The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Recap: Aviva Under Fire

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On part three of three of 2014's The Real Housewives of New York City reunion, Aviva Drescher found herself under fire for ... well, pretty much everything.

So many things that this special hardly revolved around Ramona Singer!

From BookGate to LegGate to George Teichner getting married, it's been all about Aviva these days. Has it been worth it? How do the other ladies feel?

Aviva, who mocked Carole's age at the peak of BookGate, takes issue with Heather's "ghetto" language, saying that this is The Hamptons, not The Hood.

Heather says Aviva is ignorant, rude and perpetuating stereotypes. Oof.

At least Sonja Morgan can forgive Aviva for being so mean to her last season because she's a "Christian woman." That is just hilarious for so many reasons.

Ramona then wonders what makes Aviva turn on people. When Ramona is wondering that about someone else, you know you have some issues.

Aviva doesn't like being called "vile" by Ramona, even if they're friends. Kristen then comes at Ramona for being mean to her just because she's the new girl.

It's like middle school all over again on Bravo, ladies and gentlemen.

Fortunately for the embattled cast member, when the video of Aviva Drescher throwing her leg is introduced, she looks so pleased with herself.

She also admonishes Kristen for looking so horrified. It's a prosthetic!

Haven't you ever seen one before, people?! Can't you accept that people have disabilities?! She really has a way of turning this whole issue around, no?

Kristen says she was just shocked because she had forgotten that Aviva had one ... and because, you know, she tossed it like that in a restaurant.

Aviva insists she did not go to the party with the goal of throwing her leg, and that it takes only a few seconds for her to take it off and wing that thing.

Whether that's true or not, that was one crazy moment.

What better way to end our reunion recap than one last look at the legendary - nay, iconic - conclusions to a cat fight in Real Housewives history:


Hate the show. Not real.


The whole world now knows what Aviva is all about. Self center and doesn't give a crap about anybody but her self. Defaming, swearing, lying about her phobias, and throwing the fake leg was way over the top for even her! Does she even care one day her children may hear or see the scene where she thru her leg at the ladies. That was uncalled for and made no sense. Attention is what she is desperate for, but the ladies have her number and think she is just plain crazy. I wish her and her pervert daddy will disappear from the show for good. Bravo revamp the show and keep Carole, Heather, Luann, Ramona and Kristen and let Aviva and Sonja go. They have weak storylines and lie about everything going on in there life's. Love the show but hate Aviva and Sonja is to fake!


Couldn't have said it any better LTK, totally agree with everything you said....glad someone else sees it the same way I do!


Oh my - just like a bunch of 14 year olds - please grow up ladies. Please Bravo get rid of Aviva and her creepy father. Some people are just too gross !

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