Taylor Swift Dances at Ingrid Michaelson Concert, is Awkwardly Awesome as Always

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Sometimes, things happen that are both surprising and yet not. Like when Taylor Swift gets on up and dances like no one's watching at an Ingrid Michaelson concert.

Fortunately, people were watching and recording this greatness on their phones:

Swift, accompanied by her lookalike best friend, Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss, can be seen dressed in black on the middle of the stage above.

If you can't spot her instantly in the grainy footage, well, it shouldn't be too hard recognize her signature awkward dance moves after a few moments.

In another clip posted on Instagram, Swift is seen embracing Kloss before resuming the arm-waving, herky-jerky jiggling that we find so endearing.

She certainly has her own style. And no inhibition.

Michaelson, an indie artist with several mainstream hits, and whose songs have been featured on Grey's Anatomy and other shows, was a fan.

Clearly appreciative of Swift's enthusiasm, the "Girls Chase Boys" singer posted an Instagram collage thanking Taylor and others for coming out.

More classic moments of Taylor in action below:


Was this video taken with a camera from 1968? "WAY" out of focus! Now Taylor Swift = "Way" hot !

Frank johnson
@ David Hovis



Taylor dances about like she sings. Like a ten year old...


They should superimpose the next gif with Elaine from Seinfeld's awful dancing.


Good thing she's a singer! Horrible dancer.......

@ Leslie

Horrible dancer? Your right and im a fan. But Taylor is the first to admit she is an awkward dancer but she also says...So what if I cant dance well, I enjoy the music and don't care what others say and neither should you its about having a good time. So just enjoy the music and dance it doesnt matter what others think about your dancing skills.

Frank johnson
@ avalon

Not at all


Reminds me of the Dave Chappelle skit where the white girl is dancing in the car as Dave drives and he looks at her and says, "That dancing is making my dik soft".


i want to see kelly pickler cast as dolly parton when the movie of her life is made. she has the same big country personality as dolly, she kinda looks like dolly, shes a southerner and she can sing. to me, its a natural choice and kelly would do dollys character serious justice. i am team kelly pickler


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