Texas Mother Booted From Pizza Restaurant For Changing Baby's Diaper on Table

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With the debate over breastfeeding in public continuing to rage on, Miranda Sowers got into trouble over the weekend for a different kind of public act involving her child.

The Texas mother of three tells KHOU that she took her four-month old daughter into a bathroom at Brother's Pizza Express, only to discover it did not have a changing table.

So she figured she'd use her own table at restaurant to take care of this dirty deed.

"I thought, 'you know what I've got my own changing pad, she's tiny, she fits right here on the chair,'" Sowers explains of the decision. "So I laid her down quickly and quietly changed her diaper."

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But not quietly enough for an employee to not notice, leading to Sowers getting thrown out of the establishment.

"As soon as you start opening the diaper, people start complaining about the smell of the diaper," manager Donny Lala told KHOU, defending her staff for giving Sowers the boot.

"Last thing I want is a customer throwing up."

Well then. Safe to say this was the opposite result from the time that mother got a free pizza for breastfeeding her baby in public.

What do you think? Should a mother get thrown out of a restaurant for changing a diaper?

Potty Time
What is it about going to the bathroom that acts as a Bat Signal for children, alarming them to your whereabouts and begging them to be your audience whilst you do your business?

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So you can't handle the smell for 2 minutes? Come on people, lighten up! The restaurant is not going to be shut down because she changed the diaper on a chair on a changing pad. Talk about rude and inconsiderate...that is all the guests that complained. How about you take all 3 young kids out in a HOT car to make a diaper change. How about you sit on a filthy bathroom floor. And, no, washing your hands does not cut is after sitting on a bathroom floor...not when you have all those rude ladies who squat and pee all over the floor and track that everywhere in the bathroom. So, let's say you sit on the floor...now you have feces and urine germs all over your pants...and then you wipe your hands on your pants throughout the day ...and then you pick up your baby and rub her on your clothes which have all those germs. That is really sick. If you choose to do that to you and your baby..fine. I'd change mine at the table thank you very much!


Hello. Didn't she have a stroller??? Change it there. Dah!!

@ Mom of 4

Ummmm, typically a flat surface works best...DUH!


I do the same thing with my my son if there isn't a changing table . I'd rather change my son at the table I'm sitting at then do it anywhere else and if need be I change him in the grass if I'm at the park.


If u had a changing pad why then not go into the handicapped stall and use the floor? They could have been shut down. That is very unsanitary. Could have gone to ur vehicle. They don't have the proper accommodations there's other ways about it.


How on earth do you compare breastfeeding and changing a diaper? The first is eating, and it is in a restaurant dining room- makes sense. The second is dealing with waste and excrement which should be done in a bathroom, regardless of the age of the person. I would have no qualms about nursing my baby in the restaurant but would never dream of changing a diaper there. Stupid articles like this trying to equate the two don't help, and moms like this make the rest of us look bad.


That is different from breastfeeding. That is a hygiene issue! She Should have took the baby to her car,


It's the company's fault for being a "family" restaurant and not having a place to change the baby, I would've done the same damn thing

@ Vicky Blair

There are other ways around that


She should have been arrested, where does she think she is, in America lol


Amy that is what I was going to say. She, I am sure, got there in a car and that is where she should have gone to change the diaper. After raising four of my own I have great sympathy for moms and the challenges they face when out in public, but that is just a no no.


I'm a mom. And while I'm sorry there was no changing station changing the baby at the table is unsanitary and just rude. You can walk to the car if needed and back. The world doesn't revolve around just you. This is not the same as breastfeeding issue. This is sanitary issue.