Tori Spelling Eating Disorder Revealed: Reality Star Lives on 500 Calories a Day?!

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In the past few months, Tori Spelling has suffered through Dean McDermott's affair with Emily Goodhand, as well as not one, but two disastrous reality shows.

Additionally, sources say that Tori and Dean are broke, and their marriage continues to require constant work.

Needless to say, Tori is under a lot of stress, and sources close to the actress say the strain is beginning to take a toll on her health in the worst way.

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"She's barely eating anything," says one insider. "There's not an ounce of fat on her, and it looks like her body is going into starvation mode from lack of nutrients."

The anonymous friend, who's obviously deeply concerned about Tori's well-being, goes on to provide scary details about Spelling's daily diet:

"I think she's lucky if she gets 500 calories a day into her," the source says. "She'll have a juice and a decaf coffee for breakfast, and a piece of fruit for lunch. Dinner is a child-sized meal that's 25 percent protein and 75 percent vegetables."

"She's getting that belly bloat you see on starving African kids. Her kids eat more than she does. It's like she has a phobia about food."

There's no word on how Dean feels about his wife's disorder, but friends are reportedly begging Tori to seek professional treatment. 

Charlotte whigham

When Tori comes off her PITY party, and learns to love herself,she will take better care of herself. Her clinging to Dean, is getting to be a bit much. He needs some space, and she needs some common Horse sense.

Darlene b

I guess her eating disorder will be the topic of her next reality show.


Dump him and move on...............He's really not attractive, even she can do better.


Maybe she'll die.


............that's why she is this ugly.

@ forrest gump

not nice! Imagine being her, growing up filthy rich (not her fault) and then your mom cuts you off of all those millions of dollars. That's more devastating than Dean cheating! You can always get a new man, but when you lose out on millions of dollars, now that's ugly.


Tori was eating pretty good when she was cheating with Dean.KARMA is a B@#$%^&


That's what stress and emotional pain will do to a body. I went through a VERY ROUGH patch with my husband for about a year, when that year was over, my eating habits were never the same. Even today, I probably consume no more than 300-500 calories, and alot of days I eat NOTHING, which makes me feel LIKE $HIT. It's made me very unhealthy, and I can feel it with each passing day. I can NOW SEE why some people have to go to rehab to get their eating disorders fixed. I TRY to eat the normal 3 meals a day, but I can only take a couple of bites at each sitting. I waste more food than my kids, and I'm ashamed, but still, I don't know how to get my appetite back to where it's healthy. I WISH I still had the same cravings I USE to have for certain foods, but it's just not there. I don't enjoy ANYTHING I eat anymore. It's a miserable experience to go through and it's not something that can be fixed over night. What sucks is when I go somewhere, the bigger/kind of fat, women ALWAYS treat me bad or talk about how skinny I am - AND I CAN'T HELP IT, I can't help I DON'T want to eat, I CAN'T HELP I don't have an appetite WHATSOEVER, and yet they let THAT determine how they're gonna treat me.

@ Robin Bednarczyk

awww, I just read your post and it made me sad for you. Have you tried to eat new types of food that you never ate before? Maybe you will have a new love for food you never ate before. For example, Indian food, Thai, Sushi, just an example. I hope you get your appetite back because a good meal is a good meal. Unhealthy, well it's ok in moderation.

@ Robin Bednarczyk

When I was stressed to the point all my hair was falling out the Doctor told me to get rid of the stress in my life so I got divorced ive NEVER been happier.Dont let a MAN kill you


With all the shows that they have had on this year alone, how could they be broke???? That claim is getting old. Plus, just once it would be nice to see any of them wearing the same thing twice. Didn't they just have a vacation in Malibu for a few weeks? Candy said on THE TALK that she bought them a home in Malibu even though they seemed to be staying at a condo on the beach. Tori Spelling has hooked up with many companies and brands that sponser her for publicizing them. Just count them on her site. Having an eating disorder is one thing but the rest of it is ridicuous.

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