Amongst all of the many, many (many) criticisms leveled at the Kardashian-Jenner clan over the years, the most prevalent might be the complaint that none of them have any real talent.

Sure, the Kim Kardashian sex tape featured some serious acting skills (There's no way Ray J is that good.), but for the most part, the Kards are famous for being famous, and the only apparent talent in the family is Kris Jenner's gift for exploiting her children.

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It's been almost a month since we first learned that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had broken up, and now it seems that like the spandex-clad arach-nerd he so unmemorably portrayed, AG has drawn the huge-eyed hottie back into his web.

In late April, it was reported that Stone and Garfield were "on a break" (we all know how those turn out) due to their hectic work schedules. Days later, however, several sources reported Emma dumped Andrew for cheating

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