Lizzie Rovsek: Fired From The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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Days after the news that recent on- and off-set drama got Tamra Barney fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County, another cast member may follow.

Lizzie Rovsek is also being axed, according to insiders, but not because producers have had it with her diva behavior, as is the case with Tamra.

In Lizzie's case, she simply "didn’t bring anything to the show, and was super boring," according to insiders, and that will likely be her undoing.

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“Lizzie isn’t going to be asked back,” a show insider tells Radar, although “the other newcomer, Shannon Beador, will definitely be getting an invite [back]!”

“Fans love Shannon because she is a bit of an airhead, likes to drink and party, and is a hot mess,” the insider explained. “She doesn’t care what others think."

"Producers want to cast women with similar personality traits,” the source dished, and that apparently does not include Lizzie Rovsek or equivalents.

On a recent episode, the only co-star to show up to the former beauty queen's party was Vicki Gunvalson, who complained about being stuck with her.

Never a good sign.

It's been an interesting few weeks for the show, and if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, that will only tell you the half of it.

Tamra's recent antics have led to some epic feuds with Rovsek, Beador and Heather Dubrow, which led to Barney's Facebook post calling out Bravo.

Get the F--k Out!

After this past week's she-said, she-said feud, Rovsek and Barney may both get the heave-ho, although Tamra has no intention of going quietly if so.

She accused them of hijacking her scenes to fake drama, then deleted her page and left the country. Now her nine-season run on RHOC may be over.

“The network has had it with Tamra’s [ego and behavior]. She sealed her fate by publicly stating that Bravo edited scenes to make her look bad,” a source said.

With Shannon Beador among the cast, producers feel they can replace her seamlessly, as "they love the drama of Shannon’s life, and her marriage."

"She has developed a huge fan following, even though she isn’t very conventional,” the insider explained. After all, “Shannon always keeps it interesting!”

Will you miss Tamra and Lizzie, if these rumors are in fact true (Bravo hasn't confirmed or denied them)? Sound off in the comment section below ...


I cannot stand Lizzie, she was so boring, and had a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth! Lizzie was so desperate for camera time, that she was constantly spewing her venom, she is so uninteresting and evil! I can handle boring, but mean, no way! Lizzie was the reason I did not watch much of this season, and if I did watch, I would fast forward her parts, but sadly, Lizzie had a lot of air time, so I did not watch much. So thank you Bravo for getting rid of Bravos Swine Flu (Lizzie)!!! Vicki the OC's OG needs to be next to be let go, bravo needs to clean house, and get new peep's.


I love Lizzie!! Please don't go. I started watching again because of her. She's my favorite out of all the housewives!!!!


The swimsuit line plug was a little too Gretchenesque for comfort and sent up a red flag, but I wouldn't mind seeing Lizzie stick around for at least another season so viewers can get to know her a little better. As for Tamra - bye Felicia!


Lizzie seemed like a Wretchen clone to some degree. Wretchen sold a line of swim suits and Lizzie was trying to do the same. There were a few tweets that I saw where people said they thought her storyline was boring.


I liked Lizzie, too bad she's already gone. Evidently the more drama the better in Bravo world. I am pretty much over Andy and his WWHL show also. I never know who the people are anymore. And yup, Tamra is edited to show her bad side this season. Why not? People seem to love the drama - not me though. I hate conflict and definitely don't want to watch it on tv between mature (supposedly) women. The scenes with Shannon were very painful to watch, as she seemed to fall apart right before our eyes!


I actually like Lizzie. But I knew she wouldn't last for season 2 - she doesn't bring the drama!


I'll miss Tamra, but her time has come and gone. Like most of the Housewives shows, I'm over them. They aren't what they used to be and the women today are ALL so Self-Centered that it's hard to watch.


Would Shannon be so entertaining with Tamra not there - since Tamra was the one spreading the lies and rumors?


If you notice, the women who have been asked to not come back, first season the other blond lady, although she moved, she was not all that exciting. There was Jeana's friend Tammy, another woman named Quinn. The woman whose family was evicted, she wasn't very dramatic or kept a low tone and didn't engage. Lydia last year tried to be too much of a peace maker and now Lizzie does not engage in all of this. I say good for these ladys for not giving into the world of drama. These women actually act in a mature and dignified way.


Tamra is done. The whole bit with her son and "new" girlfriend. Please. there was a selfie of the 3 of them smiling from ear to ear on the internet. And Tamra is a horrible actor. Did you see her mother? It was all she could do to not start laughing like crazy. did you see her holding it in. omg. all for the cameras.

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