Kylie Jenner Caused Car Accident, Harassed Victim, Lawyer Claims

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Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner crashed her new Range Rover while driving in LA. No surprise there, as even though she's only 17, Kylie has a history of totaling pricey cars.

Sadly, it's also not too surprising to learn that Kylie caused the accident that was so severe a passenger had to be hospitalized. 

Kylie Jenner in Sunglasses

What is shocking, however, is the claim made today that Kylie behaved "aggressively" following the crash and attempted to bribe an unnamed victim in an effort to keep her from calling the cops.

Kylie's version of the story is that she was rear-ended when another driver abruptly swerved into her lane. 

Now attorney Gary Daingler says he has several witnesses who will attest to the fact Kylie pulled an illegal U-turn and crashed into oncoming traffic.

If that turns out to be the case, Kylie could be in some major trouble.

Not only would she be on the hook for the damages and injuries caused by the accident, she could also face criminal charges for giving a misleading statement to the authorities.

In related terrifying news, Kylie bought a motorcycle recently. So if you live in the Los Angeles area, you may want to stay indoors until she finally gets her license revoked. 

Bruce schnelle

They all mess up in the brain.. Or don't have one......

Bill milner

Tampering with a witness. False statements. Tampering with evidence. Add this on top of traffic violations. "But do you know who I am?!" By the time you add up the influences by her privileged sisters and entitled attitudes of mom, what should we expect for an outcome? This is just the beginning.


See she is messed up like her sister she need s to be taught a lesson n take her off the street maybe she was texting not watching the road


This horrible little girl should be grounded sent to her room and made to write a letter of apology !


It's interesting to hear the conflicting accounts in this case, but the fact remains that someone was injured and hopefully they will make a full recovery.

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