Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss: Moving in Together!

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Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have been BBFs for awhile, but they're reportedly taking their relationship to the next level. It's getting serious, people.

The 24-year-old singer apparently has found her soulmate - at least as female friends and roommates go - as the model recently moved in with her!

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift

Kloss is now a resident of Taylor's Beverly Hills, Calif., home, according to reports, after crashing with Swift in her NYC pad on frequent occasions as well.

Victoria’s Secret model Karlie, 22, moved in a few weeks ago, and the inseparable duo have since become ... well, they're even more inseparable!

"Taylor and Karlie have grown very close," a source said. "Taylor wanted someone to live with her, to have some company, and Karlie jumped at the chance."

"They spent a lot of time together before Karlie moved in but now they are rarely apart. They do everything together, from visits to the gym to road trips."

Swift apparently has no time for guys these days, but plenty for K-squared.

Taylor certainly wasted no time in sharing her fondness for her new roomie with fans, posting a sentimental birthday message for the model on Instagram:

"Happy 22nd birthday to @karliekloss, who is made out of 100% sunshine!"

Aww. This whole thing is too cute, but begs a couple of obvious questions:

  1. Will Taylor's next breakup anthem be written about Karlie?
  2. Who would you rather ...

And the Winner is?

Taylor Swift or Karlie Kloss: Which of the leggy blonde besties would you rather ... go on a date with? Share your comments in our survey here! View Poll »


Ok, what is wrong with living together with someone especially your girlfriend?
Guaranteed that ms Griffith is an idiot from Britain and mail one was equally
unprofessional to publish it. Anyone with a little grey matter in their brains
knows this is A"LIE". Our question is what if it was true, what is wrong with that? Another question is, why did this "IGNORAMUS" bother to write it? Is it
"JEALOUSY" that compels her and mail one to publish such "GARBAGE"? Again, if it were
true, what is wrong with having someone, we mean your pal live with you? Isn't this the same newspaper that stir "TROUBLE" with the Cloonys? What is wrong with Britons and our people? We do not care what you do yet you keep on "INSULTING" us. The war was over a long time ago and guess what? "WE WON". Go home and bother your "OWN".

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I'd be happy to move in too!


right move: TO PROTECT EACHOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!


This BS story came from the Daily Mail of London...Guess what? Its such a Lie they removed it a day later. So did a Harpers Bazaar. How could they have moved in to her Beverly Hills Home a few weeks ago and been inseparable in LA, when this past weekend is the first time in months Taylor has been in LA?And she stayed a day and a half before coming back to NYC. Karlie Has an apartment in NYC so why would she "crash" at Taylors NYC apartment? Karlies boyfriend Josh Kushner also lives in NYC. In fact the Daily Mail has published articles with photos on a daily basis DISPROVING THIS BS GOSSIP. Maybe that is why they removed there own BS gossip or The story was such BS they were afraid of a law suit.

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