Teresa Giudice to Bravo: Please Don't Televise My Sentencing!

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After she and her husband were guilty were found guilty on several counts of fraud, it began to look as though Teresa Giudice would be headed to prison.

Their original sentencing date was delayed following the death of Joe Giudice's father, but now the new day of reckoning is fast approaching, and Teresa is reportedly begging Bravo not to send a Real Housewives of New Jersey camera crew to document what may turn out to be the worst day of her life.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Head to Court

"Teresa doesn't want cameras from Bravo to be at her sentencing on September 23," says a source close to the network. "[She] has told producers of the show her thoughts. Bravo doesn't care what Teresa wants or thinks and they are done protecting her."

Teresa has complained about being "exploited" by Bravo in the past, and her diva-like behavior on set coupled with her habit of bad-mouthing the network has gained her little sympathy from execs.

Even so, if Bravo does send cameras Teresa's sentencing hearing, they'll likely be doing so not as an act of revenge, but out of a desire to protect their investment.

As the most recognizable face of RHONJ, Teresa has earned up to $250,000 per season in the past. If she's sent to prison, the network will lose the most popular personality on a show that's already struggling in the ratings.

It stands to reason that if producers are going to lose Teresa, they'd at least like to air a satisfying conclusion to her story.

So yes, it's hard not to feel for a woman who doesn't want to be further humiliated on television, but the RHONJ franchise has done an awful lot for Teresa and her family, and for Bravo, it will all come down to a business decision.


I totally agree that Teresa should get jail time. She wanted Joe to supply her with the "fabulous" lifestyle and she didn't care how she got it. Materialistic is what did her in. She broke the law, she knew she was breaking the law and she didn't care. It was all to show off and keep up with the Jonses (Gorgas). She ALWAYS lived in denial, and felt she'd never get caught. Face the penalty Teresa and Joe. Everyone has to pay their taxes and live by the rules...even you. To defraud banks and lie about incomes to get money to buy expensive cars, $100,000.00 worth of furniture and that gawdy house is down right insulting to everyone who works an honest day just to put food on the table and pay a mortgage. I PRAY the court makes both of you do time....you need to learn a huge lesson.


She should go to prison. Otherwise, why don't we ALL pull the BS she pulled and get away w/it? Stop paying our taxes, etc........


Teresa isn't going to prison. Joe will probably do 5 years and Teresa will get probation. They both accepted a plea agreement and have known for months exactly what the outcome of this will be. It's not the sentencing that Teresa doesn't want filmed it's her allocution. She will have to state to the court exactly what her part in the fraud entailed. I feel for this family. They did some dumb stuff but they didn't kill anybody. Andy Cohen is still pissed that Teresa could toss him like a rag doll. Time to get over it.

@ patweir

That's your threshold? "They didn't kill anybody?" As they love to say in Jersey, "don't get it twisted." The shame upon this family was not brought by Bravo, but the morally bankrupt way Joe and Teresa have decided to live their lives. If anything, Bravo gave them a nice income they should have been content with, and made legitimate money rather than ripping others off and sticking you and me with the bill ultimately. I'm sick of everyone talking like these poor downtrodden people just had all this happen to them, and "what a strong woman" Teresa is. Strong? Strong is someone who doesn't have much money, but is working hard, paying what they owe, not living above their means, and living honestly. "Brazen and arrogant" is a more accurate description of Teresa, with a little delusion thrown in. In addition to the massive fraud schemes these two pulled, they didn't file income taxes for FOUR YEARS! And since when do courts delay a sentencing for two months due to a death in a defendant's family?? For any of us, the courts would say, too bad; these two essentially were given a summer vacation. And did anyone forget Joe's idiotic scheme to get a driver's license under his brother's name when his was suspended for drunk driving? (Where, by the way, he could have killed somebody. Would he have your sympathy then?). It's enough already. They have earned this day of reckoning. Not only should their sentencing be televised, but their kids should see it to learn what happens when you choose to live your life this way, and what the character of their parents truly is.


Hope it goes ok for them we aint perfect n as for bravo they need to give her a break if it hadnt been for her crazyness the show would of gone done


What, what ,what ........all of a sudden we want privacy?


I hope they throw the book at them. The show would be better without those pos people


why not, what's there to hide?

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