kourtney Kardashian is seeking help from a therapist.

If you watch Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons online, you saw Kim and Khloe fly out Kourt's therapist at the end of the most recent installment.

The goal was to help her process the fact that Scott Disick is in rehab, but it appears that the press got wind of this, leaving the family searching for the mole.

When Kim questions Jonathan and asks to see his phone, he gets pissed.

"You don't think I have anything better to do in my life?" Jonathan asks.

"You used to be a publicist," Kim responds, and she's not wrong there.

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Embatted reality star Porsha Williams is laughing atCynthia Bailey's burn from Sunday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, or so she claims.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you saw Cynthia light up her fellow cast member for allegedly sleeping with an “old married man.”

To hear Porsha's camp tell it, she's making like Taylor Swift and shaking it off.

When Porsha accused Bailey of ‘flip-flopping” with regard to last season's infamous reunion fight with Kenya Moore and whose side she was on, Bailey was pissed.

“Word on the street is you’re flip-flopping with some old married man for cars and bags!” Cynthia said, hitting Kordell Stewart's ex with a serious low blow.

Or so it might have appeared. Williams just rolled her eyes at this if anything.

“She’s definitely not furious, more like amused at this point,” the friend says.

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Kirk Cameron says a controversial viral video of him blurting out "God hates f-gs" is not only 15-20 years old, but is being posted by haters trying to defame him.

The actor and born-again Christian, whose latest film Saving Christmas has been a huge success (at least in its target demo), says this is a smear campaign.

The clip shows Kirk and Ray Comfort, his partner in a Christian outreach website, having a conversation in which Kirk says, "God hates f-gs, and you're going to Hell."

Whatever you think of him and his admittedly polarizing political and religious views, the video is obviously edited to make the 44-year-old look terrible.

A rep for Cameron says the statement is blatantly "taken out of context," possibly implying that he's quoting someone or something else at the time.

Kirk's rep says that pissed off Atheists spliced, edited and have been trying to spread the photo like crazy to torpedo Cameron and his Christmas movie.

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Kendra Wilkinson is presently filming the hit UK reality show I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here in Australia, where people apparently don't watch Kendra on Top online.

We infer this because the hot topic all her fellow cast members are wondering about in the jungle is ... did the former model really have sex with Hugh Hefner?

You know, back when they were together, more than five years ago!?

Back in the U.S.A., K-Dubs just went through an epic six months of marital tumult, after which she ultimately forgave Hank Baskett and took him back.

Kendra's husband allegedly hooked up with a transsexual model named Ava London, although he has never actually confirmed or denied what happened.

That's all irrelevant in the jungle, though. They're too busy gobbling antelope penis and fish eyeballs to worry about that right now (yes, she has to eat those).

When it comes to Wilkinson's rise to fame in the U.S., it's her time as a Playboy girlfriend that piqued the interest of UK TV host Melanie Sykes on I'm a Celebrity.

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Monday evening on FOX's Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 10, Abbie and Ichabod set out to end Moloch once and for all, a daunting task by any measure.

The Headless Horseman may have other ideas, after all.

When Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 10 got underway, it had the feel of a slow-burner of an episode, but it quickly morphed into one of the best this fall.

Between Katrina's use of the mirror and the search for the Sword of Methuselah, whose discoverer must know themselves completely or die, it was awesome.

The flashbacks between Ichabod and Abraham were also a real treat, as was the reminder that Ichabod and the Horseman's fates were forever intertwined.

To say nothing of the special effects, which were pretty impressive as well. It combined for a terrific hour, as you'll see when you watch Sleepy Hollow online.

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