Nikki Reed: In Love With Ian Somerhalder! Waiting For Nina Dobrev's Blessing!

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Their romance is brand new, but love is totes in the air for Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed, according to a source close to the sexy vampire couple.

Despite having only been officially a couple for a short time now, they've made their romance public, and Nikki is already head over heels for Ian!

“Nikki is a major romantic and when she falls in love she falls hard,” the source said.

Ian Photo
Nikki Reed in NYC

“She’s already saying that she’s in love with Ian, they spend all their free time together and they’re even talking about adopting a rescue dog together.”

In addition to their love of pets, Ian, 35, and Nikki, 26, share similar lifestyles.

“Nikki is super normal, as far as celebrities go, she’s not at all high maintenance or a major partier and neither is Ian,” the source dished to us.

“They both love staying home and just hanging with friends.”

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed hit a Comic-Con after party on July 26, and he was by her side at the Young Hollywood Awards the next day - in both cases affectionately.

Only one thing is hanging over the budding romance, insiders say.

His ex, Nina Dobrev, 25, is also his co-star on The Vampire Diaries, and also Nikki's friend. They used to date with Reed and her ex-husband Paul McDonald.

As such, the couple is “waiting for Nina’s blessing.”

“It’s a little awkward right now for them because they have the same friend circle as Nina and no one is quite sure how to react,” a source revealed.

If nothing else, they're considering Nina Dobrev's feelings, and Ian and Nikki seem to have formed a strong relationship, so hopefully it all works out for everyone.


I get tired of reading all these articles I don't think Nina is someone that write them I heard on the websthat Nicki put in a few article 2 Alexis not hate anybody I don't think Nikki and it's going to last very long this takes too much of being friends we just have to wait and see I heard that Nikki and her hairdresser it's been talking thing on Twitter and dropping head to the source for this article but they are fun to read don't hate onNina


lol is this a joke, There used to get the blessing of on ex after having broken up for 15 thus keeping out of Ian's articles, that is all I have seen for 15 months, since she broke up with Him and moved on to his Friend Derek Hough. find something to write about her, if you can, that doesn't involve Ian ,, maybe she can start standing on her own instead of using Ian all the Time. I am so glad when one of the Guys she is hanging on almost every day actually want to date her ,instead of making fun of her on there twitter page, and denying that they want to date Her. I used to be a Fan, but I have enough of all the childish antics from here , just because a guy moved on after 15 months,, and found the happiness He deserves.


I doubt Nina gives two hoots about Ian and Nikki. She got on with her life, her way, a long time ago. She did everything except yell from the top of the mountain that she was thrilled. It's only the media and fans who think there is this big unresolved love issue between these people.

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