The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 18: Terry Dubrow Loses It!

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Was Monday's The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 18, the Bravo flagship show's season finale, the most explosive of all time?

Probably not quite, but the embattled Tamra Barney simply couldn’t let bygones be bygones, and an unexpected cast member really raised the stakes.

Bringing up their infamous "game" - which you're well familiar with if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online - Tamra stirred the pot again.

Barney implored Lizzie Rovsek to change her story and admit she wanted to screw Eddie, who may or may not have said he wanted to f--k her.

Or marry her. It's unclear. But whether or not Eddie Judge wants to f--k Lizzie Rovsek, Tamra was not about to give in and neither was her adversary.

Eventually, Tamra realized the argument with Lizzie was fruitless as her husband was there and nothing was going to be talked out, but it took a twist.

The focus shifted to Shannon and Heather, a feud that ended up being much uglier as Terry Dubrow brought up David Beador's infamous comment.


When a drunk David yelled that at Heather Dubrow, Terry's wife, when she was riding a mechanical bull, it was inappropriate. But also mostly harmless.

She was riding a mechanical bull, after all, at a party. It's hard to take anything too seriously when that's the premise for your feud ... or so you'd think.

Terry Dubrow Pic

At the same time at the party, Eddie Judge yelled, "Show us how you ride Terry!" It was that kind of event. Clearly Terry has a separate bone to pick here.

He's certainly loyal to Heather, because he proved he'll go to great lengths - way over the top, one might way - to back up his wife in her beef with Shannon.

Madder than we've ever seen him, Terry called David dumb several times and even said that Beador is a "penis." It was awkward to say the least.

Heather also offered to give David a dictionary so that he knew all the big words Terry was saying ... looks like they were taking the Beadors down after all.

As for Tamra, she at least made peace with Brooks, who said he was fine with her and if he was, Vicki doesn’t really have a reason left to complain.

We end Season 9 with Vicki saying goodbye to her daughter Briana and Tamra saying goodbye to her son Ryan Vieth, both of whom are leaving down.

Lizzie Rovsek, meanwhile, convinced her husband Christian to try for another baby. Until the reunion show, we close the book on this chapter of RHOC ...


Terry's website and Twitter are ablaze with his excuses of what he really meant when he called out David for being a construction worker. Why not apologize? You and Heather certainly love to demand apologies. Why not step up to the plate and apologize for your behavior toward David and apologize for what you inferred about construction workers? It's the classy thing to do, Dubrows. Face it Dubrows, you hold a grudge. You can't let it go. You spoke down so hardcore to the Beadors that you aren't even going to put up any blog responses on BravoTV to apologize for your behavior. It makes me sad. And Heather, all those beautiful words you said at the end about loving people for who they are and letting all the idiosyncrasies wash off your back, you should practice what you preach and stop trying to be so high and mighty above two people who are just trying to live their lives and enjoy some friendship and camaraderie.

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The show made me sick last night. Terry was ridiculous in his acting job. Why bring up the comment that David made, but said nothing about what Eddy said which in my opinion was worse.
David tried to apologize and Terry wouldn't have it, because he wanted to do a fake fight. They just looked stupid. Heather did look like she had devil eyes, and she was also gunning for a fight.
I'm really disappointed in Vicki that she didn't jump in and tell what she knew in that Tamar also told her that comment about taking David and Shannon down. Heather needs to realize that yes Tamara does lie and often. Is the reunion going to be better after the watch the season back, and see some of the stuff that really happened. I really don't want Tamara to go, because I want these people to see how she truly is and make her want to leave.
The show last night just made me mad to watch.

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