North West: Kimye's Baby Has a Gold Toilet, Already Owns $1 MILLION in Jewelry!

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If you thought Kim and Kanye buying a $20 million mansion was obnoxiously extravagant, you may want to stop reading here.

The latest issue of Star magazine is filled with details about the many astonishing ways in which Mr. and Mrs. West spoilt their only daughter, North, and the whole thing is far more ridiculous than you could ever imagine.

The info comes from an unnamed source close to the couple who says Kim and Kanye "see Nori as an extension of themselves" and are "addicted to spoiling her."

The insider presumably provided the following details without bursting into laughter or tears. Good for her!

  • Remember the gold toilets at the Kimye wedding? Norri has a mini one of her own!
  • Nori has a six-figure handbag collection that includes a customized "mini-Berkin!"
  • Kanye has already shelled out over a mill to dress Norri in custom clothes from Givenchy, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton!
  • Highlights of North's $1 million dollar jewelry collection include a $75,000 pair of diamond earrings and ruby bracelet insured for $500,000!
  • Kanye has stipulated that North must only travel in Range Rovers, Bentleys, Porsches, and the like. He's been reportedly been heard to remark, "This girl is never riding in a Honda!"
  • And, of course, the source says Kim and Kanye, "Don't want [North] associating with people who aren't rich, famous or 'good enough' for her."

And that's where it goes from ridiculous to ridiculous and sad. Be horrible, elitist D-bags all you want, Kim and Kanye, don't pass your awful insecurities onto your least until she's a teenager!


Do apes know how to use gold toilets?

Top taciturn

I'm sure (but don't know for a fact) that this illustrious couple are believers in "Sweet Jesus." I wonder if, both, actually believe and practice the things Jesus considered important? Jesus said that one life does not depened on the material things one possesses and that the showy display of such, is DISPLEASING to God. Let's ask them if they still "believe" in Jesus.

Top taciturn

"The former posted this photo online with a simple caption: Good morning." And I'm posting "GOOD NIGHT"


Sounds like Kanye. I think he controls Kim. She must be so sorry she got involved with him because he seems like he's insane. Then again this article is quoting Star Magazine. If Nori has all those designer cloths then why is she always in tee shirts and jeans? You never see her dressed up and Kanye only lets her wear white, grey or denim. She is a pretty little girl, but she isn't dressed like a princess. Most normal people dress their babies better.


I wonder who has lived a more lavish lifestyle ,Northwest or Bubbles.


These two's brains are really oxygen deprived!




so he is deadly afraid homophobes will kill him!!


don't get this wrong, it sounds tough but those are kim's ones.

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