LeAnn Rimes to Eddie Cibrian: Put a BABY INSIDE THIS ... or Don't

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“Baby, baby, baby, I’m excited.” - LeAnn Rimes on LeAnn & Eddie

When her friend Chrissy pays a visit to Malibu armed with a baby girl, you knew a scripted episode featuring LeAnn Rimes' baby makin' thoughts was nigh.

Rimes ven had to take care of the cutie solo. What a coincidence.

Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes Instagram

Eddie Cibrian, meanwhile, started whining about Brandi Glanville.

“You'd think my ex would be incredibly excited that I’m with somebody who loves the kids like they’re her own,” Eddie told his hairdresser, totally off the cuff.

Great plug for LeAnn the stepmom as well as a dig at Brandi.

"We communicate a little bit over email about the kids, and that’s it," he said. "I mean, I hope she finds happiness. Maybe she would stop talking s--t. I doubt it.”

We do too, Ed.

Later, Eddie asked LeAnn if she could “handle” taking care of “Lil Bit” solo while he took hairdresser Mike out on the town to work on his lack of game.

“I think that Eddie forgets that even though I wasn’t there when Jake and Mason were babies, Jake was only two when we got together," she said.

"I was still changing poopy diapers and dealing with temper tantrums," Rimes adds, assuring the cameras that she can totes handle a "Lil Bit" of parenting.

BUT ...

Her producer Darrell just happened to call and it just happened to be about an EMERGENCY PROJECT that required LeAnn to meet with him NOW.

This really hit home, despite how badly she wants children.

“I love babies,” explained LeAnn, who drove out to record a track for her producer. “But to have to balance work and baby right now I think is really tough."

"I think my life would have to change ... a lot.”

So profound.

Later, after Eddie bailed on Mike because he didn't want to be the subject of celebrity gossip posts, he came home and asked, “Do you still want one?”

“Kinda,” she said. “but I think we can wait a little while.”


that has to be one of the fugliest country crapper. crawl back under your rock.


I have no particular interest in any of these people, but Eddie and LeAnn are really shooting themselves in the foot by insulting his ex and having her as a major talking point of their show. Eddie brings her up without anyone asking and comes across like he's got Brandi on the brain and that he isn't over her at all. It would seem that his apparent hatred of his ex, makes LeAnn happy, but it shouldn't because hating someone indicates that they have a huge influence on you. Being indifferent is the opposite of love, not hatred. It's obvious that Eddie doesn't want children with LeAnn. He seems content to be a part time Father and let LeAnn foot the bill for their lifestyle. A baby would interfere with that in a big way. I think it's funny how so many people are anticipating their divorce. As dumb as Eddie seems, he's probably not going anywhere anytime soon.


For the love of god, stop giving these people press. Her comments about the gay community are despicable.


WHO CARES! Why do the new stop reporting about has been leann rimes

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