Tori & Dean Cabin Fever Ratings: Beyond Terrible!

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are famous for reality shows about their marriage, or even their marriage crumbling after he cheated on her while filming a different one.

It's a living ... or at least it was. Viewers may finally have had enough.

To say that the ratings for Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever were bad does not really do justice to their terribleness. They were insanely bad, to a nearly unprecedented degree.

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The show actually predates True Tori, which was filmed after Dean cheated on her (allegedly) with Emily Goodhand while filming Chopped Canada.

Cabin Fever, in which they renovate a lake house in his native Ontario, is only airing now, however ... not that you would know unless you're one of the 14 people who saw it.

We exaggerate, but the Great American Country program reached a mere 60,000 households. True Tori, by contrast, netted nearly a million for Lifetime.

Maybe if he nailed a side piece in said cabin, things would change?

Nielsen did not report Canadian ratings, so maybe they performed better up there than Tori does in bed with Dean. But it can't be that much better.

Why keep going back to this well when they've become punchlines?

“Tori’s friends weren’t surprised that she had signed up to do another reality show," a friend of hers says. "Tori just can’t stay away from reality shows."

Not even this one's horrible performance will change that, either.

Even though this is a complete bust and she was criticized for doing a reality show as she dealt with Dean’s cheating, Tori didn’t care, the source says:

"And now, even though she currently has her scripted show (ABC Family's Mystery Girls) and this new reality show too, Tori wants to film another one!”

We can't wait to see what cheating scandals they fake next:


I stopped watching them on Oxygen years ago. I stopped being interesting. When they moved to Lifetime, I made no effort to watch them. Nothing against them, but things just got boring. I was happy she had the family she'd always been wanting, was even happier things seem so put together. In the back of my mind, I knew "something" was coming up, because of how she got Dean in the first place. His ex came to her "like a woman", and Tori refused to give him up. This is just negative karma for that decision. Just fade out, keep the mommy blog, and keep it moving. You don't need to be on TV anymore. It's over.

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