Teresa Giudice: Fired From The Real Housewives of New Jersey Before Sentencing?!

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Combustible reality star Teresa Giudice might be getting the chop from The Real Housewives of New Jersey sooner rather than later, a new report indicates.

Whispers of Bravo firing Giudice have been circulating for some time, having intensified since her serious legal problems became a national story.

Basically, the woman is a convict and a felon and who is very likely to serve jail time for fraud; Guidice reportedly begged Bravo not to air her sentencing.

This might be a case of "be careful what you wish for," as you may not see her if you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey beyond this season.

All reality shows thrive on drama, but it appears this one may be attempting to preserve a modicum of remaining respect by firing Teresa as soon as possible.

Rumors have indicated that Bravo executives would fire her before she ended up in jail, and that she made it easy on them by feuding with the network.

We're not sure that's accurate, but since all cast members work on one-year contracts, it's all but certain that Giudice won't be offered one for next year.

Some observers have also posited that Dina Manzo is responsible for Teresa Giudice getting fired from the show; she likely isn't shedding tears over it.

In the end, though, Teresa’s own negligence, criminal activity, and complete disregard for the law are more likely to blame for the firing we know is coming.


Good job. About time a criminal is a criminal ! Does anybody believe they didn't realise what they were doing? Not to mention the effect on their children?


How far down do they have to fall to make the jealous haters happy?
There are children involved here

@ mona

seriously.....not a hater and in no way do I want anything Tre has includingher whinning kids and ugly husband.

@ mona

There are children involved in most criminal cases...


What a stupid story.


It is absolutely reprehensible that Bravo is actually considering NOT firing this scumbag. She is a common criminal. No amount of clown makeup will cover that up. That you support and encourage this type of garbage is vomit inducing. It is everything that is wrong with our society today and people in the entertainment industry view it as an opportunity to make a buck. Disgusting.


Teresa should sue them!!!!!

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