The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 17: Bali So Hard

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On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 17, the ladies' trip to Bali took more dramatic turns, and Tamra dug herself even more of a hole.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online or on TV, or even just read about it afterward, you know it's all about Tamra Barney lately.

Not in a good way, either. She's put everyone through the wringer and last night, Vicki Gunvalson - her best friend through it all - was no exception.

There was definitely a divide among the women, as evident from the start of this trip: Two blondes and a brunette and two brunettes and a blonde.

This was obvious from their attire and right on down to how they behaved about every little thing, until finally the tensions boiled over and WATCH OUT.

Vicki, for all her annoying characteristics, has been balancing cast members and friends like it's her job. Which we suppose it is. But wow, she's good.

Brianna and Ryan (and to an extent, Brooks) still present huge challenges for her emotionally, but the rest of the cast? They'd elect Vicki mayor.

She and Shannon Beador get along really well, which is not easy because it's Shannon, and because Tamra has it out for her for no real reason.

Vicki and Lizzie Rovsek also had fun at the latter's birthday dinner, even though they'd seem the least likely pair to ever hang out on the program.

Perhaps that's why learning that Tamra was still talking smack about Vicki's boyfriend Brooks Ayers left her in shock at that dinner table in Bali.

Tamra tried to mouth words to Vicki across the table trying to find out what's wrong. Vicki would not say. She looked away, looked down ... it was awkward.

The look on Vicki's face said it all. Devastation. It was as if part of her had been amputated by Tamra's scheming. Are we reading too much into this?

Tamra is not the only one who's had issues with Brooks Ayers. Nor will she be the last. But talking behind Vicki's back like this was going to bite her.

With no one in her corner, you wonder if that - even more than her Facebook post slamming Bravo - will get Tamra Barney fired from the franchise.

Watching her ganged up on by Lizzie and Danielle, plus Shannon and Vicki, was a sad. Lizzie says she's not a troublemaker, even as she clearly loves this.

Vicki hit the nail on the head, though, when she says that Tamra just can't have peace. This has really become obvious as Season 9 has progressed.

When Lizzie tells her she's the most insecure woman ever, Tamra bolts and Vicki bursts into tears about "losing" her. She may not have left her a choice.


For Terry D to talk to David B as he did really shows the no class that he also carries along with fancy pants. Do they not realize that they allowed all that alcohol at the party for everyone to drink and enjoy. I could tell that David probably had several shots to much but hey that is par for the course when you have alcohol at a party. If Terry and Heather were really concern about their children and the effects of alcohol they would have found a babysitter. Their behavior in this matter played a big part in this incident. I am sure their were more incidents not rated PG that happen that night than just this one. If you do not want your child to be in that situation, don't put them in it. David saying what he did was not the smartest thing but I do not believe it was not out of malice, it was because of the alcohol that was provided at the party. Now what I think was out of malice was Heather telling them to crank the bull up on Tamara, and Terry making such a statement as I am going to bring David and Shannon down. I do believe that statement was made. David appears to be a very low keyed guy, and Shannon is straight up, not calculating like the Dubrows. Watching WWHL and the voting on the Beador and Dubrow was good. I could tell it caught Terry off guard. Everyone does not wear rose colored glasses.

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