Kourtney Kardashian to Scott Disick: Go to Rehab or We're Done!

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After Scott Disick was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning earlier this summer, Kourtney Kardashian reportedly demanded that he give up booze.

Insiders say Disick planned to quit drinking until Kourtney gave birth, but now it seems the professional baby daddy couldn't even make it that long.

Scott was caught boozing in the Hamptons last month, and apparently it was no isolated incident. 

"He's drinking every single day," a source tells In Touch. "He drinks vodka martinis on the rocks so everyone assumes he's drinking water. The whole family thinks he should go to rehab. Maybe he thought he could quit cold turkey, but he can't."

"Kourtney is afraid that if he doesn't get help, he could end up dead," the insider claims, adding that the mother of Disick's children "asks him daily" to check himself into rehab.

The situation has reportedly gotten so bad that Kourtney has threatened to leave Scott if he doesn't give up the sauce.

Unfortunately, her threats obviously haven't done much good. Witnesses say Disick looked "exhausted and rough, like he was hungover" at a recent public appearance, after being spotted partying at a club the night before. 

Scott's battle with the bottle will reportedly be featured on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons this fall on E!


Their rating are down so this story shakes things up. Don't you all know that most of this is scripted! He has had alcohol problems before and most likely will have them for the rest of his life. Any one who really takes their shenanigans seriously is not very smart.


please say 'You're Done'!!


I find it really suspisous that during all of this time Scott has been drinking on the show, they now states that events will be aired on the show. Why? In my opinion, so that Lamar Odom, can not charge the Kardashian Empire of discrimination. Khloe, stated that she would not be showing Lamar Odom, in a NEGATIVE way well it was all a big LIE. All khloe has been doing since the separation for the two are not as yet Divorce unless it has been well hidden from the media. I believe that everything is nothing but a SmokeScreen with Pimp mama kris jenner's, agenda. Lamar Odom,has to be really tired it seems that every week his name is mentioned not in a good way. So now they purposely, putting Scott on radar just for Damage Control. Yes he might be an everyday drinker but even with Scott he follows suit whatever pimp mama kris, tells him what to do. Scott knows the in's and out's of everything and as like the rest of the MEN in association with the wicked women in this family some way or other the men always come out being put on BLAST, and DEGRADED with no type of respect whatsoever. It is what it is, remember it is only an opinion, only God knows the real TRUTHS of everything kardashian and their Evil,Wickedness,Kursed ways. I do wish all well I rest my case. Peace to all.

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