Tamra Barney: Done With The Real Housewives of Orange County After Bali Bedlam?!

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Last night's The Real Housewives of Orange County episode saw Tamra Barney clash with her co-stars like never before, leaving her future with the show in serious doubt.

Tamra vs. the World

After the ladies from Southern California discovered the cruel things Barney allegedly said about them, things got beyond awkward and ugly in Bail.

With no one left on her side and bridges burned left and right, reports that her recent conduct will get Tamra Barney fired are increasingly easy to believe.

We've seen plenty of tension before, but Monday's The Real Housewives of Orange County ended with the embattled star storming off with this tirade:

“You will never see my face again! Goodbye ... and f--k you guys!”

Is it really over between Tamra and her fellow cast members?

Most of the women seem pretty anti-Barney, having compared notes about her earlier in the day. Her backstabbing ways hit Vicki Gunvalson particularly hard.

“She told me she’s happy for me that we’re back together and that she loves us," Vicki said, referring to Tamra and her criticism of boyfriend Brooks Ayers."

"[But] she's telling them he’s a creep. I’m hurt beyond reason.”

Co-stars Shannon Beador, Lizzie Rovsek and her friend Danielle Gregorio were all quick to pile it on as well, citing their respective feuds with Tamra.

Beador alleged that Barney said the following behind her back:

“That I need a colonic so that all the bullsh!t can come out of me? That I need an ambulance, that I need medications, that I’m crazy, that I’m a psycho?”

Tamra blamed Lizzie for relaying those insults ... and was already steamed at Lizzie after her husband Eddie Judge said he wants to f--k her.

Dubrow seemed like the only one left in Barney’s corner ... until Beador told her that Barney said she hadn’t really wanted Heather in her wedding.

Rovsek chimed in that Barney had called Dubrow anorexic.

After dinner, Dubrow went to talk to Barney privately in her hotel room, where Tamra called Lizzie "the most lying, manipulative b!tch I’ve ever met in my life."

Barney added, “She’s a piece of sh!t, she’s trash.”

Some memorable Tamra Barney quotes, to be sure ... but it remains to be seen if Bravo, and her fellow Bravo stars, have finally had enough of her.


Yes heather thinks she is better n tamara is so nasty.with her mouth Bye to both of them


Tamra leaving?...Oh well, she has another job anyway with the catch phrase.."would you like fries with that"?


What has happened to Bravo anyway. It is not the channel I first viewed and enjoyed with its interesting programming. Now it is is all this stupid Housewife franchise crap and the newer programming is (I hate to say it) worse. Semi scripted, outrageous name calling, and stupidity! Who watches this stuff? I quit quite some time ago. Just looking at the promos makes my teeth hurt. No wonder we are labeled the "dumbing of America." What is so funny about these shows is that when someone calls another out about lying, all they have to do is roll out the tape and there is the truth and the answers. Duh!!!


I am glad that they see right through Tamra. From the beginning I thought she was just two face. Gretchen was always being nice to her when they became friends and she played her like a fiddle, Gretchen didn't know what hit her. Then Tamra made up all sorts of lies just to have Vicki in her life again. In my opinion she was jealous of Gretchen because she was a very pretty younger woman. To tell you the truth, I thought once Eddie's family met with Tamra and her family and the disrespect that she shows towards her mother that Eddie's grandmother would let him know that Tamra was not for him, but then again everyone wants to be on TV and get that 15 minutes of fame. Tamra is garbage hate to say that but that is not what grown ups do. She acts like a 12 year old with the back and forth gossip who does that. That is why sometimes I think that these shows are manipulative to the viewers. #getridofthebitchoforangecounty #Tamrayouhaveagrownson@28 #itistimetogrowupbaby


To me, Heather is the one I would like to see go. She's so full of herself and yes she tries to cover her tracks with "I never said that, and quit screaming at me". Tamra has found herself in the middle of everything because she blabbed to Heather and Heather spread it around. I'm not sure why Lizzie is spreading all the gossip either, I liked her at first, but she's definitely stirring the pot. And Shannon is crazy! Vicky seems to be the voice of reason this year, but that Brooks is such an icky, icky man. Why does she not see what everyone else sees?


Heather thinks she is better than everybody.Always trying to speak down to everybody even Terry.


They all is childish. All this he say she say. If you did not here from that person do not believe what someone else said. They need to replace all of the women.


Fire the witch. There are plenty housewives out there. Tamra is replaceable.


I have not been a fan of Vicki in the past, who yells and squeals and says unfortunate things a lot...but she finally stepped up and got real about Tamra. Barney's behavior has been overall offensive, from naked baths with the boyfriend on camera, pre divorce, and available for her children to view, to chidish attempts to force the new husband to want a baby, when he has made it clear he doesn't want one, simply because Barney has lost primary custody of her other 4 children to the last husband, who showed her the limits of her manipulation.Makes for interesting viewing, but maybe it is time to get some other entitled, spoiled, over indulged Orange Co. female to take her place.


I don't really know what the GAME is. Tamara is a mess and she speaks 1 to 1 and another side to someone else. They all seem very manipulative. Even Vicki is a mess and I KNOW that Brooks is a rat!!!


Tamra is evil. She will say and/or do whatever she can come up with for shock value. She's crass, insensitive, and vulgar. I feel so sorry for her kids. I can only imagine what they must be exposed to and to know how she carries on in the media. No one wants a mom who acts and talks to trashy.

@ SisterMaryNoNo

Just wondering what Eddie Judge thinks of her behavior on TV.

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