Sherri Shepherd Surrogate Gives Birth! Will Daytime Host Help Raise the Baby?

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For the past several months, Sherri Shepherd has been involved in one of the strangest celebrity custody disputes in recent memory.

It began when Shepherd and Lamar Sally split up back in May. It was particularly bad timing, as a surrogate was several months pregnant with the couple's child.

Earlier today, that surrogate gave birth to a baby boy. Shepherd was not on hand for the delivery, and reportedly wants no part in raising the child.

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Immediately after their split (which may have been the result of Lamar's infidelity), Sally and Shepherd fought for custody, with each side wanting to limit the other's rights to supervised visitations. 

Suddenly and unexpectedly, however, Shepherd changed her tune and stated that she wanted nothing to do with the child, as she believed it was always Sally's plan to divorce her and receive child support payments.

Now that the baby is born, Shepherd seems intent on sticking to her plan. She reportedly made no effort to be present for the delivery in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, sources say that Sally is thrilled to be a new dad.

Shepherd already has a child from her previous marriage. She recently won a court battle with ex-husband Jeff Tarpley for custody of her 9-year-old son.

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Just exactly how do two women constantly get credit for producing a baby??? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out..... I had no idea that Sherri Shephard was gay and since I cannot stand to watch the View and have yet to figure why anybody watches that trash as well I could care less......It is ridiculous how anybody with any sense considers any of this garbage "news"!!!!!!

Ken 69

She went from ''So in love we're having a baby'' to ''Not my kid and I'm gonna file!'' overnight. Did she see an email ....''My Ho rich and I'm Living Large...''?