Courtney Stodden Birthday Video is the Bounciest Thing on Instagram!

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Courtney Stodden has been on an Instagram roll lately.

First, Courtney took the Ice Bucket Challenge with chocolate sauce - an experiment that was every bit as fun to watch as it sounds.

The next day, Courtney flaunted her giant boobs in a "makeup free" selfie so perfect we're willing to forgive the fact that she was clearly wearing makeup.

Last week, Courtney turned 20 (we're guessing her boobs turned 2), and she celebrated in the best way imaginable - by bouncing around for her followers in slow-motion!

Yes, it's videos like the one above that make us glad that Courtney doesn't plan to die young

She's already been around (and married) for so long that it's hard to believe she's only 20, but then we see a video like the one above and we're reminded that despite her over-the-hill husband Mrs. Stodden-Hutchison is still a teen at heart.

Of course, we could do with out the horror flick music. We recommend hitting mute before viewing so that you don't end up associating Courtney's fabulous fake jugs with your weirdest nightmares.

Celebrate Courtney hitting the big 2-0 by checking out some of her breast best moments in the gallery below:

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