Kate Upton Has Perfect Boobs and 11 Other Things We Learned From the Nude Photo Scandal

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It's only been one day since nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence appeared online signaling the start of a scandal that would eventually result in hundreds of racy photos of female celebs going public.

In that time, some of the alleged hacking victims have denied the photos are authentic, while others have admitted they were caught with their pants down and vowed legal vengeance.

Stars both male and female have spoken out against the invasion of privacy. Lena Dunham even slammed the hacker as a "sex offender."

All in al,l the whole incident has taught us some valuable lessons about carefully guarding our private images and - more importantly - reminded us of the importance of respecting the sanctity of each other's hard drives.

And it's taught us some other things as well:

Jennifer Lawrence Loves Selfies
J-Law really loves posing for nude selfies. Unfortunately for her, someone broke into her private collection.

For example, who knew that Jennifer Lawrence takes more selfiesĀ than Kylie and Kendall Jenner combined?

Or that Kate Upton's boyfriend, Justin Verlander, loves photographing all of his girlfriends in the buff.

Check out the gallery above for a rundown of all that we've learned from the great boob-selfie avalanche of 2014. If nothing else, you'll get another look at Kate's fantastic rack!

Demi Lovato
Photos of Demi Lovato in bed with Wilmer Valderrama went viral in the spring of 2014. Some were pretty darn racy.

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