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The typically light-hearted Jada Pinkett Smith is not in a joking mood about that infamous photo of daughter Willow Smith and Moises Arias in bed together.

It's not Willow who upset her, though. It's the web's collective reaction.

Willow Smith, Moises Arias

In an interview with the website Net-a-Porter, Jada was asked about the controversial pic of her 13-year-old girl and her 20-year-old actor friend.

"Just don't pollute something that's not dirty," Pinkett Smith says, reiterating her earlier position that Internet users are all pedophiles for reading into this.

"It's really tough. I feel like the connection to the value of women on a bigger scale has decreased tremendously," she mused of what she feels is a broader issue.

"Men and women encompass both feminine and masculine energies, but it seems like when the feminine is present, it's not respected [on the same level]."

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In 2013, Chad Kroeger asked Avril Lavigne to marry him with a 14-carat pear-shaped diamond ring.

A year later, on the couple's first wedding anniversary, the Nickelback singer has somehow topped himself: he presented his wife with a 17-carat diamond.

Lavigne posted a photo of the rock to Twitter and you may need to don sunglasses before taking a close look at it:

Avril Lavigne Ring

"I still can't believe my 1 year anniversary gift. 17 carat emerald cut. Wow. I love my hubby," Lavigne wrote as a caption to the image.

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On last night's episode of LeAnn & Eddie, we saw LeAnn Rimes struggling to make amends with the father and former manager that she once sued into oblivion.

It was a welcome change of pace, as at this point in her "career," LeAnn is more famous for destroying other people's families. 

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian Photograph

As part of the endless promotional tour for her low-rated VH1 reality show, LeAnn recently gave yet another interview to People magazine in which she defended herself against charges of stealing another woman's husband and trying to slowly morph into Brandi Glanville:

"People are always trying to make it a story of me being a homewrecker and trying to take someone else's kids," said LeAnn. "They take the love I have for my family and twist it around in some weird, sick away."

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Some dogs are really, really smart.

Case in point, the canine who can help change a baby's diaper.

Other pets are not exactly as intelligent, however, such as ones who sleep walk (run?) and get themselves so worked up that they leap up... and sprint directly into a wall.

The dog featured in the following footage was not seriously injured in his hilariously unexpected mishap, so it's okay. Go ahead and laugh. It would be impossible not to:

With apologies to the puppy who cuddled up to the baby, this may be our favorite video in Internet history.

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Their romance is brand new, but love is totes in the air for Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed, according to a source close to the sexy vampire couple.

Despite having only been officially a couple for a short time now, they've made their romance public, and Nikki is already head over heels for Ian!

“Nikki is a major romantic and when she falls in love she falls hard,” the source said.

  • Ian Photo
  • Nikki Reed in NYC

“She’s already saying that she’s in love with Ian, they spend all their free time together and they’re even talking about adopting a rescue dog together.”

In addition to their love of pets, Ian, 35, and Nikki, 26, share similar lifestyles.

“Nikki is super normal, as far as celebrities go, she’s not at all high maintenance or a major partier and neither is Ian,” the source dished to us.

“They both love staying home and just hanging with friends.”

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Remember those Zac Efron gay rumors that surfaced last week?

Well, it turns out they were either completely false, or Zac is seriously committed to keeping up appearances, because here his is in Ibiza last night sucking face with Michelle Rodriguez:

Reports that Efron and Rodriguez are dating have been circulating for nearly a month, but due to their age difference (and those pesky reports about Zac being into dudes), many assumed the two actors were just involved in a short-lived fling.

Now, weeks later, it looks as though they're still going strong.

However, as it appears that Zachelle is officially a thing now, many fans and friends of Zac's are worried that the hard-partying Michelle may be a bad influence on the newly sober Zac.

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In the latest issue of V Magazine, Christina Aguilera is very pregnant - and very naked!

Just as she posed in the buff while expecting her first child, the singer is featured in the August issue of this publication, dressed entirely in her birthday suit.

Watch out for drool on your keyboard and see for yourself here:

Christina Aguilera Nude Pregnant Pic

In other shots from the spread, the 33-year-old kisses fiance Matt Rutler, who she met on a music video set back in 2010 when she was going through a divorce from Jordan Bratman.

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Oh, Kim Kardashian.

Just when you post a revealing no-makeup photo and make us think you're turning a positive beauty role model... you go ahead and do this:

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star ran a Flashback Friday picture on Facebook today, one that laments how she's gained 20 pounds over the past five years and claims she has to "get back on the grind."

Kim Kardashian Facebook Photo

This is the second time over the past few weeks that Kardashian has made a comment about her weight.

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Summer camp has been a rite of passage for generations of American youth.

It's an invaluable coming-of-age experience we look back on fondly, even if some of the many life lessons we learn in that setting really sting at the time.

Exhibit A: This poor kid who got dumped at the camp dance because ...

Kid Laments Breakup on Postcard Home

Getting your flirt on at camp is hard enough. Getting dispatched because you're a nice young man and it turns out she's into bad boys is even rougher.

A camp counselor shared this gem on Reddit, leaving us both amused and sad for the recipient of this jarring experience that left him reeling.

His closing thought to mom sums it up, really. Straight from the heart.

If there's any silver lining here, kid it's that nice guys only finish last for the first 20-25 years and typically end up with better-looking wives and better jobs.

It's a long-game strategy, man, but a winning one. Stay the course.

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It's not easy being Jana Duggar.  These days, her younger sister Jill is basking in married life and posting constant, blissful selfies online. 

To make matters worse, Jana's other, even younger sister Jessa may have just gotten married to Ben Seewald in a secret ceremony!

Yes, she may only be 24, but according to reports, Jana is already feeling the pressure to start a family in a major way. Sadly, there may be little she can do about it:

Jana Duggar Photo

"Maybe for folks in New York, isn't no big deal to be single at 25," a source tells Star magazine. "But in Arkansas, you're an old maid at 25 - and Jana is scared!"

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