Sarah Palin: Still in Talks to Join The View, May Be Forced to Read a Newspaper

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If Elisabeth Hasselbeck was just too darn liberal for you, you may be in for a treat, you betcha:

Back in it was reported that Sarah Palin might join The View alongside returning co-host Rosie O'Donnell.

Thumbs Up From Sarah Palin

The talk died down amidst rumors that Meghan McCain and Leah Remini were fighting it out for the job.

With word that Palin was launching her own "online TV network" it became increasingly unlikely that the former Alaska governor would ever join the "lamestream" media.

Earlier today, however, Radar Online reported that Palin is closer than ever to reaching an agreement with producers of The View

In fact, there's reportedly only one thing preventing Palin from sealing the deal - she doesn't want to abandon her view of Russia:

"The one sticking point in the talks is how much time she would have to spend in New York City and away from her native Alaska," says a source.

"She has proposed that she spend three weeks a month in NYC, and then go back to Alaska. During sweeps she would of course not take any time off."

Sarah Palin living  in New York City?! That would be like...we actually can't think of a better example of a fish out of water.

But while this may be bad news for New Yorkers, it's nice to see that Palin is still in the business of ruining plum job opportunities for members of the McCain family.


Has Sarah ever said "you betcha'' in public? No, that was Tina Fey and all the other mimics in the media. She never said she saw anything from her front porch either--thats more Tina Fey baloney. Sarah will look great onscreen and will be very capable of defending herself from the pig-pile of the View.


If Sarah joins the View, ratings will skyrocket. The View will be launched into the forefront of the TV industry. She will be torn to shreds by the entire industry, but it would be ratings gold so see her in action. She will do very well against the kneejerk liberals like Rosie and Woopie.


If Sarah Palin joins The View, that will be the day I no longer watch it. I really don't what is wrong with the producers, if they hire her. She is the most on-relevant person on the planet.

@ Non-relevant

who needs you, non?


No way. She's not willing to work that hard.


I doubt Sarah Palin has the commitment for a full time job. And I doubt she could withstand the pounding she would take on that show. She does better with fluffy interviews by her Fox News Friends and solo speeches to her online, dues paying fan club.


Better yet .. move 'The View' to Alaska. All those narrow-minded liberals certainly could use some fresh air. Show staff and their families could enjoy Alaska's wide open freedoms and healthy spaces, and not be forced to raise their children within the confines of NYC grime and crime.

@ iizthatiiz

"Narrow-minded"? You dismiss a city that holds a population as diverse as any in terms of nationalities, race, religions and beliefs and you are calling others "narrow-minded"? Yeah, okay. Alaska is beautiful. But if you and Sarah Palin are representative of the people, then the beauty of Alaska is only landscape deep.

@ Curandera99 .

We were talking about "The View". Their hosts and producers. I imagine there are many open-minded people within the city, but you won't find them in people like Rosie and Whoppi.

@ iizthatiiz

More "culture" to be found during one day beside an Alaska lake, then in years of NYC living.

@ iizthatiiz

Culture. Yeah. Microorganisms.

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