Alyssa Caverley

The Hollywood Gossip is proud to present another edition of The Pulse, where our staff recaps all the day's biggest events in celebrity news and gossip.

One prominent TV star is pregnant, another adopted a baby girl and the perennial top show, American Idol, will be cutting another finalist loose tonight.

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In our latest edition of The Pulse, we discuss Robert Pattinson's views on sex and the latest Dancing with the Stars details. Also, Chris Brown is performing on the DWTS results show and some people aren't happy about it.

Plus, Christina Aguilera is having a bad few weeks and it might just get worse after new potential new photos are released.

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Our latest edition of The Pulse highlights one death, one marriage, one major piece of casting news and one return to the spotlight.

Indeed, the happiest day of Reese Witherspoon's life was followed by the saddest day in the lives of anyone who knew BET personality DJ Megatron. He was shot to death early this morning in Staten Island.

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