The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Recap: Everybody Still Hates Tamra

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On part two of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 reunion, embattled star Tamra Barney once again found herself under fire from multiple fronts.

First, checking off some other boxes, Shannon Beador and her green lifestyle are profiled. She defends her doctor and choices for her home and life.

Heather is grilled about making fun of Shannon’s hair color and says she was joking. Which we doubt, as she doesn't seem to have a sense of humor.

She is, however, pretty catty beneath that friendly facade. Speaking of appearances that don't hold up under scrutiny, we have Mrs. Lizzie Rovsek.

After complaining about her non-sex life all season, now she insists things are all good - amazing - on that front. One gets the feeling she is only fronting.

Lizzie is still rambling on about her birthday party, too, of course, which if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online comes as no surprise.

Tamra tries to apologize and say she gave Lizzie a year membership to her gym as a gift, but that excuse doesn't CUT it ... see what we did there?!

Rehashing the storyline of their robot baby, we are reminded of the fact that Tamra and Eddie don't actually want kids and so much of this is fake.

Even though the story was fabricated and she doesn't actually want a baby at 47, it pisses her off that Vicki and Lizzie don’t think she should have one.

Pivoting to Shannon and David Beador, she says her marriage is strong and connected and sexual and good. Despite the past season, we believe her.

Nothing if not honest about her marital problems from the start, things have seemingly improved for Shannon lately, and she's not happy with Heather.

Spreading rumors about her and putting words in her mouth? Not cool, and that's what Shannon accuses Heather of doing. And speaking of lying ...

Tamra’s fabrications get an entire montage! Not a lot you can do to try to walk back some of these blatant lies, but she tries to turn it around on Vicki.

Vicki calls Tamra a liar. Tamra screams obscenities. Vicki says Tamra is miserable, not a good friend and clearly trying to overcompensate for something.

Ouch. We review the marry, shag, kill game and whether Eddie really wants to f--k Lizzie. Tamra is becoming more unglued by the second it appears.

Asked point blank if she talks s--t behind people's backs, Tamra says everyone does it. Yeah ... not sure everyone takes it to that level, Mrs. Judge.

Many fans say they will be surprised if Tamra or Lizzie comes back. Some rumors say Bravo has already fired Tamra Barney, even if it's not official.

Think they should be? Is there any coming back from the depths she's sunk to over the past couple of months on Bravo? Hit the comments to discuss.


I hope they fire her. she is a mean,evil person and only wants to hurt people. no wonder her son left her.


I hope they have fired Tamera! I can't stand her! She is the worse kind of woman and I think she is mad at Eddie for eyeing Lizzie, that's why she is so mean to her, she knows Eddie likes what he sees. If they leave Tamera on I won't be watching.


big fuking deal!!!!


Tamra is a pot stirring liar. She does what sociopaths do best - attack others when confronted with their own bad behavior. She deserves every bad thing that happens to her.


I can't stand Tamra. She keeps calling Lizzie the liar.. however, it isn't Lizzie who is the liar... we all know from the recaps, reruns, its Tamra who is the liar. I believe Tamra is upset with Eddie, not Lizzie and she isn't addressing the real problem. Eddie did like Lizzie's looks when she came into the gym and Tamra saw it first hand. Eddie is a man, of course his eyes are going to wander to the good looking, better shapely woman... not the one has had her face tightened so much she is beginning to look Chinese or something. Anyway, stop yelling and calling people names. You are the liar Tamra, not Lizzie. Tamra is nothing but a cynical old hag. Lizzie is correct in saying Tamra has enough children. They don't even want to be around her. Does she think having ne with Eddie is going to keep Eddie home. I don't think so. If Tamra is not 50, then her treatments, surgeries are not doing their job. She looks old and she acts old You can change your face, but your hands and neck tell all.

@ Magpie12972

Tamra looks just fine. Lizzy did lie she didn't say marry she said f! There is nothing wrong with Tamra's hot body either. She is much better looking than Lizzy ever will be.

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